You have not looked for cameras in 5 years, you may be disappointed.
You can probably still find some second hand Sony W7 cameras.

Your Sony W7 had a viewfinder.
Very few cameras have viewfinders anymore.
Most cameras have reduced the size of the CCD sensor assembly.
They now have small sensor assemblies and crammed them with more pixels.
Try to avoid 14 megapixel sensors as they generate too much noise.

Sony had the S series as their entry level cameras.
Now the W numbered series is their entry level cameras.

The T series of Sony cameras are ultra thin and now we are seeing complains about short battery life.
Small thin camera = small thin battery

You might look at the Sony WX5 camera:

It would help if we knew more about your feeling about no optical viewfinders and if you are you looking for more optical zoom.
Most of the big zoom cameras do have an electronic viewfinder.