single programs around here as no "1" will catch everything. Indeed, in trying, some of them virtually lock out or interfere with any others you try to install from competitors.

See the 1ST sticky at top of this forums' page for a number of recommended programs available both free & pay. Many are OS sensitive i.e. may require 2000- XP or newer or only for 95-ME or not for Vista etc. Many all-in- one packages may be based on 1 thing the company is excellent at (say AV), and other parts of package(say firewall or E-mail scanning) may be less skillfully designed. >>Some may be unusually difficult to get rid of once they think they own you(LOL)<<!
Larger programs require a greater amount of system resources, is a consideration on older machines(less on todays GigaRAM & monster HDs).

You can also enter queries into the advanced search engine at top of each forum to see posters difficulties & cures with any specific one you are considering (say "Norton +problem +uninstall" etc)Being specific (say "in last 6 months) will help reduce # of results to scan thru.

Whatever you do, DON'T go Googling for "anti-spy programs" willy-nilly & clicking on sponsored programs as you'll probably be infected by a drive by download within seconds!! The following Link has a list of ROGUE security type programs & sites to avoid & should be added to your Favorites or Bookmarks list & consulted BEFORE visiting or downloading free or trial versions:
Enjoy! Happy