There are many ways you can advertise your business without hiring a marketing company; some of them are listed below:

1. Free advertising with Google My Business: Create nice your Google My Business profile. It will give free advertising on google like means by which your business appear on google maps, google search. You can also collect reviews. Make sure your profile is optimized for local search.

2. Create and verify local listings: people today mostly rely on the internet while finding local business offers what they need. Thus it is necessary to get yourself listed on other local directories.

3. Referral promotion: offer some incentives to your current customer, and they will start to refer you to their friends and families.

4. Printable items: you can have your own business card and brochures and offer them to your customer.

5. Local newspaper: you can place an ad in the appropriate section in the newspaper. You can also add some educational information to the people.

6. conduct contests: you can create a fun contest on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and also offer some giveaways to the winners. This type of fun activities is appreciable and engaging to the users.

7. Send Personalised Email: Try to collect contact details of your regular customers and send them personalized emails about the latest arrival, offers, coupons.

8. Create videos: create videos of the product and services you offer and post it in your own youtube channel. You can even put a link of the video in your social media accounts as they are the key contributor to drive traffic to your business.

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