Attention SBC Yahoo! customers who use
Windows XP Operating System

Dear SBC Yahoo! Member:

If you are using the Windows XP Operating System on any of your computers connected to SBC Yahoo! Dial or SBC Yahoo! DSL, this courtesy message is for you. Users of other operating systems are not affected.

In August, Microsoft Corporation will be offering Windows XP users an update called "Service Pack 2". You may hear about the Service Pack 2 update in the news, on the Internet, or by seeing prompts on your computer screen telling you to load a "Critical Upgrade" to Windows.

Service Pack 2 provides a series of security enhancements for the Windows XP operating system. These new updates and features may cause SBC Yahoo! and other software on your computer to behave differently.

Based on our testing, SBC has determined that some users will experience changes after loading Service Pack 2 when using the customized SBC Yahoo! Browser, Parental Controls, SBC Yahoo! Web mail, and Instant Messenger. SBC and Yahoo! have prepared an update for these software components that you should load to ensure compatibility with Service Pack 2.

Please copy and paste the below URL into your browser to download the software update.

In addition, if you are using a firewall on your XP computer, you will need to go to the firewall manufacturer's website and load any software updates they provide for Service Pack 2. Although we do not provide support for firewall software, you can find information and web-links for the major firewall companies at:
Zone Alarm:
Norton Personal Firewall:
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus:
If you experience changes with other software on your computer, check the software manufacturer's website for information regarding Service Pack 2 software updates.

Please refer to the SBC Yahoo! Help Site, , for more details on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and SBC Yahoo! software updates that are available for your computer.

If you want to know more about the Windows XP Service Pack 2 update, please refer to the Microsoft site at or call 1.888.SP2.HELP (1.888.772.4357). If you need additional help with SBC Yahoo!, please refer to the SBC Yahoo! Help Site at

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