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Linksys router will not reset

I have a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband router (WRT54G ver.4). The router was working fine with a desktop computer, wireless computer and wireless Tivo. That is, until I tried to modify the wireless security settings using the Internet Explorer interface. Before I could finish with all of the changes the router stopped responding.

I have tried many different ways to reset the unit. This includes the Linksys tech suggestion of unplugging the unit, holding the reset button in for 40s, plugging it back in while still holding the reset button for an additional 40s. I have tried countless other "hard reset" techniques. Linksys web support "NetSet" download cannot find the router. The unit cannot be "pinged" from the cmd prompt.

The unit is still not reseting. How do I know? The wireless computer and the Tivo still see it as a security enabled/available network after refreshing the lists. I cannot connect because I didn't yet have the network key. The wired LAN connection comes up "Limited or no connectivity".

The router was working up until I was changing the settings. It just needs to be reset to the out-of-the-box settings. Is there another way to attempt to reset the router? Should I connect the cables differently? Open the case to reset something? Should I hit it a few times with a baseball bat (final option)? Suggestions please!

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Reporting: Linksys router will not reset
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Not thw router that should be hit..

like you said it works until You do something.. so its you that should be hit .. LOL...

Back to your problem..

try to setup like a new device.. (Unplug all the network cable..) install the software, plug in ONE pc to the router, then power on the router, then access the configuration page and check your IP address, dhcp etc.

Just another thought:
Did you really press the reset button (its possible that you missed the button, while thinking that you got it)

Unplug it for a few hours and try the reset button again..

Do you get the power to the router? (you might missed watching the light on/off)

Can you return it to the store and ask for replacement..?

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Already did that!

I already hit myself for this the router's turn!

I've had the router for a little over a year. I was just trying to set it up as a secure network. Too secure now I guess!

About setting it up as a new device. Wouldn't I need to uninstall it first in order to reinstall the software? I don't think it was ever installed in the usual way. I think the cd just allows you to configure the settings in the router.

I know I pressed the reset button. You can feel the button press in and I know it didn't pop back out during the reset process (many different attempts). Also, all the lights function as normal: port lights on/off when cable attached/removed, internet light very rapid flash, etc. It's just holding onto the old (secure) settings.

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warranty or de-brick

If Linksys support couldn't fix it, I would get them to replace it under warranty (three years on the current version of that model).

If your router truly is nothing more than a ''brick'' and Linksys won't give you a new one, you can try to de-brick it yourself:

The advanced de-bricking is not for the faint of heart; so if you reach that point, you might just want to bite the bullet and get a new one.

A good WRT54G de-bricking discussion:

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de-brick helped some

I tried the debrick approach. Now I get the power light flashing slowly. I'm not quite sure what to do next. Do I leave the static IP address as change back to auto? or

I can't seem to communicate with the router now and it is not showing up as an available network under wireless connections. I am trying to connect by cable. Do I use the cd or NetSet program next?

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you need a solid power light

Power light flashing slowly means that you need to unplug the router, wait 10 seconds, and plug it in again. The router should not work until you get the power light to be solid.

It shouldn't matter whether you use static or automatic IP address assignment on your computers. To make things easy, I suggest setting your computer's TCP/IP settings to automatic. Make sure the router's DHCP server is on/enabled.

CD or NetSet program? I don't use those--I just log into the router's administration page at Default password should be "admin" (without parentheses) with no username. From there I configure the router the way I wish. All of this is described in the router manual that you can download from


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I recently RMA'd a WRT54G....

with a flashing power light. Linksys sees this as a valid defect, why not make it their problem?

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please confirm

Are you trying to do all these steps through a wired or wireless network adapter? Should be wired.

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re:please confirm

yes, wired

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Can you access the web based configuration page?

There is a default setting button too..

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Took the router apart...

Still nothing. Either a) flashing power light and still can't reset or b) solid light and broadcasting old settings (to wireless devices) as a secure network that I cannot access.

Have not been able to access the internet explorer maintenance page. All is done using a wired connection.

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too bad...

...that you took it apart before you learned if Linksys would replace it under the 3-year warranty. That's what I do when I encounter a defective device.

Apologies if you have already tried the warranty route, but you never stated that you did.

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Master Reset

Hold in reset or hold a metal object over the reset pins on the circuit board just in case the switch is duff.
Now power on
Continue to hold or short the button until the lights flash and reset happens

If this fails it's been re written or needs replacing.


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