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Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I am a long-time MusicMatch Jukebox user who was dismayed to learn of MMJB's absorption into the terrible Yahoo Music Player last year. I've still been using MMJB as my primary player on my XP desktop computer, but it's not compatible with my new Vista laptop, so I'm starting to branch out and look for alternatives. For now I've succumbed to using iTunes which is so terrible it makes my head want to explode every time I use it. It's true that MMJB had it's problems (being a tremendous memory hog and very slow in responsiveness with large libraries are two of my major complaints, in addition to random software bugs), but some of its features were more than just convenient - they shaped how I listen to and organize my music, and I cannot imagine living without them. Anyone know of a solid player that incorporates most of the following MMJB features in one nice package? (Sorted from most important to least important):

1. Separate playlist window from library window.
I routinely add random tracks into an ad hoc playlist by double-clicking songs in my library and in Windows Explorer. I do not want to have to drag tracks into a specific playlist that I must save and name, and I do not want whatever is playing to stop when I double-click a file. I need to see both the library and the playlist at the same time.

2. The ability to ?audition? a song without adding it to a playlist or playing the next song in the library when it finishes.
MusicMatch calls this the ?preview? feature.

3. Robust tagging tools.
I need to be able to apply certain fields to multiple tracks at once ? artist and album info, album art, etc. I also love MMJB?s ?Super Tagging? features, as I am anal about making sure my MP3?s are named and tagged as accurately as possible and according to my organizational system. ?Lookup tags? from the MMJB online database was worth the cost of MMJB Plus by itself, in my opinion.

4. Customizable tag fields.
I like having ?Featured Artist? as a field, as well as ?Sub-genre? to help me organize my music.

5. A built-in batch converter.
Sometimes I have a WAV file or WMA that I would rather have as an MP3 and vice versa. I want to be able to choose the bitrate and convert the file easily.

6. The ability to ?watch folders? to add files to the library automatically.
I move files around all the time, and not having to remember which files I recently added to my music folder in order to add them manually is a big plus.

7. A vertically-thin MiniPlayer that can be set to ?Always on Top?.
I like to always have my music player on top of other windows without taking up too much space. I?ve used MMJB?s ?Pegasus X? skin for years, for this very reason.

8. Customizable library views.
Usually I want all my tracks listed out flat, but sometimes I want them grouped by album art, date added, or genre.

Apparently this is a lot to ask, as I have yet to find a player with even a fraction of these features. Smoke starts billowing out of my ears every time I mention this to someone and they reply, ?Why don?t you just use iTunes like everyone else?? Grrrrr? Any other audiophiles have suggestions? Sorry for the rant.

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MusicMatch alternative

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

Have you had any luck finding a good MusicMatch alternative? I too am an old MusicMatch user. I've been using it for 8 years or more. I never did the upgrade to Yahoo Music Jukebox and from what I've read I'm glad that I didn't. But now that I'm trying to re-install MusicMatch (on XP) I'm having some issues.

Version 10 just seems to not work right. It did install but just seems to be trying to open and run many other routines and just sort of hangs up. I've found some older versions and am using version 9 right now. It works more or less OK and doesn't nag you about upgrading too much (even with the periodically check for updates choice unchecked). But the issue now is that there seems to be no way to get my plus upgrade key validated. So I?m stuck with slower rips and a few other of the advanced features unavailable.

I do have an iPod and have used iTunes, but do not like it. Even with a heavy hand in the preferences turning off as much of the stuff that is in there as possible, forcing iTunes to rip to MP3 and adjusting the bit rates, etc, it still isn?t as handy as MusicMatch.

So what do we do next? Have you had any luck finding an alternative?

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can run MMJB on Vista

In reply to: MusicMatch alternative

I did a little bit of Googling and found out that it *is* possible to run MMJB on Vista - you just need to ignore the warnings when you're installing it and make sure you always run the program in XP compatibility mode. Only glitch I've noticed so far is that the built-in volume control won't work. So I'm using MMJB for the meantime but still looking for alternatives...

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In reply to: can run MMJB on Vista

how do I make sure that I am running the XP compatible mode?

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Good rant...

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I agree totally with your points but I'm no help, looking too for similar things...

Hate what Yahoo Music has become, also anal about my tags, etc. Almost convinced myself to go itunes and get a shuffle because I don't do a lot of portable listening.

Hopefully we will get some action on this topic!

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Amen brother

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

It seems that MMJB was the pinnacle of MP3 organizers as I, too, have not found a replacement.

The online user-managed music database is sorely missed. I listen to a lot of Japanese Pop & Rock and used to easily be able to obtain tags for the songs on an album (in Kanji). Now, in order to enter the Kanji, I have to load the album manually in WMP and then copy the files over to MMJB. Major pain.

MMJB was an elegant, practical app, so it makes sense that they killed it. Sad
I wish Mozilla would start an MP3 project ala Firefox...

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Spoke too soon

In reply to: Amen brother

I didn't think to check before I posted, but there is a Mozilla desktop MP3 player project called Songbird.

Has anyone tried that yet?

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Tried WinAmp

In reply to: Amen brother

I'm using WinAmp at the moment which sounds like it has at least some of the features you are asking for, although can't see the preview option. Have you tried this already? From what you are saying I wish I had tried out MMJB before now, ack well.

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Another MM junkie without a good fix

In reply to: Tried WinAmp

In this case, misery doesn't like company. So sad to hear nobody has found a good alternative to MM since Yahoo stuffed it up. After many attempts at other software (Winamp, iTunes, etc.), I ended up settling for Media Monkey. Nowhere near as good as MM but the closest I could find. With all the companies out there trying to come up with something new, a huge opportunity awaits somebody to pick up where MM left off (or where Yahoo took over). I was hoping somebody knew how to turn on (hack) the Lookup Tags feature.

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Try J.River Media Center.

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

$40, but IMO worth it if you use more than a handful of its features.

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mmjb rip

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

spacevybe, et al...we are birds of a feather! i, too, am a long-time mmjb user and was absolutely gutted when yahoo offered a mess of a player as a replacement. a desecration, really. i've tried songbird, it's okay but, i'm not too familiar with it. i just love the way mmjb organises my music library. what was yahoo 'thinking?!?'
eagerly awaiting some bright spark to meet this niche in the market...

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no tag editor comparison

In reply to: mmjb rip

i m in the same boat. the closest jukebox i found is media monkey. i m still looking for a tag editor like mmjb that can do lookups using song signatures. the worst part for me s that none of the editors or jukeboxes can handle chinese/unicode tags like mmjb. i m so bummed.

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In reply to: no tag editor comparison

I still use musicmatch with no problems. Why is everyone having problems with musicmatch?

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Super Tagging

In reply to: musicmatch

Because, the super tagging feature no longer works.
No other program in the world has it that I am aware of.
Media Monkey sucks. No actually it super sucks. (hee, hee)
All of the supposed tagging programs are really just manual tagging.
No thanks!
I cannot understand and so far no one can tell me why someone else has not jumped on this very powerful feature. I would gladly pay for it just to be able to organize all of the burned CD's I have that I can no longer remember who the artist and title are but MusicMatch would catch it every time perfectly.

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Not alone!

In reply to: Super Tagging

I'm so glad I'm not alone anymore!! Happy I still use MMJB since I too haven't found a suitable replacement. I don't suppose anyone knows how to re-enable the plus features on it? Like enhanced cd burning and saving playlists and all that? I tried the "other" player that happened to take over MMJB and it was miserable. Bad idea. But I too would love to hear about whatever replacement somebody finds.

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I agree

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I agree with everything, but when ever there is a problem there is also an opportunity. many of us need so much something like our loved musimatch. Well some of us has to make a software that meets the challenge. lets built one, there will be money to be made. Who could come up with a new options? lets try it

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Try these two

In reply to: I agree

I used to use MMJ a long time ago and loved it. What i would recommand are J Rivers media jukebox or Jetaudio basic. They are the only ones close to what MMJ used to be. Both have a free or paid version to choose from.

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In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I have Vista 64 Laptop

Can you suggest me a Music player
that will play a list of my songs
& after i shut it down & latter
want to listen to music after 2 days
will countinue playing from the same
place i had stoped it

like in my PPC eg: core player
its so easy to open a folder click the ones i want to play & when i restart it plays from the same place i had stoped it

Please Help Me

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MusicMatch Lifetime Upgrades?

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I paid and I want mine. Not Yahoo but MusicMatch is there anyone else out there who would like to join my class action lawsuit against the original owners for this betral?

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Lifetime Upgrades/Support... Not YOUR lifetime

In reply to: MusicMatch Lifetime Upgrades?

When you are promised "Lifetime Upgrades" they are refering to the lifetime of the product cycle.. not your "lifetime".. read the fineprint of your license/sales agreement.

As the original Owners sold the product to Yahoo, and then they discontinued it, you have no grounds for any legal action. Effectively, the product is now DEAD... no more Lifetime exists.

But, as Yahoo is now a little cash short, they are probably willing to lighten their asset load, and if someone had a close relationship with a "Friendly Banker", and could get a little financial backing, it would probably be a good idea to Buy the rights and ALL source Code (including Original Code for earlier editions) to MusicMatch from Yahoo, and revive the life of this excellent product.

That's what I would do, if I had a Friendly Banker.
If I can help out with this project, just let me know.

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In reply to: Lifetime Upgrades/Support... Not YOUR lifetime

Excellent idea... Or let us make it open source.
I knew that about the lifetime just really puts me off cause when one buys a lifetime it is an endorsement of the product and allowing development to continue. Like buying a share.

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Banker: but in the meantime

In reply to: Banker

Sure agree with the Banker post for someone with guts enough to try it in this economy.

But in the meantime someone else has suggested J Rivers media jukebox or Jetaudio basic as worthy alternates (while we wait for the banker) has anyone tried either of these and do you have any comments for the rest of us MM widows?

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Commiseration, Jet Audio and Pandora

In reply to: Banker: but in the meantime

I am also still limping along with MMJB while I look for a good alternative.

I also use Jet Auido's free player. Jet Audio is the closest thing I have found to MMJB but it is still lacking and very cumbersome. Some of the nice features it includes are a timer (great for night time play) and an alarm that you can set to gradually increase in volume (great for waking up). However, where MMJB shined, Jet Audio comes up short. Playlists are not as easily managed, it lacks the simplicity and efficiency of MMJB.

The upgaded, for fee, player may address some of those things, but I wasn't impressed enough with the free player to throw any money at it.

For streaming music, Pandora has been a good find. It doesn't offer dirrect play ("On Demand"), but you can select an artist or song that you like and it will choose similar artists and usually gets around to playing the particular artist and song that you requested. You can select songs that you like and block songs that you don't like. It is easy to buy music with links from the song you like to itunes or Amazon. Pandora is great, like MusicMatch was, for finding new music, but it only fills part of the void left by MusicMatch.

If anybody has the resources to fill the void, I agree, there is money to be made. The owners of MusicMatch didn't betray anybody that had used MMJB. They created a great product, sold it, and I am sure, did quite well for themselves. Yahoo is the one that messed up a great thing and left this void for somebody else to fill.

Good luck!

PS. Has anybody tried (paid for) Rapsody?

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add me to the support group

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I haven't found anything to replace it either. I miss the super tagging.

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Add Me Too.

In reply to: add me to the support group

I used MMJB for years and had about 8K songs in my library.
Then it was bought by Yahoo, as discussed, which wasn't pretty.
Yesterday I clicked on Yahoo to make a MP3 CD and guess what?
It's been sold to Napster or someone like that.
$15 bucks a month.
I am NOT happy.
I have Roxio basic on my HP Vista machine, installed at the factory.
It seems okay but the "pro" version is 60 dollars to upgrade.
Anyone have any experience with Roxio Pro?
I don't really care how much it costs at this point.
I just want something that works well, like our beloved MMJB. Sad

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Anyone try Helium Music Manager?

In reply to: Add Me Too.

I have searched a long time for a replacement for MMJB, and everything seems to come up short.

I recently re-installed Windows XP, and re-installed a version I had backed up, but it wasn't the version I had before. I tried copying the software and settings from another PC, and now MMJB won't load any new music - it just hangs with the message "Job initializing...".

Late last year I tried out Helium Music Manager. It had a lot of great features, but the interface came up a little short. I didn't want to pay the $45 after the 30-day trial, but now I might have to, since I can't make MMJB work properly.

It astonishes me that there are no decent alternatives out there. I don't mind paying for something that works well and is easy to use, like MMJB.

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Not familiar with Helium...

In reply to: Anyone try Helium Music Manager?

I genuinely feel your pain.
I'm astonished as well. Someone could make a tidy sum of $$ by coming up with something for us music lovers.
Another music lover, perhaps?

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from MusicMatch to Helium Music Manager 2009

In reply to: Looking for good replacement for MusicMatch Jukebox 10

I too have been on an exhaustive search for a MusicMatch replacement. I still have and use the original PC that uses MM 10. Program still works great, however. I am in the process of building a new PC with Vista. I have been able to get MM 10 to work with Vista, however I want to make sure I have continued support and available updates, etc...

Anyway, Yesterday I stumbled onto Helium Music Manager 2009. I have tried JRiver, WinAMP, Itunes, Media Monkey, Jet Audio (i didnt actually install JA, just looked a screen shots) etc... all have come up short!! When I installed Helium, I was a little skeptical if it was going to fit the bill. After some customizing, this player is very comparable to MM 10.

I think Helium may be what we have all been looking for...

1) Playlist window is separate (called active Playlist). You will need to customize the double click to add a song to the "Enqueue + Last" so it does not play songs immediately after you double click it.

2)not sure about the audition yet...

3) robust tagging...a little more complicated than MM 10.

4) Everything is cusomizable...

5)batch converter
6) watches folders for you
7) Vertically thin player as well as the ability to minimize the player to the systray. you get a preview pop up on song changes...pretty sweet!

Cool I like the group by artist that MM10 had. I usually use my Music Match at parties I host. Let people find an artist they want to hear...expand it and then queue the tracks... Helium is pretty close to what I want.

All the concerns you have posted as well as some of my gripes have almost all been answered. Granted, I wish MM wouldnot have sold out to Yahoo, but so be it...we will survive.

I will say, that I am going to use the full 30 day trial of Helium, before i make a decision to purchase. This is the closest thing to MusicMatch I have seen so far.

One of the bonuses I have seen are in the user forums. I took a couple of hours and went through several threads. I noticed that the delelopers actually take the input of the endusers, and if the request makes sense. They likely put that feature to use!! WOW...Yahoo, should have looked at these guys as example!! HAHA.

Anyway, I am not totally sold yet, I just wanted to through my find out there. I am giving Helium a chance. Now, Helium is not quite as easy as MusicMatch to get the hang of, but after messing with it for about an hour with a sample music library... I started to get the logic, but I customized a few things to make the player work like MM.

sorry for the long post... check it out.

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Helium Looks Good, But Cannot Recognize Musicmatch Tags

In reply to: from MusicMatch to Helium Music Manager 2009

I've checked many of these other players and the best so far are Media Monkey, Songbird, and Helium. The only problem is that none of these will recognize the 1000's of tags I carefully added in Musicmatch. To switch now would be take me months to redo all the tags. Someone has to come up with a way to be able to import musicmatch tags...I think this is the key.

Somehow, all the Musicmatch lovers must get together and form an alliance or group and make this thing happen.

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Quick Clarification

In reply to: Helium Looks Good, But Cannot Recognize Musicmatch Tags

These programs will import the tags, but only the main tags, not the time consuming custom tags such as Tempo, Genre, Custom Fields, etc). These are the tags I need to transfer! Damn Yahoo!

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Looks to me like Helium recognizes most tags from MusicMatch

In reply to: Quick Clarification

I just took a look, and I see genre and tempo, as well as mood, in Helium, just as I set them on MusicMatch. Mood and tempo are on the "Classification & Comments" tab in Helium's Tag Editor.

I set a custom tag on one song, using MusicMatch, but I don't see that in Helium. If I figure out a way to transfer those, I'll post here.

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