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Lots of heat, not much light.
"A substitute teacher has been sacked from a school in Utah after allegedly berating the adopted son of Dancing With The Stars professional Louis van Amstel for having gay parents."
"The teacher, according to Mr van Amstel, told the boy that 'two men living together is a sin'.
"'The substitute teacher was giving her very clear opinion that two men is wrong, homosexuality is wrong,' Mr van Amstel said."

First mistake. She does have a very clear opinion. So does Jehovah, but it's not an opinion, it's what he established as fact.
If the Bible is worth anything.

Second mistake. She doesn't cite him as an authority.

Therefore, third mistake. Subs don't have opinions, they're hired to teach the lesson plan.

I used to have fun tossing in bits of the Bible without getting fired. Happy

Many are noticing, though, that it's getting impossible to discuss a standard without getting "non-PC!!!, DUMMY!" in yoir face. Any standard, like, that little girl over there is "she", not "them" or "non-binary".
I'm gonna start calling everyone "it". Or maybe Itt.

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RE:'two men living together is a sin'.

What about all those guys in the military that "live together"?

Each "man" will be ISSUED a "woman"? Devil

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Not just in the military. Frats/Sororities and such.

All of which is irrelevant.

Here's relevance. I'm not surprised if the teacher brought up the penalty for such sin: death. They like that.
Penalty for any sin: death. Rom 6:23.Do they teach that? Nope. Death is for whomever they happen not to like; gays, fornicators, JWs ... Not to drunkards (if they drink to excess), not to thieves (if they cheat on taxes) ...
But wait! Not death, as it happens. Torture in Hell, which requires life and the ability to feel.
But death (says the Bible) is a state of non-being. Well, then, the soul is tortured, not the body.
But man (says the Bible) is a soul, he doesn't have[/] a soul. Man dies = soul dies. To be; to have. Different verbs. Simple. The truth usually is.
You can keep it all clear by asking yourself 'Where now is the greatest human sinner, Adam?' Answer: "dust to dust", as the funeral talk has it. Non-being to non-being.

And, I got the joke.

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what about all those gay Jews?

Get a free pass to salvation in spite of it?

Romans 11:25 = I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you will not be conceited: A hardening in part has come to Israel, until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: “The Deliverer will come from Zion; He will remove godlessness from Jacob.

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sorry but the bible don't mean a thing

the bible don't mean a think to others the same way the koran or other holy books don't mean a thing to you.

society will look at two men living together as being gay while at the same time society will look at two women living together as to sharing expenses. Maybe in this case the two men are gay but the teacher don't really know and should have kept the mouth shut.
IMO, opinions should stay at home when teaching..

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Wonderful! "In my opinion, opinions

should stay at home when teaching".
Thanks for clarifying your position. Grin

Teaching involves passing on knowledge, usually documented. Agreed-on sources cited IOW. Like the Bible in Christianity or the Qur'an in Islam. Or Merck in pharmacy. Not a pharmacist? Then Merck won't mean much to you.

"the bible don't mean a thing" to you (or to Bill for that matter), but it's supposed to mean something to that teacher and to many others who claim it as an authority. Yet most do not believe what I posted, all taken from the Bible.

Here's an easy solution for you. See a religious post here? Ignore it.

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but the bible or any other holy book

they are NOT agree upon source to all and can be subject to interpretation depending on ones background. schools should teach fact and leave the bible and other holy sources to specific classes about them.

the teacher went too far by picking on this one child's family especially since most of the other kids may have had a parent who also violated the bibles teachings.

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I follow science.

Here's a recent one for you.

Please read it. You'll get an idea of "fact" in science; so-called hard science in fact. Where 2+2 always = 4. Except the black hole under discussion seems to equal 5.
There are many such game changers in science. One recent one involved the Crab Nebula, one of the most studied objects in space. Still capable of surprising.
Long before Newton the Bible said the earth was round (Isaiah) and that it hangs in space "upon nothing" (Job). Still true. The water and transpiration cycles are described accurately.

You have some dislike for religion, not unusual these days, but the Bible is the most widely distributed book in history. Strange that you reject it in its entirety. Pick up the latest physics or astronomy text and you'll find nothing about LB-1’s black hole. In other words, the latest texts are wrong, by scientists' own admission.

Many have found new respect for the Bible and its message after studying it.

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not that I dislike religion

It has its place and it has a great message but, there is a proper place and a proper time. and I do agree, there are a lot of theories in science and they keep changing as knowledge is advanced. Just lets not use it to scold a child who does not have the understanding and knowledge of most adults.

How would you like it if your child got scolded based on your lifestyle, if it was based on their interpretation of the bible?

that is why opinions should stay home.

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You think Jesus should have...

...stayed home?

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not sure of your context

but he would not have stood there and let someone use his word to humiliate a child in front of classmates because of circumstances beyond the childs control. after all, he did basically say let kids be kids for they are the inheritors of his kingdom. he also said not to lead children to wrong. if you think about it, the child is going to be bullied big time over this.

even the bible says there is a time and place for everything. and imo, this was not it.

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Mind if I ask questions?

What is its place, do you think?
What great message did you get from it?
"of theories in science and they keep changing as knowledge is advanced"
Yes, as I noted. Why is the unscientific Bible an exception?

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partial answers

1. anyplace that is appropriate for that type of discussion. a classroom can be appropriate if the class discussion is about lifestyles, philosophies, or religion and it is not being use to humiliate someone, as in this case.
2. not going to go into my beliefs here since this thread is not about religion and has taken a big detour.
3. that is the way people are.

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Well, I wrote the OP, which was religious.

As was the school incident.
Seems you do have a problem with religion. Happy

You said it has a "great message", but not good enough to share. Sorry about that. Also a common occurrence. Jesus commanded his followers to share the good news he gave them.
That's what the teacher was doing, in her clumsy way. The standard is at 1Peter 3:15; I guess her teachers forgot it. No humiliation allowed.

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let me put it this way

if you know the bible, you know the message it carries. If you have to ask then you don't really "know" the bible. Knowledge does not mean you know, thus the term book knowledge.

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I know the message I found in the Bible.

I know also that religions have their messages. You said "[religion] has its place and it has a great message."
Your words implied that you see all relgions as one, with one message. I wondered what that was, since I've found many religions with many messages. (Even among those that claim a connection with all or some of the Bible.)

What "great message" did you find?

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Doncha' just love how such threads produce

both condemnation and praise by people who did not witness the alleged incident? We have the "say so" of one of the presumptive adoptive parents who was not in the classroom. We have contributors to the forum thread who were not there but all to willing to make judgements based on both hearsay what was written in a news article.

News articles like these, I'll suggest, are crafted to make people jump up and down in either anger or give a thumbs up in praise. Not only that, this article morphs into links for other stories or articles that have some relationship to subject of the undercurrent generated by the original. We argue about our political leaders who divide us but fail to notice the subtle nature of our news media who do much the same.

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I assume the reporting was accurate.

'Teacher escorted from the campus.'
'Teacher no longer a Kelly Girl.'
That means the kid and parent were upset as reported.*
My point was to show an alternatuve approach to the problem. Ours in fact is in Ecclesiastes- 'a time for ...'
Also, the wages of sin is indeed death- any sin. Leviticus and 1Cor k
* I also was escorted once from a HS. I had the audacity to offend the son of a prominent local businessman who was even then finalizing a gift of a brand new scoreboard for the stadium. Not over the Bible, although my religion was known. Perhaps that happened here, with the celebrity father. I'm thinking not; that it went down as reported. I've known many like that sub. Meet 'em at the door all the time.
When I worked for Bank of America I saw a teller with the appropriate anti-gay cite and quote from Leviticus on her ball cap. (Casual Friday.) The bank was locked in by 'free speech'.
You have led a very sheltered life, Steven. Happy

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1Cor 6:9,10. Same sins, same penalty. In this case, shut out of heaven; possibly no chance at earthly life either.
BTW these days only Jehovah executes.

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Sorry...but you judge me incorrectly

No one has sheltered me and I'm well aware of world that's changing rapidly in many ways. I regret any offense taken by you or anyone else here but I'm just following the same judgment I have long made about the integrity of our media. The "yellow press" lives on. I'm not doubting that a teacher lost her position but I am doubting that it's possible to get an accurate image of what happened by what the news account presented. None of us were there to witness the words used or the manner in which they were spoken. That can make a huge difference.

So what does this news article have in common with "The Bible"? I'll tell you what. There's more written about it than what is actually in it. Wink

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