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Looks like a proximate cause for Sala's death.

CO would explain everything, beyond any problems with the pilot. It kills many people over here in homes and cars- faulty heaters and ventilation.
Can't fly if you're unconscious.
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Reporting: Looks like a proximate cause for Sala's death.
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almost happened to me once - in a car

My car, actually. I had just installed 'headers' on my first car - a "muscle car" (sort-of). Doing this involved cutting part of the heater shroud which I sealed with duct tape. Worked fine for months, but eventually the heat of the engine compartment loosened the sticky stuff and no seal. I did not notice this at first,
as usually I drove with the windows down, but one long trip it was cold enough to have them up. I got drowsy, stopped for coffee and before heading back to the interstate checked my oil level, etc. *Then*, luckily, noticed the duct tape had come half-way off. Still don't know for sure that my drowsiness was caused by the CO or I was just naturally sleepy - it was late at night so that *might* have been the cause. I knew the passenger side header leaked a bit, though, and so _that_ theory could have been true, also. Anyway, it was a close call either way. I've heard of people silly/stupid enough to bar-be-cue indoors - sometimes it is their "last supper" in the worst way!

Rick " 1968 Camaro - man I loved that machine! " Jones

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RE:1968 Camaro

I had a 67....Z28 ....302

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(NT) I once had a '61 Beetle.
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I had

A 47 Pontiac 4 door sedan with a V8 Chrysler motor

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My beetle was red

or rust. Or both, maybe.

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RE: rust.

You ain't seen rust until you've owned a 53 studebaker.

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Nice ride!

I was proud of mine because it would "fool" rivals. Very bad finish on the original paint - I was _not_ concerned about cosmetics! - so more than a few people thought it was stock and so easy to beat.

Luckily, also, I survived that period of my life when I imagined death was "for old people". :^)

Rick " 13.4 second quarter mile was "personal best" until I got a faster machine (motorcycle!) " Jones

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My first car....

'59 1966 and it ran for a month and had to be towed back to the dealer. LOL

Next car....1964 Olds Starfire...….absolute freaking dream of a car

Until I drove my first Caddy.....Cadillacs and Lincolns were all I had after that until 1977 when I got my first pickup and never looked back....but I would still grab up an old 'tank' Caddy or Lincoln in a heartbeat if I came across one at a reasonable price just so I had one around...and would do it again even today.

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A workmate had a tank Lincoln some years ago.

When he was in it he looked like someone sitting back on a living room sofa, changing channels. Happy

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You have good taste -

Victoria fell in love with lines of '38 Cadillac - huge boat (IMO too big!) but as she could not locate one for less than thrice her yearly income at the time ... settled for smallish pickup (Chevy) back in the mid '90's. She *still* wants one of those thirty-eights, though! :^)


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No disrespect meant by the diversion, Dafydd.

You know how we Yanks are about our cars.
I don't know how the families feel, but I would take this as closure. And they can sue Piper if they wish.

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No worries Doug.


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An apology from me also -

I did not intend to hi-jack the thread. Looking at my post, well, was not my 'aim' to tangent off, but did. The untimely (or otherwise) death of two people just as sorrowful as -often for me, as if it is one's own relatives.

Quentin Crisp the noted author once wrote the worst thing one can do ettiquette-wise is respond with a similar tale when someone mentions an ailment like a wonky knee or a illness or death. What he recommended was "How can I help?" as a reply. Very smart man - if only I could remember that advice more often!


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Carry on regardless guys

Dafydd Happy

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Good advice, from one of the

"stately ***** of England". Happy
Another avoid is 'I know how you feel.' We don't.
Just sitting quietly can be of benefit.
Also, people like to serve food to visitors, even in sad circumstances. If you see none, come back later with something suitable and leave it.

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Homos or homes?

C'mon Doug!

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Could be - or like me the Kew word

as in Q---r or Q---n ? ( I hope not the latter, God Save The blankety blank - shudder, my brain has frozen solid at the algos in "clean - up software" that the FCC or whoever sees fit to inflict on us all for the sake of not offending people with the King's (umm, used to be!) English. Arrgh! total lock on my organic logic-gates. Sorry, must take aspirin right now...


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