LG TV - YouTube App No Longer Supported After June ?

Hi, I have a 2011 LG LW5700 Smart TV. This week when I opened the YouTube app I was greeted with a message saying that it would no longer be supported after June. Now I know that back in 2015 Google announced that they were ending YouTube support for some older devices. However, that was back in 2015, and my device continued to work perfectly with YouTube. So why now, in mid 2017, is support for the app ending ? It was my belief that Google already made the change to the new YouTube API ages ago. My TV was also not listed as one of the devices that would no longer be supported: link

Is anyone else with an older model Smart TV having this issue ?

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Reporting: LG TV - YouTube App No Longer Supported After June ?
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Yes. Other makes are dropping this and apps too.

It was going to be a problem so the only good news is that streaming boxes like Amazon Fire, Roku and sticks by same are now cheap.

This will have those that wanted it to work forever yelping but for not much, you can upgrade to a far better Smart TV with a stick or box.

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But why now ?

If this was announced back in 2015, hasn't Google already made the change ? If not, when do they plan to make the change ? At the end of June ?

I ask this because I have seen other forums with people saying their YouTube app no longer works over a year ago. Then why has mine been working all this time until now.

While casting sticks are a good alternative, they're still not perfect. I liked to be able to control the app using my TV's remote control for when my smartphone wasn't nearby. It also only took one click to open the app and close the app - no having to change HDMI inputs. It's really unfortunate since the YouTube app on my TV worked really well.


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I don't use my smart phone for my Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Since I don't have cable (since about 2010) I find it easy to control.

Maybe you can shop for a new TV but the boxes and sticks are the cheap fix.

As to why, it's pretty simple. The TVs never standardized on a platform so as more and more models came out, you could foretell the future that at some point apps were going to break as the host changed and no one would have the TV and pay the engineer to fix this issue.

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Sorry...seems I was only thinking about Chromecast...

I get what you're saying and that apps will break if something major that is required for them to work changes. However, with that said, what I was saying is that I don't get why my app is still working perfectly fine if the supposed change that was meant to break the older versions has already happened ?

I can't find anything online saying that the change still has to happen. Everything that I've read points to the fact that the "change" already happened quite a while ago.

So if my app is working fine after the "change", then why remove it ? Or am I wrong here and the change that was talked about back in 2015 still hasn't happened but will soon (after June hence why LG is removing the app then) ?

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Actually not major at all.

As the set is over 5 years old, there's no recurring revenue to pay an engineer to fix even a minor issue. Think about it. If your PC had a new model every few months that Microsoft would have to issue a special issue OS for each new model PC how long till Microsoft would not have that PC in the collection due to just way too many to "that one died"?

At some point I hope the Smart TV makers standardize on an platform (Samsung has tried with Tizen and other OSes) but so far the TV market is so price sensitive that cheap wins over standards.

So that's my why it was going to happen, but as to why LG removed the app you have to ask them.

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Why remove it LG, Why ?

So this isn't related to the YouTube change that said it would stop working on older devices since I assume that change already happened and it didn't affect my TV : link

I'm pretty certain that the YouTube app on my TV hasn't been updated since the day I bought it 5 years ago. There has been no issues/bugs with the app itself. So why on Earth remove it when it's working fine and will continue to work fine...The only reason to remove the app is if was going to break altogether due to some change.

I completely understand that LG is not going to fix any issues that come up with the app a few years after the TV's been launched (because of costs and the fact that they just want us to buy a newer model). But why remove it ???

Referring to your PC analogy, it's like having an old PC running XP perfectly well, then Microsoft says update support is ending for it - so the PC manufacturer blocks the OS on your PC so you can't use it anymore. Of course this does not happen - Microsoft/PC manufacturer simply says sorry you're on your own now - if any issues come up it's your problem, not ours. This should be the same with Smart TV's !

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Late reply.

More likely not removed but broke when Google changed Youtube.

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Yes, you're right.

Surprisingly LG didn't remove the app, it just doesn't work anymore. So I'm satisfied that the app really is broken but obviously still disappointed.

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Google not LG

LG didn't actually remove the app or change anything really. Google where trying to phase out their support for Flash Media player in favor of HTML 5. Unfortunately some older devices like these TV's have the old version and either haven't been updated or can't handle the HTML 5 decoding. In July Google completely closed down the servers handling Flash encoding and thus devices like this no longer have YouTube support. Most manufacturers like LG would rather get rid of the app from the home page to clear space and prevent getting so many questions about why the app doesn't work, and google make no money updating the older versions of the app so why would they bother.

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Download Web Video Cast from Google Playstore on your mobile connected to the same DLNA network as your old LG Smart TV and stream all youtube videos via DLNA to the video quality of your choice. It's the ultimate solution! Cheers!!

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Will Web Video Cast from Google work with AirMacbook??

if not then will the problem of Youtube tv app not working with my 2014 Lg Tv be sovled with an apple tv box??

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Likely Illegal

Im contacting Attorneys. I don't think you can use a product's services to sell your product, then take it away after it was purchased. I have 2 product's that I purchased that fit this category and I'm really mad. I will get to the bottom of it.

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I don't believe it is legal. Sony got sued when they removed the "Other OS" feature from the PS3, since it was an advertised feature.

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How do you feel about Apple's announcement about Flash?
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LG didn't remove the app

it just doesn't work anymore. The real culprit is Google but that's an impossible fight to win. The only resolution to this issue (besides purchasing another streaming device or TV) is if LG updates the app to use HTML instead of Flash. Considering that most users are happy to buy a new TV every 2 years or so there just isn't enough backlash to make them do that.

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I found my fix.

I moved to an Amazon Fire TV box. Much nicer experience.

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I feel your pain

R-P-H I am in the same boat and I only have one Apple TV which is otherwise occupied on an older set. So either I purchase a new Apple TV which seems likely at $200 or I upgrade this otherwise perfectly working 2012 LG. Blame LG and blame Google they received your money and basically are giving you the finger. It's called planned obsolescence Apple is famous for this. Coincidently a far inferior Samsung model I purchased in 2015 is running YouTube just fine. I really think LG makes great hardware but their webos platform sucks. I spent 2 hours getting smartshare to stream my movies from my computer.

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Might I suggest...

getting a Chromecast instead. It's way cheaper and works well although I hate the fact that it constantly downloads new HD backdrops every 10 seconds.

Assuming our 2011/2012 TVs can handle HTML content, I wish that a 3rd party would create a new HTML based YouTube app for older LG TVs and put it on the TV app store. Sadly, LG will never update the current app to use HTML instead of Flash because it would cost them money that they can't recuperate.

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What did you find out?

Did you ever contact your attorney regarding this issue

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You tube videos in 2012 LG smart TV

I managed to view you tube videos in my 2012 LG smart tv. Go to you tube on your tv, double click a you tube video, wait for 10 seconds, single click refresh arrows right to to the menu address bar and the selected video will start playing.

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this is why

I would never purchase any smart appliances. in a few years the app would no longer be supported and the hundreds of extra dollars you spent for it would be for naught.

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removing the apps completely is unfortunate and shouldn't happen that often. Of course after just a few years you can expect that the app will never again be updated. However, that doesn't mean it should be removed from the device completely - especially if it works well.

I don't really know anything about it, but my understanding was that Google changed something with the way YouTube works which makes older versions not work anymore - hence it has to be removed (and of course LG wouldn't bother to update it - they already got our money 5 years ago). But really, this shouldn't happen that often.

I still thought that this change already happened though - so I don't get why my app is still working and needs to be removed after June...

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YouTube Flash app for TVs no longer available

Seems the real reason for discontinuing the app is that Google is no longer supporting flash based apps: link. I still don't quite see why they can't just leave the app as is. According to the article the reason for discontinuing it is just because they can't add new features to it - so can't they just leave it as is....I don't care about having the "new features" on my TV.

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Now that I can comment about.

The other reason for no more Flash is the encoder is from Adobe so to encode videos for Flash means Google would have to pay for that. Since this costs money and the old TVs have no recurring revenue this will eventually have to be cut off.

It's a business plain and simple.

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I take it a flash-based app cannot play HTML ?

Indeed, although it wasn't made clear in the article that all videos will be in HTML5 after June. If videos can still be watched using flash for another year, then we should be able to keep the app until it won't work anymore...

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That's complicated to answer.

1. Adobe has pulled the Flash dev kit on Smart TVs years ago so a software engineer can't build a new app or firmware today without well, some resource that is hard to find and unsupported.

2. The Money. Said software engineer, other team members, the web masters and more cost money. 5+ year old TVs are sold, gone and not generating that income. That's a big driver in why these things don't get fixed.

3. The Money again. Encoding for Flash is not free.

4. HTML 5 video playing. That again goes back to the money to get engineers to see if they can implement a HTML 5 video player. The TV might not have the chops to do that. And then, money.

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YouTube smart tv

I was sold my TV based on the fact that I could watch youtube. I can't find anywhere that says they would get rid of this

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Similar to your early PCs.

Post was last edited on June 30, 2017 10:53 AM PDT

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Connect a cheap laptop via HDMI to your HDTV

Problem solved.

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That's hardly an ideal solution...

A Chromecast is the cheapest and next best option compared to the built-in app for watching YouTube.

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