LG Smart TVs for online video watching?

I'm going to buy an LG Smart TV, and I will mainly use it for watching online (flash) videos, using the Web Browser (not apps (YouTube and Netflix and so))
Some people say the web browser can only play short videos (15 minutes or so), as longer videos take up memory and will cause it to crash.
I tried to search about this but I got really confused.

So for any Smart TV owners can you tell me if its possible to watch long (~40 minutes) online videos using the web browser or not?

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Reporting: LG Smart TVs for online video watching?
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Not a good idea.

The web browser is appliance grade. Not even close to what your PC has. does not work and more.

So folk have answered you and I agree. Bad idea.

-> Now if you find a Netflix App on the TV, that works well enough but if you read more you find it's not as good or the same (may have missing features) as your PC.

I'm going with not. Any person that expects a PC like experience will be very cross and upset.

Did you try the Google ChromeCast on your TV yet?

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Okay first of all I realize a computer is stronger and easier, and I also know that some websites might not work with the web browser in the TV.

To solve this, I asked a guy who owns a smart TV in some forums to test 2 websites that I care about and see if they work, the websites did work and the videos loaded, so I know 2 websites will "work". But what scared me is some people saying a long video will not work, or will crash eventually, so I wanted to ask people who tried watching long videos before using the browser. And I really hope to get the answer.

Are your words coming from owning a Smart TV? If so, can you tell me the model of your TV and about your experience?

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Sorry but I did answer.

I hope you find another answer but here I see many crash for all the reasons you see. Good hunting,

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My take

I own an LG 42LA6200 Smart 3D TV with LG's Smart TV platform (not their version with the Google TV built-in). This is a 2013 model so I think my positive experience may not be representative of users with older 2012 models.

There are several web video streaming apps that work very well. The YouTube app, in particular works nearly seamlessly and without hitches. Watching videos using the built-in browser (Chrome I believe) is also painless. I have watched plenty of full length HD movies in full screen mode without issue other than the occasional buffering which I attribute to a bandwidth issue on my end.

Having said that, the browser sometimes hangs or freezes when complex stuff in a webpage does not agree with the browser. For those rare instances, I just shut off and then restart the TV.

If you indicate which sites are important to you, maybe I can test them out and report back.

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Same tv (LG 42la620) different story

Youtube works good, the but the built-in browser is far from working good. I didn't had not even one good experience watching movies (even on youtube) with the browser. Beside this, even that doesn't have too much need of memory as a movie is not working properly. It always said "out of memory bla bla's a cheap product that doesn't comply with the specifications. I don't recommend anymore LG Smart TV's

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I hope LG will stop spying too. Link follows.
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Hey OLouisO LG Smart TV

I have had my LG 42LN5700 for over a year and in the past year I have spent at least a month of man hours trying to get information, solution for problems (such as memory for watching videos on line), blue-tooth headphones that would work, system shut downs while watching regular TV programs and on and on. DO NOT spend time on the LG site trying to find an answer even worth reading; you will waste a lot of time. Your best resources are CNET etc. at least you will get input directly relate-able to your inquiry. Subsequently be aware that LG does have a terrific marketing presentation on all products, do not believe all of the eye candy and verbalized wishes they present. Additionally be advised that a lot of the distributors you may buy from will not know the LARGE little things that you will encounter. As far as memory add on, not happening. The LG premium, smart world and game apps do fairly well, but if you want to stream popcornflix or watch32, the system will lock up. There are a lot of available sites on the internet that are great to access and use, just not on LG smart TVs. I apologize if this is not encouraging or offers a reasonable solution, but I had rather speak actual experience rather than other hopes and needs. Take time to research smart TVs with memory and capacity to add more, also research about product interface with other items you might use like blue-tooth, browsers, search engines, add on players (DVD, blue ray, cd, mp3, m4a mpeg etc). The right research will be very rewarding and a lot less frustrating. Take care and enjoy....

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LG Smart TV Not Playing Movies

I just bought an LG LED 42" Smart TV / 42LB580T. I tried to watch a movie on different web pages (with the web browser) and every movie I tried, stops at minute 15 or so. Last Sunday I had to click forward, then backwards for the movie to load the next 10 minutes, and continue this process until it ended.

I found this really annoying and I feel I have been robbed. I spent a lot of money on a product I was told I could watch a movie online with, and that is not really possible! Unfortunately, in my country, we don't get the money back on the product we return, so I guess I'll have to keep it. At least it has a big screen!

I'm completely disappointed on this "smart" TVs. It's crap!

My suggestion: Don't buy a Smart TV! And don't buy LG!

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For now,

Smart TVs are an idea in development. We're not there yet in the area you noted. However the Netflix and such seems to work but not as advanced as a PC.

Since Netflix and such is "watch a movie online" it did do that if your country has that system.

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It is workable...

I also have an LG Smart TV, and initially experienced all these problems to much frustration. I don't know off the top of my head which TV I have but it runs on webOS, and is at least 6 months old.
I know this comment is old but I thought I would share my experience for those in the same boat, I do stream (even movies up to three hours, and consecutive tv show episodes) on my TV and rarely, maybe once a month does it crash. My process may not work for everyone, but should only take you a few minutes to try.

I don't know much about tv's and computers but logically I knew the aim would be to reduce the memory usage. I realized that the TV running in the background absorbs lots of memory in order to facilitate the ability to fast forward / rewind, even when you aren't using the app. If you click the home button and close (ALL) the previously running apps in the bottom left corner this should help (hover over the screenshot of the app and press the x - or look up how to do this on your tv) this should take you less than a minute. In terms of recording tv, if you plug in and record to a hard drive instead of the TV memory this may also help (If your tv allows it), I would also delete recordings that are already in the time machine. Each of these things made a significant improvement in my ability to watch videos online.

It may seem like a hassle, but it is possible to make it work. I ended up plugging an old set top box we had because it could record two channels and watch a third, as a result the tv app is never really running, and I can just turn on my tv, and then go to the browser and stream things without any fuss (although if I've been running youtube or something I close it because it seems to increase the chance of a crash if it's been running in the background)

Hope this helps

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(NT) No
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(NT) How to watch on line on my lg smart tv
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I'd start a new post.

The above covers a lot of what folk know. So let's start a new thread.

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