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LG VX8300 issue with microSD transfer?

I recently switched over to Verizon Wireless from Cingular and purchased an LG VX8300. I am in the middle of my 15-day trial run with it and, so far, I am very happy. Moreover, I was shocked to see the phone score an impressive 8 out of 10 here at CNET because, truth be told, I don't see very many products scoring that high.

Anyway, I purchased a microSD card for the phone yesterday (also from VZW) with the hope that I could not only transfer some photos over to the phone, but some MP3 songs as well (the one negative about the phone is that the standard ringtones that come with it are severely lacking). I was able to transfer the photos over fine, it gave me two options once I put the card in ? either to Erase or Move. So I moved the pics over and tried to do the same with the MP3, but it would not allow me to do so. The only option was to erase, not to move them over. Now, you should know that I did not go for the VCAST option for this phone (though it is indeed a VCAST phone) because I have no interest in paying extra for that service, but I don't see why that would have anything to do with me transferring a file over on a micro card. Assuming that is not the issue, what could it be? Am I doing something wrong? In checking the hidden menu on the phone, MP3 playing IS enabled, so that can't be it. It is driving me crazy!

Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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Reporting: LG VX8300 issue with microSD transfer?
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Convert to WMA?

Just to follow-up, a VZW rep told me I will need to convert the MP3 music to WMA in order for the transfer to work and the files to play. Does this make sense to anyone else? How come other people are seemingly able to pop in their microSD, transfer their MP3's and have them work. I enabled the function in the hidden menu. Thoughts?

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different phone, same issue

I just posted a similar question regarding my new Samsung SCH-A930 (a similar, competing Verizon V-cast phone). My understanding is that Verizon has some exclusivity deal with Microsoft and its drm, so the Verizon music phones only support WMA (as it states in the cnet reviews of both of these phones). The ''normal'' way of transfering music (aside from buying it via v-cast) is to buy a $30 kit from verizon, download Windows Media Player 10 and synch it using a USB cable. I don't know if you can just dump WMAs on a flash card and have them play on the phone. I will hopefully get a micro SD card tomorrow, so we'll both find out one way or the other. It's a pain to have to re-rip CDs into WMA (or even worse, convert MP3s and lose more sound quality), but it won't be so bad if I can drag and drop them.

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I have found that converting an MP3 to WMA and simply dropping it into the appropriate folder on my microSD seems to work for me. I cannot make it a ringtone, but can play the music without any problems. To create my own ringtones, I have been taking chunks of some MP3 songs and editing it with Audacity (keeping the file less than 250kb), then sending it to my phone for what I presume is a 25 cent charge. Why oh why do they make life difficult for us, I'll never know. But where there is a will, there is a.. well, you know the rest.


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I got mine working too, after some serious headaches

On my phone (the SCH-930), through trial and error (and some help from an online report I found from someone here), I finally got WMA's playing as well, but you have to go through quite a process to do so. Anyone who wants details can post here and I'll explain further. On your LG, as long as MP3 is enabled on the hidden menu, shouldn't you be able to just use those? Actually, I'm very impressed with the sound quality of the WMAs I put on this phone, since I only ripped them at 64kbps (from CDs not converting from MP3)- might just be that the "Jabra" headphones are good. As for ringtones, I haven't tried that yet. My friend says that he can bluetooth me some tones, but we haven't gotten a chance to try it.

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V cast to MP3? on a SCH A930?

Can you help? Please respond with some details.

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no need for cd from verizon

So you mean theres no need to buy that pricey cd and stuff from verizon?? i got everything else working except the music.

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Firmware upgrade or downgrade? LG 8300

There are some advantages of having the Music Essentials Kit, such as the headphones with a 2.5mm jack,...okay, there is one reason to buy the kit. I'm not sure if this would work for the version 3 firmware update of the LG 8300, but what I was doing before was just putting the memory card in my computer (with the adapter to miniSD), and dropping my mp3 files in the music folder that was put on the card when you formatted the card on your phone. Make sure you format the card on your phone before the computer. Then you'll be able to listen to your music when the mp3 files are enabled through the secret programming menu. The thing I'm not sure of is whether or not you would be able to search through your music files by categories.
The only better thing I found with the upgraded firmware was that my bluetooth headset would stay fully connected. Before when it was still on, the microphone part of the bluetooth wouldn't work, so I would call someone and I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. Other than that, I don't know that I should have upgraded it. Heck, I use my ipod anyway because it's 10 times better than this thing.

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I need help

i finally got my songs on to my phone, but now i can't hear the songs. what should i do?

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WMA without the 30 kit from Verizon

I just purchased the LG VX8300 last week. I was able to add the 1 GB MicroSD card to the phone which I bought from somewhere other then Verizon. I was able to drag WMA files from my PC to a USB reader that I have on my pc, then put the card back in the phone. It plays the songs just fine. MP3 files do not work though.

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u explained how to do it already but i am styll a little bit confused...can u explain this to me?

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Upgrade firmware/Flashing your phone

I noticed that when I upgraded the firmware on the LG 8300 that the MP3 trick to allow non-v-cast music to play on your mp3 player doesn't work with the new Software version 3 (SW....3 seen in your settings). If you know of another way to bypass it, let me know.

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free wma converter
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no need to convert from mp3 to wma

It it unnecessary to convert music files from mp3 to wma.
Just enable mp3 playback,{I found out how to do this in a search on
this site for mp3 playback on cell phones}
Format your micro sd card while it is in your phone. This is crucial
because it creates all the necessary folders for you to place your files in so the phone will recognize them.

All you have to do now is put your micro sd card in your pc (you might have to use an adapter to get it to fit in a slot in the card reader. The adapters are sold with most micro sd cards.
Make sure you are draging and dropping the appropreate file types into the folders.

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still does not work

I have the same issue of not being able to play my mp3 files on my vx8300. I went into the hidden menu (press ok then seven 0's) I enabled mp3 but when I went to play the music the only option that I had was to erase. Also I had formated my micro sd card in my cell phone,at this point I'm going to try converting my mp3 files to wma.

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Format your microSD card using the phone's built-in utility

Make sure you format the microSD card using the phone's built-in utility. And by the way, the phone really only supports 1GB max, which I found out ''the hard way.'' I had put a quite a few mp3 files on the VZW-unformated card (i.e., the card was formatted by SanDisk), and things seemed okay, except the phone reported a negative number for memory used. The mp3s played okay, so I decided to put some more songs on: a lot more--like more than a gig. When I tried to play the songs, the phone rejected each file, saying the file format was not supported. So what to do? I decided to format the card using the phone's card formatting utility (see Settings & Tools/Memory/Card Memory). (The utility asks for your lock code, which is by default, the last for digits of your phone number.) I checked the available memory on the newly-formatted card, and it was 1GB (bummer!); then I loaded up my music, and it played just fine. Hope this helps.

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Hey Mike re:LG VX8300

Today I finally found out that to extend your battery's life you can change some settings from the 'secret menu'. You can set your phone to '1X only' mode which disables the Vcast, etc. and thus extend your battery life enormously.
With all setting enabled I was getting about 24 hours of standby plus some light usage of about total 20-30 minutes. With 1X mode, I get 1 week (on 24 hours a day) plus about 6-10 calls a day.

Tech support never told me how to do this, someone from customer service desk told me the way to do it. Which is similar to what you had mentioned. Pressing OK key, and seven 0's and then selecting #3. Network select and then #1. Mode Preference.

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Disabling features to prolong battery use

A great tip: keep 'em coming.

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2GB MicroSD cards can work if....

Here's how to use a 2GB card in a VC-8300:
you have to format it ON A PC and copy or make the following directories on the card after you format it:


When you format the card from the phone, you get two partition of 1 gig each.

Note that Windows XP cannot re-partition a removable drive so you will need to get a free program call CompuApps SwissKnife V3 to re-format the card (just google it and you'll find it).

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(NT) Step by Step

Is there a link on how to format the 2GB on the pc so I can get it to work with the LG VX8300, or could you tell me step by step.

Are you supposed to use the program you said to format it, I don't know if its supposed to be in FAT32 or NTFS or another...

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Okay then: Step by Step

Walter gave a pretty good run-down, but here goes:

Step 1. Google until you find a downloadable the CompuApps SwissKnife V3 application.

Step 2: Download it.

Step 3. Install it.

Step 4. Install your microSD card in an SD adapter (supplied with SanDisk microSD cards).

Step 5. Install the SD adapter in the internal or external SD Memory Card slot of your Windows XP-based computer.

Step 6. Launch CompuApps SwissKnife V3 (CSV3).

Step 7. Use CSV3 to format the 2GB card.

Step 8. Create the following new directories (folders) on the card:


Step 9. There is no Step 9: you're done! Copy your mp3s into the my_mp3 folder, your pictures into the my_pix folder, etc., and install the microSD in your phone. (Read the other posts, if necessary, to learn how to enable your phone for mp3.

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I will purchase the 2GB card now Happy

If I can't get more than 1gig on it now, I will still have the card so when they update VX8300, or I get a new phone, I can just reformat and use the whole 2gigs.

Thank you

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My response to this...

About that. I downloaded and installed Swissknife, and I go to click on the thing twice I get the "CompuApps SwissKnife V3 has encountered an error and needs to close" message. and I'd STILL like to get my pictures I took off my micro SD card...I have a 2GB micro SD card and adapter, and I still don't know how to send my pictures to my computer.

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Of course...

The issue is that the LG VX8300's file system doesn't even support 2GB microSD. As I said in my original post, the (SanDisk) 2GB card was formatted right out of the box, but the LG VX8300 did not like it. The phone reported bogus Memory Used numbers, and when I put more than one gig of files on the card and stuck it in the phone, the phone errored on the file types (reported them as "unsupported"). Therefore, I formatted the card in the phone, and (as you said) got the two 1GB partitions, of which, only one is used by the phone. I think LG needs to udate their O/S to work with the 2GB microSD cards. Me reformatting the card to 2GB would just confuse the O/S again.

But thanks for the tip, because I was thinking I'd like to restore the 2GB format and use the card in some other application.

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I used my Mac OSX Disk Utility to erase and repartition/reformat the card back to ~2GB and put my .mp3s back on. As before, the LG VX8300 reports a negative number for Memory Used. But since I'm not trying to use more than 1GB, nothing's going haywire. I suspect it will crap out when I try to store more than 1GB, though.

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2GB MicroSD cards....

So if I'm understanding you correctly, you can use a 2GB card but only 1GB will be recognized. What's the sense in buying a 2GB card?

Maybe I might be better off just buying the Chocolate that recognizes the 2GB card natively.


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Buy Chocolate? Been there; done that.

It depends. I bought a "Chocolate," then returned it because there didn't appear to be a hack to make it play mp3s (despite the advertising claim). From what I saw, all music management was via Music Essentials, which was PC-based (I use a Mac) and used the wma compression format vice mp3. I did not like that setup.

And I liked the LG-8300 ergonomics--the Chocolate was cute, but quirky.

I currently have my microSD formatted at 2GB. Except for the Memory Used value being a negative number, nothing "bad" has happened since I reformatted the card. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the OS gets confused when I write more than 1GB of data to the card. I will post a note if/when that happens.

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2 G of memory on the new enV - but how to play those files??

I reformatted the 2G card with the system utility as you noted in your post, then put the micro card in my PC reader. then I copied over some wma and mp3 files as a sample. The card memory is lower by the songs I put on there and the songs show up in the Card Memory section under My Music. I just can't get the dame things to play or be recognized by the player on the phone. I know that I am missing something really stupid on this because I had three songs playing when I had the songs stored on the phone memory....



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I found out that when I originally added songs to the phone it was putting them on the actual phone and not the card. what this did was max out the memory on the phone. then I changed the setting to add to the card, but it would not work because the phone had no memory to process the information. I deleted the songs from the phone which freed up the phone memory and kazaam, it processed the songs on the card.....

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msicroSD transfer

In order to transfer mp3 to the VX8300, they have to be wma files instead of mp3. You can do this easily in the windows media player. It is easier done with the original CD to then rip to wma files.

I'm still working on the ringtones. I agree with you on not paying for them again. I paid for them with the last phone.

I read that you have to have the data cable to do this.

The verizon guy told me that the phone uses True Tones for ringtones. I don't know if mine will work since they are midi files. We'll find out!

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Nope: mp3 files work just fine

Once you enable the LG VX8300's mp3 functionality (see the numerous other posts on how to do this), a folder named "my_mp3" gets created on your microSD. You just copy your mp3 files (not wma files) into that folder, and you are, as they say, "good to go."

And no, you don't need a cable. You just put your microSD in its adapter, connect it to your computer, and use normal file operations to copy your mp3s onto the card.

There's even a post that tells you how to make the front "play" buttons launch your the mp3 player instead of the Vcast music player.

Check out the reast of the thread--and other LG VX8300 threads: there are plenty of us who are happily playing mp3s on our LG VX8300s).

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