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Mac Vs PC

by themountain / November 4, 2004 11:43 PM PST

I was introduced to computers through Macs. I bought a lot of them for myself and a staff of graphics people. I abandoned Macs about five years ago and recommend that move to everyone. Here's why: they cost too much for what you get, Apple regularly changes OS and leaves you holding the bag with a ton of upgrades you have to purchase, don't believe they are problem free - I know a lot about computers and software because I HAD TO owning a Mac, there is little or no selection of software and programmers aren't writing for Macs (one reason is trying to keep up with OS changes that aren't supported from one to the next). Every program I owned on the Mac, I can get in Windows. As long as I pay attention to what I'm doing I run virus free and with very few problems on all of my Windows machines. If it's about being "cool" certainly buy a Mac. If paying too much and having fewer choices gives you a certain feeling of superiority - certainly buy a Mac.

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Re: Mac Vs PC
by 19877542544404221679077984052348-freebe / November 5, 2004 2:46 AM PST
In reply to: Mac Vs PC

Macs 5 years ago are entirely different than a Mac today. Reviewer after reviewer rate the Mac OS as the most advanced OS currently on the market.
When was the last time you used a Mac..?
With regard to "one reason is trying to keep up with OS changes that aren't supported from one to the next"

I hardly think progress is a bad thing. Perhaps your happy with Microsoft's unchanging bloat-ware.. but an increasing amount of people are switching to Macs because they are sick and tired of working for their computer...they want their computer to work for them.

Go spread FUD and flamebate somewhere else...or at least educate yourself before you post something that makes you sound woefully uninformed.

Every major piece of software that is available for the PC has a Mac counterpart. Furthermore, Mac software is exceptionally written..even the freeware.

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Re: Mac Vs PC
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / November 5, 2004 8:26 AM PST
In reply to: Re: Mac Vs PC

Well said, freebe.
Some people just like to spread the FUD and to live in a M$ world of lemmings.

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Re: Mac Vs PC
by dnix71 / November 5, 2004 1:26 PM PST
In reply to: Re: Mac Vs PC

I bought a new eMac this Feb, after they included usb 2.0 support. Any Unix or Linux app can be run in OS X, though it may take learning terminal commands or getting the free X11 window(which comes with OS X retail, but not preinstalled). If you want an idea how many programs can be run on a new Mac, visit the
Any older mac app can be run on my G4, with Classic support preinstalled and any Windows app can be run from Virtual PC 6.01.
I switched to a Mac because I was fed up with MS locking users out of the OS to protect the masses who have no clue how to properly manage a computer. I still keep my pc with WinME, but I used IEradicator to unregister all the com objects to safely remove IE. The integrated browser is the main reason Windows has to be updated 3 times a week for security issues.

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My opinion
by Jolly_brolly / November 24, 2005 3:40 PM PST
In reply to: Re: Mac Vs PC

First off I am a PC owner have worked with them since I was in Jr High. I have never owned a mac but notice they have some handy software out with the new Tiger OSX operating system. I really think they have somthing going for them because I have used Itunes, IPhoto, and garageband, infact I am jealous because I would like to have an audio program like garageband on my PC and nothing I come across seems to be as good as garageband. Also the video editing on a Mac is actually quite impressive. I have done some audio compression on my PC and I can't say that it has impressed me. I use the Creative software that came with my sound card to convert wav to mp3 and the first try always seems to screw up and I can't have any other apps running. I have upgraded my computer and still get this same problem and believe me my new system should have no problems with it because it has an AMD64 3200+, 1 gig of DDR400 low cas memory. So to put it in a nut shell I would say macs own PC's in the media department. Also the Mac is stable because you can not change settings very well or at least don't have very many options as far as I could tell when I have used it to goof up system settings. So it is very user friendly in that sense. Most of the reason PC's fail so much is because the users dont know what the hell they are doing and turn off system restore monitor and all sorts of important task that in a sense should be auto protected to begin with! So on a novice level I would have to say Mac's are more stable then PC's but on an advanced level they are very equal. I hardly have any problems with my pc because I actually run updates once a month and keep it protected and it really doesnt take much maintanence. Also a lot of users have lots of hate against Microsoft so they tend to target it more. But in my opinion which puts my heart into the PC is the gaming world. I am not impressed at all with the Mac when it comes to gaming and also it seems like everything loads slower on a Mac. That doesn't suprise me because the specs tend to be a little lower and the graphical interfaces for the OS are more complex on a mac making it crunch through more cycles. You have to put down a lot of money to invest in a gaming mac and since I am in college I can't afford that. To buy a mac equivalent of the PC I have now would render me unable to run probably half the games I have on my shelf! I could go into more detail but this is taking longer to talk about then I thought, a person could go off into a tangent about the endless battle between the two. But if a person was looking for a choice between the two. I would say use a Mac for media and PC for corporate world and gamers!! Oh yea, one more thing. I don't know if mac's have the option but I need my two click mouse!!!!!!

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So what ARE the benefits of a MAC..?
by digphoto / November 28, 2005 1:22 PM PST
In reply to: Re: Mac Vs PC

Perfect timing - I was ready to buy a MAC.

I am looking for a 17" or so laptop with great resolution,grapics, that is fast, and doesn't crash with programs like Photoshop . Need to support an Epson 2200.

Interesting, MAC did not come as an eligible contender when I read reviews to meet these requirements.

I used a MAC, I find these "intuitive" claims are overrated or perhaps out of date. Do people stumble on PC's? However, I think not having to update virus software constantly is a BIG advantage . In any event, I would like to hear about the other advantages of MACS because they are definately expensive. Why exactly are they worth it?

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by innocent_bystander / November 28, 2005 8:46 PM PST

I wonder if you could point us at the reviews that stated that the PowerBook, or iBook for that matter, was not fast, crashed with Photoshop and did not support the Epson 2200.
A quick check at the Epson site shows drivers for OS X!
Photoshop on the 17" PB is the program of choice for a huge number of professional photographers. Aperture is also making headway in that market.
Which Mac have you used and when?
There is only one 17" PowerBook out there, so I guess your choices are limited on the Apple side. I would be interested in learning what your other choices were and how they were configured. Without this information it is not possible to give an informed answer.
BTW, in the company I work for, outside of Word and Excel, most people "stumble" on their PC's.


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my opinion
by fotogme11 / December 9, 2005 9:08 PM PST

I've never owned a PC but have worked on them in the office. The first computer I bought (2000) was a Mac G4 450. I'm a professional photographer and Macs were what graphics people use. Earlier this year I bought 2 computers for the studio, a Mac G5 2.5 gig dual processer and a 15" G4 Powerbook.
the dual processer machine blazes through digital photo processing and graphics applications!

Compared to my G5, my Powerbook is really slow. I've read that one of the main reaasons Apple is switching to Intel chips is because of the Powerbook. (The G5 chip is too hot.)

I think that the Mac operating system IS more intuitive than Windows. I've never "lost" anything that I've downloaded onto my Macs, even when I was learning to use the computer. I know of Windows owners who could never find downloads until they had mastered their computers. I also know of IT managers who can make Windows do anything they want but can't find anything on a Mac. If you've mastered Windows, you probably don't want to learn to use another operating system.

Apple has built a lot of nice features into the latest versions of OS-X. If Microsoft is ever able to introduce their long awaited and much delayed new operating system, it may incorporate some of these. However, I'm sure that Apple will have new ones ready for the next OS-X upgrade.

While Macs aren't immune to all viruses, they aren't like to be infected. I run Norton anti-virus once a week. One time I checked the downloaded virus definitions and only 2 of around 100 were Mac viruses.

I'm a die-hard Mac fan.

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Not So Expensive
by James Farmer / December 15, 2005 10:10 PM PST

I got my iMac G5 for under $1000.00 pre loaded with iLife etc. Runs great and looks great. No problems so far. I have a PC on the other side of the room that is now used only by my wife for freecell. Macs are no longer more expensive than PC's if you do an honest comparison. For instance, the miniMac at $494.00 would compair very favorably with say one of the low end Dells that I see advertised on TV for the same money. The dual processor G5's are a bit more but you are buying a machine that a PC can't touch. You can put me on the list for converts for the Mac.

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the mac mini doesn't even come with a mouse for 499
by crash900s / December 23, 2005 9:08 PM PST
In reply to: Not So Expensive

For the 499 the mini doesn't even come with a mouse, keyboard, screen, or speakers.

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Mac Mini
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / December 23, 2005 10:35 PM PST

The mini is aimed at switchers, PC to Mac, who usually already own a keyboard, mouse and monitor and cannot see the point in getting another set of three.
So they just plug those three devices into the mini and move on. With the addition of an inexpensive KVM switch, they can connect both devices to the one keyboard,monitor and mouse.

Many of the Mail order catalogs will throw in a keyboard and mouse, for free, when you purchase a mini


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For marketing purposes
by grimgraphix / December 24, 2005 1:18 AM PST
In reply to: Mac Mini

it would be cool if they threw in a KVM switch for free... I know you can buy one for 15 bucks but that argument also works for why Apple should give one free.

Apple strikes me as being like Sony Corp sometimes in that they nickle and dime you to death with stuff other equipment manufacturers include as a standard. Anyone who ever had a PS2 knows what I mean.


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Hey Hey Hey!
by lampietheclown / December 24, 2005 5:17 AM PST
In reply to: For marketing purposes

Easy there Grim.
You can say Apple is cheap, poorly made, a rip off, or even a tool of the devil, but don't be throwing the Sony card, people might take offense!



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Mac all the way!
by jpr / November 25, 2005 11:35 PM PST
In reply to: Mac Vs PC

I grew up using macs, and they are far superior to PCs. In fact, i'm on one right now, and its never crashed, unlike my PCs.

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What is the deal with Mac people?
by crash900s / November 27, 2005 5:58 PM PST
In reply to: Mac all the way!

I own both a brand new pc laptop (the Hp dv1310 if you must know) and a new powerbook G4 (well I bought one for my boyfriend and I use it when I'm in the bedroom and too lazy to go to the living room) and frankly I don't get all the hype. To tell you the truth I see such little difference between the two I?m not even sure why I am writing this. What I do notice is a huge difference in the people who use Apples. From recent personal experience, an Apple computer seems to make rational sane people into confrontational, elitist computer snobs. (I?m talking about my boyfriend by the way) The change was swift and dramatic. I remember the first time I asked him why he loved his powerbook so much. I thought to myself, has he joined a cult of coffee shop religious zealots who aim to spread the word of Steve Jobs to the masses? But, there was something off. As soon as I professed my contentment with my windows based laptop and saw no need to sit down for a formal tutorial with him on the infinite easy and intuitive nature of his new mac, I was met with hostility. ?Intuitive, its just so much more intuitive?, he kept repeating it. Like women?s intuition I asked? That?s funny, I thought because, I found Windows to be perfectly simple and not at all confusing. Why didn?t he tell me he had been right clicking in such confusion before? Why didn?t he say that all the superfluous buttons on the keyboard had given him vertigo? The humanity of it all! It was as if he was coming out of a deep dark closet that Microsoft had forced him into. I made it my goal to understand. So, everyday I sit down and use his powerbook to try to learn more about this interesting phenomenon. I have affectionately dubbed it Macosnoberyphilia. After weeks of casual use I decided I like it?s styling. Very minimalist though, and I feel it could use some color. Perhaps I?ll put a big old rainbow sticker on it for him like the old Macintosh logo. It seems to work well but then again my pc works just fine. A little test was in order to see how stable it really was. I started clicking on as many programs in as short amount of time as possible to see what happened. I am happy to say that after only attempting to open four programs it froze up just as I expected. I said to myself this is exactly what my PC does when I do that. I called him in to the room to show him that we had no grounds to argue anymore because both operating systems responded in the same way. It was as if he had road rage except, it was the information super highway instead of the regular one. So, what was the deal? I decided maybe I should be more receptive after all he did try to tell me before about the wonders of Mac. The next day I asked him what he loved so much about his Mac. After a lengthy discussion where I kept my mouth shut except for the occasional, ?Amen praise Steve Jobs!?, I have concluded that he seems to have an emotional investment in this machine. It fits his graphics design lifestyle. Just like his art school friends they are independent from the mainstream although exact clones of each other. They even encourage the same anti-establishment rhetoric, but they don?t seem to see anything wrong with buying such an expensive machine. Oh well, after all how better to rage against the machine than by buying a more expensive one. I see how it can breed contempt for the poor and ignorant masses that use PC?s though. It has to be the way I feel when I buy clothes at urban outfitters or lunch at whole foods. You know stylish, sophisticated, but earthy. I think of them as computer puritans. They left the PC world so they could practice their own operating system and then killed all of the natives and oppress anyone who doesn?t agree with them in the immediate area.

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by grimgraphix / November 28, 2005 3:06 AM PST

As soon as you said...

"It fits his graphics design lifestyle. Just like his art school friends they are independent from the mainstream although exact clones of each other."

...I understood. Haven't you realized by now that "artistic" types are a few bricks shy ? Rational thought does not come easily to us. We are extremely opinionated and lack many social coping skills. Do you think sane people come up with the coolest designs ? No, it's the fringe thinkers that make you look twice as you pass a billboard.

My advice is for you to leave your boyfriend immediately and find a nice, safe engineering student. The guy that is happy to spend hours each week scanning hard drives and downloading patches. These are hours he wont be able to spend with you of course...

If you will excuse me... It's time for my medication. Devil


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You don't miss much, do you?
by lampietheclown / December 2, 2005 1:33 AM PST

I'm impressed!
Your keen eye for detail shows, as does your sense of humor and understanding of human nature.
Question: in your bio, under ''I primarily use technology for...'' there is a typo. Does it say Entertain Men? You did buy your boyfriend a G-4, How'd you know?
My opinion of the Mac OS comes from watching people with PCs try to do the things I take for granted.
Just in the past month...
I use Limewire. My buddy see this, thinks it's cool, and tries it. I get a call from him a week later asking where all the stuff he downloaded is, he can't find it. I check his computer, and find that he has installed Limewire 4 times, tried to uninstall it once, (manually) and for some reason, has 3 different directories with downloaded files. It turns out that the Limewire installer is in his list of Apps.

Another friend can't get her Earthlink software to connect to the internet. She does an uninstall/reinstall of the Earthlink software, and her cd-rom drive disappears. She ends up buying an external cd-rom, and it takes a week for her to get it to work.

I may just need new friends, but I'm trying not to appear elitist;-)

You may not notice any big difference between OSX and Windows with the casual use you describe, but if you ever try OSX as your main OS I think you will be more impressed. You may even come out of the ''Microsoft Closet''. Please try not to disown your family for aiding the enemy, as they can better serve our cause as spies when the final reformat is at hand, and Dogcows fill the skies! Amen.

Try taking your boyfriend to work, and see if you can isolate the brain function that is effected by OSX. If Apple is the next Prozac, I want royalties!

Seriously, I enjoyed your post. don't stop!

Lampie ''single and looking'' Clown

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by crash900s / December 2, 2005 3:01 AM PST

Thanks, you're pretty witty... You know come to think of it my disk drive disappeared once but it came back. I don't know exactly where it went for a couple of days. I think Vagas, and as we all know.. what happens there etc... See you at the final reformat

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I always appreciated the sense of humor
by grimgraphix / December 2, 2005 3:56 AM PST
In reply to: LOL

I always appreciated the sense of humor I found in most people I worked with in the health care field.
I couldn't find "Macosnoberyphilia" in the DSM-IV manual. I believe you were referring to "Macelitism" with a differential diagnosis of "Mac-intelphrenia" (thought to be related to schizophrenia but too soon to tell). Devil


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by RaeAtkinson / December 8, 2005 10:11 PM PST

Funny made my morning by laughing...
I work in the healthcare field as well, and I hear those diagnosis will be added to the DSM-IV next year because they did recently become approved. Also being added is MicrosoftPhobia and MissingDevices Related Anxiety Disorder. Happy

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(NT) (NT) LOL...Good One.
by grimgraphix / December 9, 2005 2:46 PM PST
In reply to: LOL
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It truly is amazing
by crash900s / December 11, 2005 5:59 PM PST

It is a real testament to Apple how much people love their mac products. I felt the same way about my old Saab (It was also my first car so there?s that added emotion). It seems so strange how we can get attached to a machine. Anyway whatever you use happy computing everyone.

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What is the deal with Mac people [Reply]
by tommyt1 / December 2, 2005 4:03 AM PST

I must say that was pretty funny.Each os has its problems and you should"nt bash something you have not used.My first mac a power pc 6214 a nonupgradeable except ram what were they thinking.Next a power mac 8600/300 better but i still had crashes system freezes my wife would be writing her home work and it would freeze losing data.Any old mac fans out rembember norton utilities with crash cuard thats how bad it was and mac fans were saying the same thing about the mac has the are today how stable they were.I am on my third dell the first with widows me it was a little bugging but if you stay on top with system utilities it was ok gave to my son its still working.My dell now is a 4550 p 2.4 with xp very stable i bought my wife a dell laptop with xp nice no problems.So im not a bill gates fan but xp is very stable.As far as spyware and virus thats a problem but do not be fooled mac fans you need to protect youself to thers just not as many.If mac goes the way of intel and i can run both OS on one machine i would give mac another look but now i have six windows open listening to music no problems.

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(NT) (NT) So you never actually used OS X ?
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / December 2, 2005 6:34 AM PST
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by tommyt1 / December 2, 2005 11:32 PM PST

Yes i spent a couple of hours at compusa play around with a couple of different macs they were nice.Im just saying when my wifes company made the switch to pcs she wanted to get one and for me os9 was very buggy.The girl in the post manage to crash her boyfriends power book so there are problems with both os.For me my pc is just a machine not my life if it works do not fix it.

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hey now
by RaeAtkinson / December 10, 2005 3:02 AM PST

before you assume all of us have never used windows, you should know that i have both windows computers and macs. i use windows 98 and XP as well as mac osx and i prefer mac. its just a preference. its nothing to become offended over.

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Just a quickie reply
by RaeAtkinson / December 8, 2005 9:58 PM PST

I own both Windows badsed computers and Mac based computers and here is my thoughts on them:

Windows is intuitive, to a point. One problem novice users run into is changing the settings without really knowing it and messing it up. Microsoft does have the greater market share on their product, therefore in the corporate world, you need it. Another downside is, you have to constantly update it to keep everything running, and the constant threat of virus and worm attacks can be a nightmare for most users. Also, the OS crashes fairly often and can be frustrating to many novice users. But, if you like to game or need a PC for work, its the choice to go with.
With that being said:
I find Mac incredibly easy to run and inuitive as well. My husband, who is not good with computers, prefers the MAC because he is now more comfortable with it than the Windows computers. He permanently crashed his PC because he did not realize the importance of software updates, virus software updates, etc...
The MAC OS is just stable, it never crashes. It does what you want it to do without issue. I also like how just about any device I throw at it, it immediately recognizes without having to configure settings, install software, etc, like on a Windows machine. Contrary to popular dogma of the computer world, I have found many programs that run on a Mac. I don't get the hype about how there is no software for MAC's. Nowadays, there is MS Office for Mac, which I have heard runs well, so MAC users can now work on things at home for work, etc. The files can be saved on a flash drive and be taken to work to use on the ol'PC.
So, in summary, I guess its the person's choice in the end. I just prefer the MAC handsdown. In the long run, its easier to maintain and lasts longer. I am a media person, and MAC just blows everyone out of the water. So, Good Luck with that MAC Vs. PC choise.

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Comparing Apples to Oranges
by doctorthibes / December 10, 2005 10:54 PM PST

Dear crash 900s, Let me introduce myself as one of those "Mac people" (or person?) I started out with a Gateway pc 10 years ago..... OS "Windows 95". I went through two Gateways and 3 Dells and of course, upgrading OSs along the way. Starting with 95 and then in succession: 98,98SE,Millennium and then the "dreaded" XP. I bought a used Mac Powerbook for $350.00 from a friend who was one of those "Mac People". He had bought it used also so; I was the third owner. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about on these Macs and bought it merely out of curiosity. At the time, I had a Dell with a 1.4 ghz processor and 1 gig of memory. The Powerbook was 4 years old with a 550 mhz processor and 512k of RAM. Of course, it was a learning experience since, they are different in more ways than one. I bought a router and networked the two with a DSL modem. As I was using both of them , I had the experience of comparison. Slowly but, surely I found myself going back to the Powerbook more and more for EVERYTHING including email,photography,media,internet security......THE WORKS! I was amazed that I could get MORE done with the Mac, in less time, with a processor that was (roughly) 1/3 the speed of the Dell and about 10 times smaller(physically) with half the RAM!! Also, I didn't have security issues like virus protection and such things as worms and "bugs". Sure, if you open several (memory sucker) apps. on any computer,and don't have the memory to back it up, they'll freeze up for awhile. A Microsoft PC will just "lock up" and "crash" and you'll have to resort to the old standby, "HOLD THE POWER BUTTON IN FOR ABOUT 10 TO 15 SECS AND PRAY". If you let the Mac sit there, it'll eventually catch up WITHOUT crashing. That's why you need a faster processor and as much RAM as you can afford if, you're gonna start clicking buttons as fast as you can, according to your post. That is called "insanity" when, you TRY to get a computer to "crash". I'm presently using a Power Mac G5 w/ dual 2.0 processors with a gig of RAM. I'm running OS X Tiger. Oh, by the way, I have an Airport card in the 5 year old Powerbook running through a wireless G broadband router. I can go outside to my "shed" or the back porch and access ALL the files and apps. in the G5, with that "old Powerbook", magically "through the air!" All I do is plug some speakers (or headphones) in the PB and I can play all the songs,movies and whatever else I want with that 5 year old PB with a 550mhz processor. So; in answering your question, "THAT IS THE DEAL WITH THESE MAC PEOPLE". I have become one of those people. And, I'm so happy that I did!! Yeah, they cost more but, to borrow a cliche'.....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I wouldn't trade my Powerbook (even steven) for your new HP dv1310 piece of crap. You're comparing "Apples to Oranges" here, or should I say "apples to Lemons?"

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Thanks for that
by crash900s / December 11, 2005 12:30 PM PST

Thanks for the whole history of your computer use. Incase it went over your head the posting was a satire. The whole point which you've just proven again is that some Mac people can be a little snobby, but I guess I should've expected that from someone who uses "doctor" as part of their handle. You do get what you pay for and if you buy an expensive thinkpad it will work just as well and long as a powerbook. Also if you are intelligent and protect yourself with anti spyware and anti virus programs you will be fine. The fact is I like both systems and I don't need to choose a side. Call me greedy if you like. Lastly I happen to love my new "piece of crap" its beautiful. By the way the caps thing is unnecessary. Instead use stronger vocabulary to put greater emphasis on your important points. You?ll come of more sophisticated and credible that way.

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Hey Greedy!
by lampietheclown / December 11, 2005 8:02 PM PST
In reply to: Thanks for that

Did you just admonish someone for fitting your description of them?
How dark and edgy of you. It's almost goth like in it's simplicity, without being morbid or deep.

What's the matter, virus updates got you down?

Do you have post-update stress and a swollen rootkit?

Just can't seem to find the start button in the morning?

Well, you can take it out on the doctor, or do what we do!

Drink a lot and take things to seriously! Oops, wrong line. Quick, play the jingle...


An Apple every day, keeps...
..................................(fade out)

Lampie the Clown

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From "Greedy"
by doctorthibes / December 12, 2005 3:33 AM PST
In reply to: Hey Greedy!

Just goes to show you how Bill Gates have put you people over the edge! Wish you had a Power Mac? Dream on or shell out the money!!! LOL You are a jealous person.

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