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lost access to device manager on win 2000 help!!!

Nov 21, 2005 8:30PM PST

after installing itunes and quicktime i found that i could not find my ethernet adapters or lan connection so i went to the controll panel to look for adapters and modems .....none .This prompted me to go and look at the device manager ..... not there .Sought some other forums and was told to check plug and play services ..... that is up started and automatic , then was told to check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on Local Machine;
Burrow into the registry - SYSTEM/CurrenControlSet/Enum;
Highlight "Enum";
Click on Security-Permissions on Tool Bar;and ensure that the system had full controll and everyone had read,didthat still no solution ...please P L E A S E i need help if anything goes wrong now i cant check any device (win 2000 pro, sp4 updated, p4 2.4 ghz )
H E L P !!!

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