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LN-S4041D takes a long time to turn on

My Samsung is steadily taking longer and longer to turn on. When I try to turn on tv after it has been not used like overnight it takes it 5 minutes or longer to power up and keeps on clicking before it will turn on. Sometimes it wil not turn on. It's been frustrating to say the least. Once it is "warm" it will turn off and on ok. Once it turns on it works fine. Tv is 2.5 years old. Any suggestions would be appreciated here. Thanks Jack

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Reporting: LN-S4041D takes a long time to turn on
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LN-S4041D takes a long time to turn on


I wish I had a solution, but I don't. It may be that your power supply needs to be replaced, but outside of being able to actually look at it, I'm really unable to give a thorough diagnosis.


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Same problem!!

I have the exact same problem... I have a LN-S4052D... so far it takes 15-20 to turn on which it had never done before...

Nothing in the settings has been changed, updated, reset, etc...

I don't know what's going on....

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Samsung not turning on

Yeah It's really frustrating for sure. Not sure what I will do. I may and swap out the power source.. Good luck

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very frustrating

I haven't tried anything just yet because the problem began about 48 hours ago... I just hope it will fix itself somehow...

I have a lot of appliance on that same power source so I don't think it will change anything but I can always try...

Did your problem start all of a sudden or did it progressively get worse, starting with not turning off for a few seconds then minutes...? How long have you had this problem?? I wonder how long of a window of opportunity I have to fix this until I just have to trash the TV...

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Samsung 40" LCD

Yes It starting a few weeks ago and got progressivly worse. Now it will not turn on at all. The tv has been flawless up until now.
I tried using a different power cord and no luck. I have too much invested in it as I bought it 2.5 year ago for a pretty penny. I may have to take it to a local repair shop to see if they can fix it.
Good luck with yours

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power on problem

If you do some reading it seems a lot of samsung tvs are having power supply problems .

I am having the sdame problem on a lnt4061f and its getting many parts replaced this friday .

I am so glad I got the service plan on this tv money well spent .

You would think that with the number of problems with power supplys that samsung should issue a recall

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I have the same problem

I have the same problem,
my tv is just over 3 yrs and never had a problem
and recently it took longer to turn on with clicking sounds
and got worse till now it doesnt turn on at all
Samsung is crap and I will never buy their products again

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samsung problems

I am so angry, I am having problems with my Samsung television. I called and had a tech come out to repair my television. I was told the capacitor will be replaced at no charge, however once the tech completed his diagnoises I was informed that I needed a new main board which cost $267.00 and labor $159.00. I only had my television for four years, and they are telling me I need to replace it already? thats a bunch of bull. I will never purchase a nother samsung ANYTHING again. Samsung is not standing by their products. I have a feeling they knew televisions that were purchased in 2008 was going to have these problems and yet they are only willing to replace the capacitors. How do I know that the capacitor didn't cause the problem with my main board. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

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Another Samsung slow to turn on and the fix

Our Samsung model # LN-T405 HA would click up to 30 minutes or more before finally turning on. Called a repairman in Tallahassee, FL. He said it would take $185 to $300 and 8 days to fix it. Read posts at several forums and did the fix. Laid the TV face down, undid all the screws on the back, seperated the back and removed it. The power board had 7 screws, unpluged the cables running to it and removed it. The 2 big (physically big) capacitors were bulging at the top. Interesting to note they were marked only 10 volt and all the smaller ones were marked 25 volt! Turned the board over, heated the solder joints (small soldering iron) and removed them. They read 2200uF, 105 degrees centigrade,10 volt. Radio Shack's radial capacitors go no higher than 1000 uF. Could not find a replacement anywhere in Tallahassee. Googled several electrical component sores. Allied Electronics in Largo FL had lots of them in 25 volt! Their part # is 852-7038. It's a bit larger but fits fine. Their phone # is (800)433-5700. Had them overnight 2 to me. They sent 3, one for a backup. These things are cheap at about 80 cents a piece, the third one they included free. Put them in, an easy fix. Plugged in all power cables, put the back on, handed the remote to the wife (she's a big football fan and it was mid-season), she hit the power button, one click and the TV came on! I got a hug and didn't have to wash dishes that night. No problems since.

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Thanks, an easy fix as directed!

As directed, ordered the capacitors from Allied (online, enter 852-7038), placed TV face down on dining room table, took the back off, unplugged and unscrewed the board, repaced the two caps (only two with tops bulging), and reassembled. For the Mallory 2200uF 105C 25V caps, the longer lead is positive (+) in case you're not sure. Powering up dalay gone! Assume the low 10V rating of the old ones was the problem. THANKS!

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Size of capacitors

How do I know what needs to be changed?

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The size is fine. The rating is fine.

There are a lot of web pages about the BAD CAPS PLAGUE (you can google it) so let's get a site with pictures with common cap failures due to the plague. And again, this is not caused by the maker. I wish it was.

Read and see the pictures at on the right.

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Awesome, this place is great!

Hi, I just called Allied Electronics as you suggested, and spoke to Christy (Christie?) about the part. She noted that they are only about a buck a piece and said she can just sample them to me, meaning that in a couple of days I am going to get four of them for free! She was obviously extremely helpful and nice, so definitely hit these folks up if you need to repair your Samsung TV!

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Had our Samsung for 1 1/2 years

Thank you so very much for the info. I called first thing this morning and the gentleman was a little confused about my explanation, I gave him the parts number,which confused him more, he laughed and asked how many I needed and said he would send them as samples at no charge, and overnight them I should have them by tomorrow. 2 thumbs up! Again thank you...

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your instructions

Thank you so much, my brother in law and I followed your instrutions and in 30 minutes ( due to the AL,,TX game 2 differ tv's) we were done. So appreciate your help.

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follow-up- don't let Samsung of the hook

File a complaint with all three listed below, we the screwed over have to unite our complaints and bury Samsung for this until they act in a responsible way. We shouldn't have to call two, three, four times for them to do the right thing.

Every time someone shopping for a Samsung TV uses an internet search we want them to see a screen full of dissatisfied owners. Companies like Samsung only react when it hits them in the pocket and cost them more money for their arrogance than doing the right thing.
Be sure to go sites like amazon, consumer reports and file a negative review for the product.


Since Samsung US is Headquartered in NJ you can file a complaint regardless of your resident state.

- the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey:

- the New Jersey State Attorney Generals Office: the State Office of Consumer Protection at (973) 504-6200.

File your complaint under:
Samsung Electronics America, Samsung Electronics America, Inc
105 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-2113
Phone: (201) 229-4000

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No techs in the family

I have been reading about all of the people who have been able to fix their TVs and it sounds great, I even watched the Youtube video. Only I know there is no way for me to take apart the TV and sodder a part into it. So, my son and I have left the tv on. At night while we sleep we mute it. For all you people who know how to fix your TVs Bravo. If you know where we could find some who knows how to sodder and maybe pay them to help us, I can not afford a pro at this time. Please let me know. Thanks

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Non tech approach to samsung tv.

if you are not comfortable soldering are you comfortable unscrewing? has all kinds of replacement parts for TV's and you could go there find the BN44-00165A Power Supply Unit though it is currently out of stock go figure and replace entire board. I know what you are thinking AHHHHHHH my TV. Just take your time and take digital photos so you remember where everything goes. Have a couple of dixie 4oz cups for all the little screws. and don't forget to breathe! Good luck!

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thanks Merlin2179

If I am reading your post correctly I can replace that whole square thingy I saw in the youtube video? That would seem more likely for me. I will look up the cost for the part and then ask my oldest son's friend who is the "jack of all trades" to come over and help me. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


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This is insane. Do you not care about wasting energy at all? Where do you think energy comes from, the magic plug in the wall? The vast majority of electricity you use comes from nonrenewable and polluting sources, and you're okay with this amount of waste just to avoid learning how to use two simple tools? Pathetic.

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I hate people like this. Blast someone for wasting energy when I know I can find 100 things you do that waste more. Once cycle of your dryer takes more energy than that tv left on for a month. Unless you live in the woods, make a fire every night, hunt your own food, walk or bike everywhere, and use no electricity then you are using something that is not necessary and is wasteful.

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Thank you!

Thank you for helping us fix our TV. It had the same problem. That was so thoughtful.
Have a great dayHappy

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power supply

There are hundreds of people having problems with the four bad capacitors on Samsungs power supply for these models. They refuse to recognize this as a manufacturers defect, because it would cost them much $ for a recall. So they say...well its out of warranty so we did our part. Fact is...with the low cost of Samsung LCD TVs, you NEED to pay for the extra warranty and include this in the price of the tv. Samsungs are notorious for bad power supply problems. Internet search for yourself. Samsung bad power supply.

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No liability for Samsung?

That's a shame that Samsung won't own up to their product. Last time I'll purchase one their TV sets. Has anyone had the repair made on the power supply and how much was the damage?


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There is an easy fix for the problem

There is video on youtube on how to fix this. My Samsung LN-T4061F had two bad capacitors on the power supply board. It cost me less than $30 to fix. I ordered the solder, soldering iron, and 2200 uf 16v (the ones on the board were 10v) for under $30 including the $10 shipping cost. It's an easy fix and it's sad Samsung won't recognize the defective capacitors. It's easy to figure out which ones are bad. They have an X or + on the top. If it isn't flat it's bad. I replaced them and my tv turned on like I just bought it without the clicking for 10 minutes.

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Find an honest local repairman......

who won't take you for a ride. I ended up paying $175 here in Jersey. The technician replaced all caps and checked for any other problems. Non were found. Ubless you want to take a chance on runing an otherwise good TV I suggest paying for a professional to do the job.

BTW- A 3 year extended warranty cost between $300 to $400 depending on where you purchased your set.

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Hi. Would you be able to let me know where you ordered the capacitor from? If so, would you have a model # from the place you did? I would so greatly appreciate it. Also, is your tv still working great now?

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I get mine from
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Issues with Samsung

Had the same issue as everyone else. Slow to turn on and the time it took to power up got longer and longer until it finally didnt turn on anymore. Had the capacitors replaced but that did not fix the issue. Have Great sound but still no image. Its a dark screen. Had a tech come out and look at the set. He then called to ask someone else what they thought it might be. He said it seems like the display/screen assembly. That an $800 part not including labor to put it in. When asked if the board could be bad, he said No because theres good audio. Tv is just 2 years old and is now a $2000 paperweight.
Model # LNT4669/XAA Will NEVER buy Samsung product again. They dont stand behind their product. What ever happened to customer service and the customer is always right? Guess that went out the window. Well I will be sure to tell everyone I know what a crappy company Samsung is and to not buy their product.

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Samsumg TV Turn on issues

Listen, if your capacitors have already been replaced, then your issue is with your audio/video board or main board as it is also known as. Just because you have good audio, does not mean your board is good. That was bad information.Practicality would dictate, that if the same board produces video and audio and does not have video, then the board although not totally disfunctional, must have some type of issue. This is the board you would need to replace since you have no video. I would also replace the power supply, especially if you attempt to turn it on and you get nothing at all or powering up is very slow.

I come to you as a TV Tech having repaired, HP, Sony, Samsung, ViewSonic, LG, Vizio, Pioneer, Polaroid, and quite a few others. This is what I do (besides networking and printer/Copier, server and PC repair), I have seen enough of these issues to know the trouble parts just hearing your issue. One last component in the set would be the inverter cable or board that controls video, but this is only for the models that have them and if you still believe you have video but it is not viewable due to this part failing. In some instances, you can think of an LCD TV as a laptop monitor. I hope this bit of information has been helpful.

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