Mine is 3 months out of extended 5 year warranty and had some flickering horizontal lines, but mainly white verticle lines top to bottom 1/4" apart. Repair man said it is the board. He turned on the TV menu which extended out beyond the main picture, and there were no lines on the menu square out side the main picture. He then he knew it was not the comcast connection, but the TV. Also a DVD had the same lines. It might be caused by capacitors that were bad first, then affected the board, but he has not checked them yet. All in all, over $600 for the board on a $3000+ TV just over 5 years old. I called the capacitor class action lawsuit and at this time, the Oklahoma case did not cover this model--it is possible it might be extended later they said, so keep your receipts and document with Samsung, even though out of warranty.