here are some options.
Any MBP built between July 2014 and March 2015 will give you a choice of 13 and 15 inch Retina display machines which will be supported by Apple, for longer. MBP's built before this are still supported by Apple but will likely be dropped sooner than later.
Any MBP built before October 2011 are classified as Vintage and should be avoided.

Usual RAM for the MBP is 8Gb with an option of 16Gb. Be aware that MBP's built since February 2013 do NOT have any RAM slots. The RAM is soldered onto the logic board and CANNOT be upgraded.

MBP's with Intel HD Graphic do not have their own dedicated Graphics card, instead they rely on sharing the MBP RAM.

Hard drive/SSD capacity: Anything built after June 2012 will have an SSD or Flash drive. Capacity of these is not close to the capacity of a Hard Drive. External HD's are cheap.

Final Cut Pro is non-linear video editing software. For video only. Not for still pictures
Logic Pro X is a complete recording and midi studio for the Mac. Not for pictures.

Apart from these last two pieces of software, Apple does not sell the versions of the MBP that you are looking for.
That said, they have a Refurbished section on their website where older machines can be had. All are refurbished by Apple and carry a one year warranty.
Only one MBP there at the moment,