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Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router problems

I have a HP Compaq Presario R3000 laptop computer, running Windows XP.

Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router w/Speed Booster.
Model: WRT54GS

Linkseys USB plug in also.

Problem: This setup worked well for a long time, but now I'm having a problem that happens often. It will say the signal strength is Excellent, but the Speed will go all the way down to 1.0 Mbps. The most is 54. Right now it is at 54, but a few minutes ago it was only 18.

I checked with my service provider. They did a test and found that things were alright at their end. They suggested it must be the router.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem to come and go like this? I did have a phone on my desk near the computer, but I took it out and still have the same problem.

Also, I am only a few feet away from the router with no obstructions between.

The only way I get this to go back to the faster speed is to unplug my router for a few minutes and then plug it back in again.

And, one more thing, most of the time when I start up my computer in the morning, it will not go online at all. I usually have to reboot my computer to get it to go online. Kind of a pain.

Thanks. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Reporting: Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router problems
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We have 2 R3000 Athlons in the shop.

Both have 802.11B cards inside. But these are very old machines so we learned to disable the onboard cards and use 802.11g PC-Cards for these machines.

There is ONE OTHER THING and it's very simple. If the wifi is secured poorly (WEP, MAC filters or less) then simple kid friendly software can hijack and interfere with the connections. We cover this in the Cnet networking forum so I won't write more about that.

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Re: we have 2 R3000 Athlons in the shop.

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your reply.

My computer doesn't have a wifi card inside. I'm using a USB Linksys card. This 802.11g.

I don't know too much about this, but I checked my security and it says WEP(64bit). I don't know what that means, but I'm sure you do.
Is it good or bad? Happy


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WEP is bad.

There are kid friendly softwares to smack down, hijack and worse WEP or less protected connections. This forum has a top post.

Change to WPA and see if the situation improves.

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Re: WEP is bad

Well, I read the top post, and then I went in and changed to WPA-Personal. It took me a bit to do it correctly, but now I'm up and running again with WPA.

So, now I will try this for a while and see if it works better. Right now the speed is up to 54.

Thanks so much. I would be lost without you.

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What that does is

Remove a common cause that leads to complaints like this. Many want to test that it is that which is a good question but the answer is to change and see if that helps. Then we have folk that go beyond the changes we note in the top forum and end up with trouble.

Let's see how it fairs.

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Trouble again with my wi-fi

I changed it like you suggested and it seemed to work better. Now, I am being disconnected from the wi-fi every so often. Also, when I first start my computer I have a very hard time getting a connection.

It used to connect automatically when I started my computer. Now,it won't all the time. Sometimes it will if I restart the computer.

Right now I'm not on wi-fi, because it cut out on me before today when I was doing some office work and I lost my work, so I hard wired it back up to my service provider.

I click on the Linksys icon and sometimes the software to connect comes up and sometimes it won't. Other times it comes up and I try to connect, but it won't. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to what it is doing. It is strange though, my computer is the main one and I'm about 2 feet from the router and I can't get online. My husband's computer is in the other end of the house and he can be online while I can't. seems it has something to do with my computer.

Last night the spped went down to 1 again. Just don't get it.

The other bad thing that is happening is that my computer shuts off by itself every once in awhile. I'm thinking the fan might be dirty, but I do not know how to get inside this laptop, and clean it. Any advice on any of this?

HP Compaq Presario R3000
Linkeys wireless-G
Linkseys adaptor


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Tell me a little more.

The WRT54GS can be very picky on settings. For example some will follow the forum suggestions "almost." That is they'll do the WPA, but add MAC filters. The forum suggestions are hard earned knowledge.

Tell what you used.

But if the router's wifi has troubles (age, failures, interfering signals) then wired is best. What some don't know is wifi is never a sure thing. In short it's in the open air space and can be interfered with by many things. The industry can't be honest here. They want to sell it but if you were honest then more folk would stay wired.

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Here is more info...

Site Information:
SSID Bonnie
Wireless Mode: infrastructure
Channel: 11
Security: WPA-Personal
MAC Address: 00-22-6B-4B-8D-A2

Profile Information:

Transfer rate: Auto
Channel: Auto
Security: WPA-Personal
Authentication: TKIP

It sounds like wi-fi is tempermental. I like wired, but then my hubby can't get online with his computer too, and we can't take them outside on the porch etc.


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That channel.

Is what that router is set at the factory or defaults. Since most don't change that, it can be a be crowded. Try channel 3 or 6 to move away from other systems.


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I can change channels

maybe that will help. I notice when I do a site survey with my Linksys software it usually shows me on 11, two or three people on 6, and one on 1. So, I can change it to 3 and see how that works.


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Just so you know.

Newer routers have a new feature to "find the least crowded channel" when they boot. This helps keep the interference down.

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Good feature...

I'm glad they came up with that. Thanks for letting me know.

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