Skip the desktop completely. If you're not gaming on it, even more pointless, especially if you plan on traveling and relocating?

Since you're already dealing with a 14" business laptop, just get another 14" business laptop and connect it to a 4K monitor of choice.
Blu-ray, get an external drive.
Matte finish? Just buy a matte layer finish for your laptop screen and apply the screen filter yourself.

Skip the bulky gaming laptops or workstations, they're bulky and come with extra things movie lovers don't really need.

Laptop of recommended choice if you really want 4K and 17"
ASUS VivoBook Pro 17
4K, Geforce 1050

Another option is to just get a 14" laptop (ThinkPad Yoga X1 gen2-gen3 w/1440p-OLED/HDR, purchase warranty separately) and 24" 4K screen (Dell P2415Q).