I have an HP laptop (just bought it 3 days ago) and it had Vista pre-installed. I have enjoyed it so far with minimal problems, but I have 2 questions in response to these sites that you have posted:

1. Norton Anti-Virus is not on here~ yet, the guy that sold me the computer told me that Norton was the best for it?!

2. I haven't had any problems EXCEPT MySpace. I know people think MySpace is a joke, however, I am several hour away from my friends and family and even though I'm almost 30, I find it SO convenient in keeping me in touch!! On this computer I can't even cclick on someone's profile...it gives me the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH and restarts my comp immediately. NO ONE can tell me what could be causing this and I am getting VERY frustrated!!! Could it be bc Norton isn't compatible? Could it be Vista? Would it be my actual computer? Any ideas?