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Looking for a Web Host

Nov 17, 2008 1:51AM PST

I'm currently looking for a web host. Can anyone suggest a company that is not very expensive and offers a shopping cart as well? Currently I will only be offering one product, but I need the option of being able to add a quantity and shipping button. I have homestead right now, but they have all these hidden fees if you want to add a shopping cart, etc. Thank you so much for your help.

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Still GoDaddy
Nov 17, 2008 2:00AM PST

If you only have one product then maybe Ebay is the right place?

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Web Hosting Reviews
Nov 17, 2008 1:56PM PST

Hey, I dont want to tell you exactly what web hosting provider is the best because there are a lot of good ones out there; I would reccommend that you check out some web hosting review sites like and do some research. I personally use HostMonster and have been pleased with them; I would just do some research.

Happy Good Luck

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Lots of hosts...
Nov 18, 2008 9:18AM PST

There is a lot of hosts out there that you can use. Most should offer some sort of simple ecommerce solution. Simplest one I use is Quick Shopping Cart ( ). Pretty quick to install, but it depends what you like.

You have to define how much control you want over the look and feel. With the simple ecommerce solutions like mentioned above you are more constrained to their templating system which may be something you don't want. I love the flexibility and is why I use something like osCommerce, but that is a lot more than you are looking to get.

For host reviews, check out

Good luck with your search and hope it works out for you.

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Fantastico installation of shopping cart
Nov 19, 2008 10:36AM PST

Find a host that has fantastico in cPanel. has a bunch of hosting options that have fantastico which makes for an easy few click installation of a shopping chart script like CubeCart, Zen Cart, or OS Commerce Cart. You can customize your cart with products, prices, etc very easily.