Loud cellphone talker gets ejected from train

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Reporting: Loud cellphone talker gets ejected from train
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16 hours on moving train and no dropped calls?

I see a contract in her future as a spokesperson.

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I see brain cancer in her future

16 hours of high frequency radiation crammed against her skull. Probably does it all the time too.

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Don't you need a brain first....

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER"><span id="INSERTION_MARKER">to get brain cancer? After seeing her on the news, it's obvious that morbid obesity is a more immediate problem for her health.

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Is this gonna get fixed any time soon?

These weird tags being added?

<div>I thought C|NET was a tech site.

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Try this

Before you begin typing in the main box, click the "Toggle View" icon, the one at the end, to the right of the smiley.

That turns off the forum's WYSIWYG editor and allows you to type normally, whilst still using BBS codes as you wish.

It also removes those silly tags. At least I believe it does.


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But I wasn't using any BBS or any other codes.

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And to top it all off....

....she was in one of the designated "quiet cars" where there are signs all over the place saying cell phone use is not permitted. This woman sounds like one of those people who think rules don't apply to her.

Pity about the racist comments at the bottom of that page though.

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(NT) That IS a topper!
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I generally have a cure for those people

I simply join in the conversation. I figure, if they are talking that loudly, they want a group participation. They usually get real quiet or hang up pretty quick.


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People who use cell phones while on the toilet

Those are really priceless, especially if it's a business call. What can't wait until you're done?

I try to flush repeatedly and loudly so the person on the other end will hear and know what's going on.

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do a Sinatra
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Since when does....

any cell phone have a talk time of 16hrs?

Unless of course she was plain nuts and talking to the lady in the mirror for 16hrs.

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That's the problem with those tiny Bluetooth earpieces

Unless you're close enough to see them, they make it harder to tell who the crazy people are.

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It used to be that, when I heard someone just talking

into the air, I'd switch to the other side of the street.

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'Say, lady, can I see that phone for a sec?'

'Oooh- you're breaking up!' Happy

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I have become fascinated by the modern need...

... to talk on the phone, no matter what else you are doing at the time.

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I agree and we now have a new obstacle to watch for

Folks glued to their cell phone and PDA screens standing or walking anywhere and everywhere as if there is no other world happening around them. Some will stand and block one side of a hallway making others go around them. Some will pace back and forth making others dodge them. Some are quite animated and can occupy the space of several people while spinning, bending and flailing their free arm. I long for the old days when the worst I'd encounter in a long hall was three large people walking abreast very slowly and chatting among themselves. All I'd need to do was slow down and be patient and didn't have to walk defensively to avoid collisions.

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I hadn't seen it described as fully as you

just did. It does happen that way, and much too often. Hard to call it rudeness on the part of some because it's done without thinking. Sitting on a couch with a Bell handset to my ear I probably used the other arm for gesturing, but the same situation in a public place gives rise to worse behavior.
Well, when I'm dictator of the world it won't happen!

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Where are Pinky & The Brain when we need them?

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