You don't succeed in defining the problem very clear. Things unclear to me are:
- 'turn on the internet'
- 'restore my files from a system snaphot'
- 'leave it on my home page'

Please tell also:
- what browser are you using?
- what is the connection with cable modem (NIC or USB)?
- what software used to connect?
- what does winipcfg display about the connection?
- does 'renew' or 'renew all' in winipcfg help?
- does ping work when browser does not?
- does mail work when browser does not?
- what is the 'home page' in the browser?
- if you set the home page in the browser to blank, and try to browse to a site (like as the first operation, do you get an error message also?

Hope this helps.