Well, you could try the Sharp LC-26D7U. It is very expensive though and I'm not sure it will fit in the space that you have. You could also consider the Samsung LN-R238W wich is a good display with deep blacks. It also comes in a 26" model if it will fit. The Sony is always a good choice if you are looking for quality but you can also list on there the LG TV's wich look great. I think they have a few 23" TV's but the speakers are side mounted. I know they have one with a built in DVD player in the base and their 26" model has a built in HDTV tunner like the Sharp D7U. All thease TV's I have listed should be good if you have an unlimited budget. I'm currently in the market for a 26" LCD so I have been researching thease TV's extensivly. I do not own any of thease TV's so don't take this coment to seriously. Good luck.