Canon sd950 IS. This is from stevesdigicams:

"When shooting outdoors, the SD950 captures beautiful images with good exposure and rich colors, in both Large Fine and Large SuperFine modes. Images are also sharp, however, I did notice a bit of noise when shooting with an ISO of 200, but not enough to affect a printed photograph. Just keep in mind that as you increase the ISO you will also increase the noise in this photograph. Image quality was what I expected from a Canon model, excellent, with only slight barrel distortion and slight chromatic aberrations (purple fringing) on the edge of some light and dark areas. The SD950 captures beautiful images both indoor and out. Like so many consumer cameras nowadays, the SD950 features optical IS (Image Stabilization), which will help you capture sharper hand-held shots (and movies) in marginal lighting conditions where you would normally need to use the flash. As for our indoor results, the SD950's flash did well during our tests when shooting from about 5 feet away using the mid telephoto end of the zoom range. The flash has an effective range of 15 feet at wide angle, which should be sufficient for most of your indoor needs. Featuring a Canon 3.7x optical zoom (36mm-180mm 35mm equivalent), you will have more versatility that most models in this class, which only feature a 3x optical zoom, allowing you to pull your subject a little closer than other ultra-compacts."

If you want something more for higher ISO's you can go with the Fuji F31fd. It is last years model, but it does great in higher ISO's compared to all other P&S. The newer model crammed in too many MP, which increased the noise(gotta hate the MP war).

The Canon did well indoors also, which was probably assisted by the IS and a decent flash. Normal light to bright light, I would definitely choose the Canon, but I went with the Fuji F20fd for my carry around. It takes very good shots in all areas. Depends on how picky your are. I gave up a little in IQ to gain in flexibility in low light using higher ISO's.