A separate wireless LAN adapter for the TV would be required. If I had a choice between connecting only the HTIB or the TV, I'd select the HTIB because of its cool functionality - Netflix, Pandora, Blockbuster and YouTube (the last two only recently available with newly released firmware - see below).

Your TV can only update the time via the time signal carried alongside the video signal for the television - even then, you would have to enable that in the menu. In other words, the TV will not update its time solely by virtue of connecting the TV through the LAN.

On the other hand, your Blu-Ray player has the capability to update its time using NTP - Network Time Protocol - via the LAN. Enable this in the menu.

Note - You could theoretically connect both your HTIB and TV's LAN ports to a single switch. Connect that switch to a Wireless Bridge, which in turn connects to your Wireless Access Point. This would give you the capability to add other network-capable devices (PlayStation, Wii, etc.) in close proximity to your TV through the switch. Plus, a bridge and a switch (about $80 and $24, respectively), cost less than 2 of those proprietary Samsung Wireless adapters ($80) each. Less expensive, more flexible = easy decision. Note: setup requires a bit of network savvy. It's well worth having your guru take care of that.

FYI, the bridge I use is the Linksys by Cisco WET610N - works perfectly. Also using the Linksys EZXS55W 5-port switch.

As long as you have both TV and the HTIB connected to the LAN, the TV and the HTIB can get firmware updates. However, I strongly recommend updating firmware manually (via download and USB!) Latest firmware release (since withdrawn by Samsung) destroyed my HTIB - it's currently at Samsung being exchanged for a new or refurbished one. When a new firmware update appears on the Samsung downloads page for your product, I suggest searching forums like these to see if the firmware works correctly first, then apply the updates.

Good luck!