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MacBook display issue

I have had this MacBook for the last four or five years, I bought it in Canada though using it in UK. It is 2Gh Intel core 2 Duo with 2GB 667. Tiger OS
I have used it without many problems all along,although a couple of times because of my personal difficulty of not being able to remember things has caused some concerns.
My laptop was working fine then suddenly the display went a bit astray and I could not get the display to show the page on the screen properly.
Well I know there are a number of options and atleast one of those got to be the right for my screen display. Hack it was there a minute before!
I have had this once before and I fixed it without any problem.
This time it is a problem.
I have opened the preferences,and clicked on the 'Display and all the options opened up. I have tried all above 800*500.
I think it was 1024*640 before but not sure. I have tried 1024*768 it stretches the display for too much. I have tried 800*640 it blocks out a part of the screen. All of them seem to be different than it was a few minutes before, 'unsatisfactory' . Most look far too long and thin and stretch far beyond the screen.
I hope you guys many have a solution. Please help.
Thank you.

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Reporting: MacBook display issue
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Try this:

ZAP the PRAM by shutting down the MacBook.
Then power it up and at the first chime, which is almost instantly, hold down the Command Key + Option Key + P + R (all at the same time) until you hear the chime for the third time.

You may want to practice getting your fingers around the key combination before you try this.

If that makes not difference to the display settings, we can try deleting the Finder preferences.

Let us know if the PRAM zap helped


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Display as dislocated as it was before.

Thank you Peter.
I tried the solution you suggested but it did not work.
New observation:
My web page opens correctly positioned on the screen.
When I open my e-Mail I notice that the contents are to the right more or less in the middle of the screen so that I have to drag the page to the left(around half way)left to read it.
I have tried the solution suggested a couple of times but the result is the same.

Sorry for the bad news .

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Sorry wrong observation:

The difference between the web site display and the e-mail was not correct. Both are the same ,both contents start in the centre of the screen not where should be i.e. at the left of the screen.

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Could we get a screenshot of this?

You could use something like Flckr to upload it and send us the link


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a conundrum leading to a pandora' box.

I have no idea how to send you a screen shot. Yes I opened an account with the 'flickr' but it seems to require a photo/image to upload. That implies a photo in the iphoto Library. Well I have looked at some of the possibilities of doing that , but without success.
I have waded into some areas of the MacBook which for me are paths untraveled. That shows my competence and of course the panache if you like.
A strange observation:
I opened iPhoto to see if it opens at the right place on the screen. Yes it does. I tried the next application on the dock, the iTunes, yes it does as it always did and opened at the right location. The next is NeoOffice. I clicked at it and it duly opened at the appropriate place on the screen It opened the saved documents on the right place.

I opened Camino, It opened only ever so slightly to the right of the normal place but not so as to cause undue concern.
I opened Safari.
It opened my web page(a Newspaper) in the centre of the screen,all other notable things, the blue Apple icon on the top left hand corner, the word 'Safari' followed by File, Edit... all at the correct place, but the heading of the Newspaper (my opening web page) in the middle of the screen.
Then I clicked on 'Windows Live Hotmail', it opened at the right place. I read your last e-mail and clicked at the link provided in it. The link opened in the middle of the screen i.e. the contents(text) in the middle of the screen. All the other things on the top of the page are at the right place. The top line , the blue Apple icon, Safari, File, Edit View etc. etc.
I hope it make some sense to you.
I however will be very happy to follow your instructions, obviously to the limits of my ability. Over the years I have built up total confidence in your help and advice. Thank you.

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An application called GRAB is in your applications folder

open it and play with it.
It will take a screen shot of the entire screen, a portion of the screen, a window or any area that you specify.

Save the resulting image to your desktop and then upload it to flckr.

Send us the link to the picture


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Flickr images

Thank you for introducing me to the 'flickr'. I hope it will serve the purpose.

I have "Grabed" three images that I think show the issue.I must admit it was quite difficult to fathom "Grab"

This morning I opened the MacBook and opened the web page. The contents were about a couple of inches to the right of the centre than normal i.e. in the centre.
Windows Live Hotmail and the link given on the eMail all were the same distance off centre. I note this because it has not been consistent before.

My screen name or ID account is "OurAisha",flicker URL is
is the alias chosen for flickr photo.

I send you all the related information since I am not quite sure, which one will be needed. On my MacBook the flicker opens with my page without me putting any information in.

All the best. I hope you can get to see the images and sort out the problem..

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Not the correct link.

Go to Flicker and log in.
Find your picture and open it
At the top of the picture there are two tabs, Actions & Share This.
Choose Share this
Choose Grab URL
Copy the URL and then paste it into your next post on this forum.

We don't need your screen name or, heaven forbid, your password for the account. Just the url.

It will look something like this one:


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Having problems.

I am grateful to you for all the help you are graciously providing.I failed to copy and paste but I have picked up the following.
This one(the third) is a short version of the link.
There was
There are three images, I could not work out to get them to be sent in one group.So there are three numbers I hope it works.
I am a bit concerned in case I exhaust your patience with my lack of competence.

There is a place where I can put the address of the contact,but I do not know the address for the Cnet forum!

I am not that worried about the information(private) since I am not likely to use this medium in the future or put anything that may be private, so I am not worried. However thanks for the warning.
If this is not the right thing I am very willing to try again.

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Still incorrect.

The picture is Private.

In the Share This tab, you should see, at the bottom of the drop down, Change sharing permissions for your photos.
Set it to the recommended.

Once that is done, go back to the Share this Tab and choose Grab the URL. SINGLE click in the field and the link will be highlighted.
Press Command + C (that's the link copied)

Go back to CNET, answer this post and in the message body, Press Command + V (that's the link pasted)
Repeat for the other two links.

You do know that you can have two, or more, web pages open at once?


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another try
Well here we are.I think this time the link is correct,however, if the images are
informative enough is another question.
For whatever reason I did the same that failed last time. This time it seemed to have
This morning the screen contents were quite the same as images though they were
a bit different, they were only slightly off centre.
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Good, the links worked but,

the photo's are still Private.

Hop back up there and make them visible to everyone


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(NT) Last post.
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(NT) Giving up???

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