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London gets the Olympics.

London should have their own thread, not be stuck under Paris, especially after some crude comments by their leader the other day about the English spoken unknowingly (maybe) over an open microphone.

London to host 2012 Summer Olympics

London will host the 2012 Summer Games, members of the International Olympic Committee decided today. IOC president Jacques Rogge made the announcement after IOC members eliminated Paris, Madrid, New York and Moscow in four rounds of voting.

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Reporting: London gets the Olympics.
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(NT) (NT) Good for them... looking forward to it
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(NT) (NT) Paris didn't deserve it
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Why not?

How was their bid inferior to London's in your opinion?


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look at what england has done

and look at the un lawfull money france got from saddam.
you award good countries.

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What the he!! does Saddam have to do with the Olympics?

In any case, the olypics is a competition that stands for peace and for bringing people from different nations together. And I seriously doubt that England is good in this case since they are still a nation at war in Iraq! The only twop nations that are not in war are France and Spain and thus the only ones that actually deserve the OG's. On the other hand, few nations have ended up profitting from the Olympics so we might as well celebrate that a War nation like England at the moment, gotta pay for the party!

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what part of the theivery dont you understand?

chiracs henchmen were in saddams pockets.
unlawfully might i add.

would you reward him for that?

he screwed up his "french" honor( if there ever was any.) and you would turn around and say your country deserves the olimpics?

i wouldnt let the french sell wine at them

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war nations and olympics
On the other hand, few nations have ended up profitting from the Olympics so we might as well celebrate that a War nation like England at the moment, gotta pay for the party!

They pulled that one on the Nazis before too.

the olypics is a competition that stands for peace and for bringing people from different nations together.

Hmm, oddly enough war brings people from different nations together for a competition.
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typical euro-trash speaking....

if you bothered to check the facts, you'd see that 1.5B GBP will be raised via public lottery...


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Ummm...generally being divisive and arrogant

in relations with not only the US, but also Eastern Europe.

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That could be

what contributed to NYC not being selected.


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What bothers me.

Is that both England and France have large ethnic groups of Islamist, although France seems to have the larger amount of them. I'm wondering if the Olympics will be too tempting a target being so close?

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Barely I utter the words....

....and it seems the terrorist are ALREADY hitting London with bombs following their getting the Olympic games. First news indicates however it's related to a G8 meeting going on there.

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I also wondered about this, James

further down in this thread and believed it was actually a blessing in disguise for NYC.......I can't even begin to imagine what NYC would be like right now.

I hate this crap...........


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And so James

What event will you be training for?Wink

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I don't want James to train for it...

But I've long been an advocate of a Topless Pogo Stick competition. Popularity GUARANTEED.


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I'm Hip..

Especially now,that we are guaranteed NOT to see an East German Womens Entry

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James, I wish it were the winter olympics... Would like more "Eddie the eagle" stuff and for those to young to remember, he was a skier

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Hey, those artic line countries need something too you know. Anyway, they have a premium on all the ice and snow.

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if the vote kicked out New York so early because the judges were fearful of another terrorist attack on that city like what happened before at the other Olympics.....especially now. New York may have felt they were ready for the Olympics to be brought there, but I don't think the world is ready for anything that huge to be a target again, and England seems to be the safest bet of all the countries bidding for it. This decision could have actually been a blessing in disguise.


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Probably more because ...

... of the haggling over the West Side Stadium / funding / etc. What WOULD have been interesting is had they chosen NY w/o the WSS going through as the promoters had been pushing it as the only way to get the Olympics. I'm not sure NYC is really the best place for an event of this nature. In the end, they say the polls that many New Yorkers were less than thrilled at the prospect (vs. apparently much higher levels of popular support in the European cities under consideration) was an issue. Terrorism, though, HAD to be on any realistic radar screen as well.

Evie Happy

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NY vs London

I'm kinda glad we didn't get it this time. It would have been too politically sensitive I think. As for entering the competition as mentioned above, not for me unless they have a hot dog eating contest, Wink

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