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Mac RAM: is it the same?

I know that Apple says that all the new Intel Macs run on PC2-5300 RAM.

I have been interested in purchasing a new iMac, but I'm only upgrading the HD and buying a protection plan for it. I need at least 2GB of RAM, but Apple charges quite a bit for it, and I have associates that can get me much better deals.

I have a MBP that can run up to 3GB of RAM, and currently I'm using 2GB. According to MacSales and other Mac upgrades sellers, certain types of PC5300 RAM is compatible with many Mac models.

I feel that I should swap out a 1GB stick from my MBP with a 2GB stick, but I want to be able to use all of my memory sticks. If I take out a 1GB MBP memory stick, I want to be able to run it on a new 2.4Ghz iMac.

I haven't seen the new iMacs yet and I need to know if the standard Apple memory from the MBP will run inside a new iMac before I purchase one. Or I may just buy 4GB cheaper somewhere else and replace all the original iMac memory all together.

I'd like others opinions on this. Thanks in advance.

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Research, Research, Research!

I have not seen the new iMacs yet but I know that they come with 2GB of RAM which seems to fall into your needs.
I also know that there are only two available slots in the new iMac and that memory should be installed in matching pairs for peak performance. This means that to upgrade efficiently with 3rd party RAM, you will have to remove both the factory installed sticks.
I know, because I have checked it out, that 3rd party RAM for these machines is much cheaper than buying it from Apple.
I know that the term Apple memory is not correct. This is regular standard PC2-5300 RAM with 200 pins.
By doing your research for you, I know that Memory from the MacBook will fit, and run, inside the new iMac but, as already mentioned, with degraded performance.

Now, how is your browser and internet connection doing?


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Once again, you misunderstand me

The first thing you said was wrong. I'm looking at the 20inch 2.4Ghz iMac, which comes with 1GB of RAM!
I also know that the iMac has a pop-out holder with the two memory slots.

I am buying 3rd party RAM like you said, but you misread my post! I'm thinking about upgrading my MacBook PRO to 3GB of RAM, and putting the old 1GB stick inside the new iMac.

The memory stick that's going into the iMac is the same exact stick already inside it. Therefore, the new iMac will have two identical 1GB sticks of the same make, while the MacBook Pro will have 3GB of RAM.

You can't criticize me if you can't even read what I said. I knew that Apple memory was standard PC2-5300 RAM and I was wanting to know if using an old 1GB stick from another Mac would work on a new iMac. Theoretically, it should work, but one stick would be old and one would be new. Still, they're BOTH IDENTICAL!

I've already researched all of this! Why else would I mention different RAM dealers and ask if the standard Apple RAM that I ALREADY HAVE will work in a new iMac? I already know how to make my MBP run efficiently.

The iMac is NOT being upgraded with 3rd party RAM. I never said that at all. YOU need to research my posts if you make false claims such as this!

And I'm not trying to get mad or insult you! I respect your opinion as a moderator, but you are making many claims and accusations to things that I know I have already proved. I just want people to read my posts, give me their opinions, and discuss it. That's what forums are. You said forums aren't groups of people's ideas and opinions, but the CNET Forums FAQS say otherwise:

Quote: "We are proud to present these message boards for you to ask and answer questions and to voice your OPINION on today's important high-tech issues."

Please, I want to discuss any issues I have in peace. You are not being kind to me just because I'm discussing different issues with my opinions, thoughts, and research that I do.

Please mrmacfixit, I'm tired of this. I said above I respect your position, and I repsect all other moderators as well, so knock it off. I did my research and came up with a reasonable query for other tech lovers and users like me.

Now my question is and remains: will the new iMac run correctly with an additional 1GB RAM stick from a MBP if both sticks are identical? I'd like to know before purchasing any upgrades and hardware.

Thanks to all who help me out.

P.S.- my internet connection has never been better, and my browser is the bomb from my heavy research and usage. Try it.

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(NT) I bow to your obviousness
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Look here, mrmacfixit, I apologize and hope you do to

I think that we recognize that the both of us have some knowledge of the computing world.

I feel like that we are criticizing each other's posts without real reason. I respect your intelligence and hope that in turn we may respect each other.

I do not wish to continue whatever type of "problem" that may exist between us. I hope that the two of us may discuss things better without the problem we've had.


If anyone knows anything on using older MBP RAM on a new 2.4Ghz iMac, let me know.

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New RAM & Old RAM

Mixing the two together does not cause any problems at all. The given being that the old RAM is functional. RAM, usually, either works or it doesn't.

Swapping the RAM around will work in your scenario.


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(NT) Thanks
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Pretty heady of you to butt heads with MrMacFixit as to

equal quality experience. If you are very technologically capable - fine.

If you don't want to feel misunderstood, lay it out very straightforward in detailed sequence stated in plain language. Leave nothing open to interpretation.

In fact your language about criticism is just plain snotty. If you've already researched all of this, why the question? To massage your self-centered ego?

You already know how to make your "MBP" run efficiently, so why even bother with the question?

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Someone forgot their meds...

Yeah, I agree. BeatleMegaFan already knew the answer. And there was nothing to discuss. Pointless post. Frankly, I couldn't even figure out what he was asking, but mrmacfixit was brave enough to try, and gets his head handed to him on a platter for the effort. People...

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No! I am not trying to butt heads with anyone!

You do not understand. He had criticized me repeatedly for unjustified reasons in the past, and I gave him a response. I respect his position, and I sought counsel for RAM.

I did not know the answer. I wanted to know if an older MacBook Pro RAM stick would work fine with a new iMac's stick.

I said I did research. True. But if I knew the answer, why would I ask? I come to the forums to look for support and give it to others as well. I asked if an old RAM stick will work with a new stick of the same type on a different machine. I did not know and hadn't tested it yet, and so I asked mrmacfixit or anyone who could help for an answer.

He told me what I needed, but I did not appreciate another rude comment like some of the others he has given to me.

He has said this before, but in not as polite words. You may or may not know the whole story. So need to fight with me or mrmacfixit. I was tired of being insulted and responded. Problem's over.

My post was solved too. So why even bring this up? Our quarrel ended and you think I'm some rude person that I'm really not. I apologized to him. So that's the end.

Please, you're trying to insult me, and I don't appreciate it. I didn't know the answer. Now I do. What's your deal?


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So need meant no need. Sorry.

Typo. Sorry folks.


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I agree...

He already answered his own post:

--"The memory stick that's going into the iMac is the same exact stick already inside it. Therefore, the new iMac will have two identical 1GB sticks of the same make, while the MacBook Pro will have 3GB of RAM."--

Just take the two sticks out and compare the model types, side-by-side.

But you already knew that...

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No! I wanted to know IF it would work. I did not know if

would. Now I do. mrmacfixit posted his thoughts and he read it wrong and insulted me. I merely explained what I really meant, and he already said that it would work that way.

Why do people think I'm trying to mess with him? I'm NOT! This topic is already answered, so people ought to quit posting here, and me too. If this topic helps you, read it, but this is unnecessary.

I apologize for any inconvenience due to my previous choice of words. Please, there's no point to this anymore.


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"answered" = Locked.

If you want it unlocked, just email me.

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