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Lou Dobbs.........Hypocrite?

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Reporting: Lou Dobbs.........Hypocrite?
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You know Lou Dobbs??
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RE: wouldn't know who he was

Then I take it you'll be doing some research IF he decides to run for President. Just in case the Presidential Seal drops off the podium while he's giving a speech.

Perhaps he's not Presidential Timber...since you don't know who he is. Devil

And I take it you've never heard him rail on about undocumented immigrants taking jobs away from Americans. (on CNN and other places)

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That is correct

I may have heard him rail on others and I may have heard others rail on him but I really have no recollection of such. Sound like Ollie North, don't I? But I don't care one way or the other. I have more important things to worry about right now than what Lou or anyone says about others or others say about Lou. Wink

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RE: I have more important things to worry about

Such as, whether the FBI has a tracking device under you vehicle? Devil

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They can't....I don't own a car at present

They'd be dogging the wrong person. Happy

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(NT) they put a tracking device on your dog, you say? ^_^
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This is telling...

Amazingly, the reporter said Dobbs should have checked the workers' documentation. I can see the headlines now: Dobbs turns into Gestapo, asking for papers. Liberals are cackling with glee: Look we caught him. The hypocrite.

Oy. This is so absurd. The pro-illegal immigration crowd should be very proud of itself. It exposed itself as a group that will say anything to demonize critics. But I have to go now. One of the workers cutting my grass looks suspiciously like a Norwegian illegal immigrant. I better ask for his papers.

So, did he or didn't he? Who to believe?

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I agree, Ed...

Ed, I agree about it being absurd. In both Florida during the show season, and up north during off-season, the horses are boarded at stables owned by someone else. Any implication that he is against people of Hispanic origin doesn't hold water considering who he married.
I noticed that the article said "This article appeared in the October 25, 2010 edition of The Nation.", but was online dated October 7, 2010. Was that a typo, or was it released online early for some reason? If it was the later, could the reason be related to the line in the story that says "His scheduled October 9 address at the Virginia Tea Party Convention..."? I can't help but wonder if the magazine's dislike of him and the timing of that hit piece is motivated by the magazine's dislike of the Tea Party.
I guess I should mention that I knew Lou in the past. We didn't get along all that well.

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This is MORE telling

Lou said (on O'Reilly last night)

I wouldn't want to be responsible for anyone losing their job in todays economy.

Not even an undocumented/illegal immigrant?

He doesn't want them working in America..BUT if they get a job, they can keep it.

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for those that missed the interview
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A year-long investigation.

and found no proof that he knew they were illegals?

Macdonald admitted that she did not find any proof that Dobbs himself was responsible for hiring anyone who is in the country illegally.

What a waste. Gotta dig up some dirt... or make up some dirt.

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And yet

look who posted the OP and didn't bother to make sure it was the truth. Why does that NOT surprise me?

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RE: Why does that NOT surprise me?

You've been on this planet a long time and you're not EASILY surprised?

Do you want me to try harder?

IF I said something nice about Sheriff Joe would someone have to call 911?

I'll try harder...just make sure you don't read any of my posts unless you have medical personnel standing by.

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Just this once!


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RE: Just this once!

In my dreams.

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Not at all

you just quit dogging people that have asked you to stop! Until then I see no reason to NOT reply to you when I see fit! That doesn't happen to often, but you do ask for it once in awhile.

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RE: I see no reason to NOT reply to you

Me neither, except YOU said you weren't going to respond to any more of my posts (IF Lou said/did that I'd call him a hypocrite)..but, go ahead, knock yourself out (that's another way of saying, Enjoy Yourself).

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for you

enjoyment means harrassing people that don't choose to converse with you.
I did enjoy this little respite, have a nice day now!

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RE: have a nice day now!

I will/am/'s Thanksgiving Day up here.

Having a pork roast instead of turkey.

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(NT) TLW??
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Yep yep yep!

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I didn't hire them

they just worked on my property.

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what did you do about it? Here's what I did;

When we bought a new stove, the delivery came and not a person bringing it could speak English. Were they both illegals? I don't know, but suspect they were, hired by the delivery company. The first stove had defective oven keypad and they didn't have one in stock, so they had to replace the entire stove. I made sure to have them write on the ticket "English Speaking Delivery Only" and told them I'd refuse the delivery and file for refund unless that condition was met. I've done that on every big ticket item since then, like the refrigerator half a year later. If you insist on English speakers only and let them know you will request an instant refund within the time allowed for doing so if they don't comply, you will get that request met, and maybe help in saving jobs for Americans instead of for foreigners who may be here illegally.

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Now that you mention it,

Kind of surprising that the usual suspects haven't posted a similar post about Meg Whitman.

Of course, when you see the facts, that story turns out to be a horrible Democrat dirty trick.

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When you see the facts...

Who wants to see the facts?

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I could have trouble, Ed...

Ed, I guess I could have trouble in the future. When I was living at the farm, my wife boarded one of her horses elsewhere, and we made no effort to check out the people he had working there.
Also, we had the house painted here about a year ago. We hired a licensed contractor to do it and some of the people he used looked Hispanic and spoke Spanish. Again, we did not check out his workers.

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Roofing, landscaping, etc.

I see almost none but Mexican doing this and I presume the majority is sub contracted work. What contractor is going to do much more than ask the subs if they hire only legals and who's going to risk challenging a person just because they look Spanish? Isn't that what the flak is about in AZ. There's no easy way to verify 100% compliance with the law without risking being called a bigot.

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Right. You could get into trouble...

for NOT racially profiling.

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You have a point, but

all employers, at least that I know of, are suppose to get and keep a copy of a picture ID and your Social Security card.

Or perhaps that is only for permanent positions? I quite aware that manual labor, especially for day at the time work, is often cash only and no paperworks.

Of course, if you contract with a licensed contractor, that's not your responsibility. It's the government agency issuing the license to insure the contractor is legal. And it is his to insure anyone working for him, paid by him is legal. I believe the same is true if you call a temp agency and hire through them. It's their responsibility to maintain the records.

Of course, if the ID and social security card are obtain fraudulently, the employer really hasn't any way to instantly check that I know. I'm not sure how much legal responsibility an employer has to verify that such documents are authentic.

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