Naw dude, you're cool. Mac "Airport Extreme" cards are 802.11g, so you can connect to any 802.11b or g network. You're cool.

Airport Extreme Base Station and Airport Express Base Station are made by Apple, and are really easy to use, but are also 802.11g compliant. You can connect to an wireless network set up by and Airport Extreme/Express using a Mac OR a PC that's got a different 802.11 card in it. So if your roomie has a PC with a WiFi card, you're set with an Apple router. Or if your roomie has another router, you're set with your Apple's Airport card.

I'm a BIG fan of the Airport Express; the range has been really great, and I can use it to hook up my USB Printer and print wirelessly, and hook it into my stereo system and stream my iTunes wirelessly using a really simple cord I bought for like $7 at Radioshak. It's great for parties, too; you can set up a whole playlist of songs and stream it ot the stereo in the living room without burning CDs or doing anything too complicated. If you rank your songs in iTunes with stars, you can also make sure it plays songs you like more often than songs you don't.

The only caveat you might wanna check up on is whether your campus has a wireless network and if it's Mac compatable. At my college, we had WiFi all over the place, but you had to download a Cisco VPN client thing to log on using our e-mail addresses and passwords. They had a Mac version, so mine worked great, but not all colleges might. Check your college's computing website, I'm sure they've got info on there.