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Lotus Smart suite on Windows 7

I have some old files in Lotus Smarte suite that I need to open on a new computer in Windows 7. I have the original Lotus CD but it won't open with windows 7

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Reporting: Lotus Smart suite on Windows 7
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Just a thought.
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Lotus suite 97 migrating to a new PC

Hi there considering this an old post,just trying my luck if anyone is still around to help.I'm trying to migrate Lotus smart suite into a new windows 7 x64 pc.Can someone help me understand step by step how I can install the software migrate the old data into the new pc so the newly installed Lotus can access and perform the same task.Do I need to configure the new installed lotus suite?

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Lotus 97

I would like to know how to do that as well

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Loading Old Versions Of Smartsuite To New Computers

You might have figured it out by now, but you can install old versions of Smartsuite on your new computer. To do it, insert the CD (it will try to load but cannot), leave it in the tray, go to the start menu, locate the setup application file on the Lotus CD and click on it. You will probably get a message about compatability issues but click on "continue." All files will be loaded to your hard drive (C) inside a folder called "Lotus." Open that folder, then locate the folder for the application you want. Open that folder, locate the application file you want (the one with the icon that identifies it as an application file.) Right click on that line and drag it to your taskbar at the bottom of your screen. For some reason, the application (123, Wordpro, etc.) either won't open or won't work if you just copy it to your desktop. To open the application once you've pinned it to the taskbar, just click on it. I'm running Lotus Smartsuite Millennium v.9.6 this way and it works just fine! I've also copied my old Lotus files to my new computer and they open and run just as they did on the old one.

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thank you for your tip.

Thank you very much for your tip. it was extremely valuable for me. I had already made several attempts to install the Lotus suite millennium in my notebook that uses the windows 7. all my databases are on approach. I could not replace it, because it is very practical and intelligent. my knowledge about computers is empirical, dictated by the most pressing needs. your tip made a big difference to my life.

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Damn Genius

Well done bluegrass guitar. It worked perfectly, and I now have access to all my old files. I am pretty cute with Windows 7 and Smartsuite, but failed to work this one out after many frustrating hours. Well satisfied.

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Loading old SmartSuite onto Windows 7

Thanks bluegrass guitar. Your tip worked fine for WordPro but not 1-2-3. I get an error message saying that the files I am trying to access (i.e. the ones I created on my SmartSuite 97 on my XP machine) cannot be accessed as they were created with a newer version of 1-2-3!!! But it's the same SmartSuite 97 on both machines!! Any idea what may be causing this???

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One of those rare 64 bit OS anomilies?

Try it under a 32 bit OS (7 has that too.) Or look around the compatibility tab for XP.

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wow that's good news, thanks for the info bluegrassguitar

wow, that is great news. I will resurrect my old copy of Smartsuite and begin to use my files again.

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Lotus 123 on Windows 7
Happy Did as you suggested and Lotus now installed and working! Many thanks for your help.
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Window 8 too !

I was able to install Lotus SmartSuite Millenium products (123 and WordPro) to a Dell laptop running Windows 8.
I had to drag to *.exe files to the desktop as a shortcut (and rename them) to have a way to open the programs.

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loading Lotus

Thank you so much! It worked beautifully. So glad I don't have to redo my tax program on windows. Have always worked with Lotus.

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unable to install Smartsuite 9.8 to my windows 7, Ultimate

I left the DVD in the D: tray. it did not open. I rt clicked on start. selected Windows Explorer. I see the icon beside the name of the file, But, I have not been able to view any of the files. So, I can't get to the setup file you mention in your post.

J Ken Smith

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(NT) start a new thread
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Smart suite to MacBook

Hi bluegrass guitar can I use lotus smart suite 97 on a MacBook thanks in advance

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Thank you bluegrassguitar regarding Lotus and Windows 7!

Thank you bluegrassguitar! After rebuilding my PC using an AMD Bulldozer series processor and running Windows 7, I found out that Microsoft won't support Virtual PC/XP on that series of AMD processors! I was shocked to find out that in fact Windows 7 can and does run it directly. Thanks a million in October, 2017 all these years after your original post January, 2011!!!

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Lotus Smart Suite for Windows 7

I have Lotus 123 installed on Windows 7 and it works just fine. I did not install anything other then the spreadsheet since that is all that I needed.

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Lotus Smart Suite for Windows 7 Basic

I am trying to open open Lotus 123 release 4 files in Windows 7 Basic on my Macbook Pro (running Snow Leopard) using Parallels.
File error reads "Invalid Character in File Name" These files opened in Windows XP what do I need to do ?

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I recently upgraded my box to a Core i5 and W7HPx64, and the Lotus SmartSuite 9.8 just slipped right in.

Of course, it's always a struggle to understand how the multi-user is done, but once I decoded the instructions it all worked -- except I managed to install it on E: rather than C: Confused

The only bit I haven't tested is Organiser, but ATM we don't need that one.


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Approach Windows 7

I have been using Lotus Approach with no problems on my windows 7 laptop and all my dbf files were located in a specific location, but now when it is installed to a new computer running windows 7 by default it saves the dbf files in a different location inside a folder in C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files. My database includes macros that search for these files in the original default locations I programmed in windows 98 so this does cause some problems. Anyone know a way to change the default save locations back to my originals??

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Re: default location

I'm afraid few people here use Lotus Approach. So don't expect a quick answer.

On wikipedia I read: "In May 2013, IBM announced the withdrawal of SmartSuite. Marketing of the product ended in June 2013, followed by all support ceasing in September 2014. IBM has also announced that there will be no replacement for SmartSuite"
Isn't it a little bit risky to keep using an outdated product?

Anyway, I suppose it's a setting somewhere. Check the user manual or look around in the product. If you don't manage to change the default, you'll have to change your macro's to look in the new location. Shouldn't be too difficult if you programmed it yourself 15 years ago.


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Move the files?

Can't you just move the dbf, dbt, adx, and APR files to the original location where Lotus Approach expects to find them, presumably at C:\lotus\work\approach\?

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Get IBM Fix Packs for Lotus Approach (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Personally, I'm happy to see Lotus Approach is not yet dead among PC users. I think it is still the best database of its kind. In fact, there is no other database of its kind.

But I stopped using it when I discovered that, in Windows 7, some functionality was lost -- like the fact that all the explanatory text was missing from popup windows (like notices of field input errors).

I had a very sophisticated custom database, with many forms, macros, repeating panels, and tables (including alias tables), and such windows and messages were of great importance.

And to my frustration, IBM was insisting that I pay several hundred dollars (if not a thousand or more) for the "IBM Passport Advantage" in order to get the final 6 Fix Packs for SmartSuite, most of which were for Approach -- AND upon reading what they fixed, I discovered that Approach was unreliable without the Fix Packs: that query returns could not be counted on to be accurate and complete, among other things. I found this outrageous, because I'd paid 2-3 times for upgrades over the years, and I just ended up with a program which wasn't providing the basic function it promised (though it typically appeared to provide this function).

BUT now, I'm using SmartSuite again, believe it or not -- Approach and more, because some good soul has posted the IBM fix packs (and the entire 9.8 SmartSuite CD contents) on (I know, you probably thought I was going to say the IBM has made all the fixes available now that support and development is officially discontinued for Lotus SmartSuite. But no. IBM still keeps the fix packs behind a crazy-expensive paywall.

I am hoping, however, that IBM will allow, at least, to continue making this software available free of charge. To get the entire Lotus SmartSuite, and the final, final version (via the final cumulative Fix Pack), go to:
https / details / LotusSmartSuite99

Please note, that it is'nt apparent that the final fix pack (6.1) is included, unless you click the 'show all' link. At first glance, the page appears to be offering only the contents of the last Lotus SmartSuite retail disc release. But it includes that, and the final cumulative fix pack from IBM Happy

Visit the appropriate IBM page to learn about the user-reported bugs fixed by the fix pack(s). My experience tells me that the fixes include more than those bugs too, because my window text problem is fixed as well, and it’s not mentioned in the text document.

In any case, it’s a vital update for Lotus Approach, and includes some fixes for 123, and Word Pro too.

The greatest problem for users of SmartSuite today, I think, beyond document sharing limitations, is the lack of support for OpenType and Unicode.

But if those limitations don't pose problems for you, and you've installed IBM Lotus SmartSuite Fix Pack 6.1, then personally, I see no reason why people (esp sole proprietors, etc) ought not use Lotus Approach, and other Lotus SmartSuite programs. (And remember, Lotus Approach can serve as a front end to many, many different types of databases. Likewise, those database tables created with Approach could be accessed with many other front ends too, like MySQL. This is one of the things that make Lotus Approach so much more versatile (and in a way, safer) than MS Access.

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Lotus Approach
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Create .Conf file lotus 123
execute it with Desktop link

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How to install Smartsuite on Win7 and Win 10

How to:
Copy all of the files from the installation CD to a Folder (Named CD ?) on your harddrive.
Then rightclick on all of the executeable files (*.exe files) in that folder. On the Properties box that pops up, choose Compability.
There, tick the box for compability and choose Windows XP (Service Pack2) Click OK.
Do this for every *.exe file thast was on the original CD, then when finished, dubleklick on the setup.exe file and all will install as they should, both on Win7 and Win10.
Sorry to say i'ts only IBM getting lazy, they did not bother to upgrade the instalationprograms.
It wont help to do this on the cd. Oh yes, I tried that too first
I have done this with both Version 97 and 9 .7

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