LG "Smart" TV Says Wifi's Turned Off

Bought a LG 60 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 60UH8500 3D UHD TV a year and a half ago, and it's worked just fine 'til just a few weeks ago, when it started to lose the wifi connection, and when I'd go to turn it on again, there'd be a message saying that the wifi is turned off, and to turn it on. Occasionally it would come back on its own, and once in a while I'd see the screen where it's searching for available networks... and searching... and searching... This all seemed to happen after a recent update to the TV (though I'm not sure that'd be the reason). I've tried resetting my country and setting it back again, turning off "Quick Start," unplugging everything and plugging it all back in, and even had Spectrum come and give me a shiny new modem. Still nothing works. All other devices in my home find the network just fine. Any suggestions would be awesome. LG's support was really no help, as their suggestions were all things I'd already tried.

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Reporting: LG "Smart" TV Says Wifi's Turned Off
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Final Solution is a ROKU

I went through all the suggested fixes my LG would allow.
1. Changed time and date to manual mode - this worked for maybe a day, then I got the “WiFi is turned off” message.
2. The “Turn off Quick Start” answer. That also worked for about a day, and then back to “WiFi is turned off” message. I could get it back after several plug/unplug cycles, but then it would be gone again the next day.
3. Change DNS to 8888 - my LG menu doesn’t have the option to edit Ethernet connection, apparently because I’m not connected with an Ethernet cable, since the router is in a room 50 feet away.
So, I finally took the ROKU route, and $40 solved the problem. I agree with the answer that said ROKU is smarter than any Smart TV. I’ve got great picture and sound.

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Lg repair

So I had the same issue as above. Switched country, turned off quick start, rebooted and even moved my router directly under my TV. Nothing to avail. Even paid 100 to lg repair to come and inspect. He could not connect via wifi wireless due to "Faulty glitch in LGs Automatic updates", and would therefore need to be reset which was and still no avail and then they proceeded to sell me a new mother board since the update automatically happens. 500 later and new motherboard and guess what???!! Worked for 2 weeks and did the same thing! I think we're may all either have to use or ethernet or get some of us to look into class act rams. Just saying. I will never buy another lg again after this

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No wifi

I have tried everything, is the tv or something with LG. My router is 1’ away from the tv, disconnect everything and connected back, connect the Ethernet and it works, connect my fier stick and it works, all other accessories works find all over my house. By elimination there us nothing else have to be the tv.
Another thing is that I have antenna not cable, and it start giving problems with the reception of the channel that a year ago was awesome and now I think that is TV. I am going to try the antenna in another tv.

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Which is why

We use a Fire Stick over the smart TV since it's an upgrade over all the smart TVs I've seen.

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Wifi problems after software update

I recently ran into this issue after updating the TV software to 5.80.25.

I tried "resetting to initial setting" and was able to work around it.

This seems to be a bug with the latest software update rolled up and LG needs to fix this.

If you have turned on automatic updates, it could have been possible that the software was updated without your notice and you ran into this issue.

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Nothing works

I have tried everything. I had "automatic updates" selected so I'm guessing whenever it updated this is what happened. All my other devices work fine off the Wi-Fi. How can Wi-Fi just stop working??

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WiFi can appear to stop working for many reasons.

There is a recurring issue when the date and time is too far off in the TV. One fix is to set it manually, another is to connect it wired so it can sync the time from the internet and then WiFi might work.

All that aside, we continue to just add Roku or Amazon Fire sticks or boxes since it's a cheap fix and often an upgrade to what's in the TV.

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Power cord plug

Guys the problem is all about power supply plug which is connected to the rear of the tv. When the cord gets loosen, tv struggles to connect wifi due to lack of energy and it turns wifi off automatically. All other solutions told here are temporary reduction of the necessity of power so they work sometimes, sometimes not. But trust me the main problem is power supply to the tv. I had the same problem last year and now i solved it forever.

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I got it. It has something to do with the router.

SO, I was looking through the LG website and found this

Essentially, I think the old LG TVs do not support 5Ghz routers. And it shows instead that the WiFi is turned off. But in fact, it is looking for the 2.4ghz connection in the background!

So I turned off quickstart to remove old stored network settings and once I turned it on again I found that the TV found the 2.4ghz router easily!
So yeah if you have a 2.4 GHz router lying about ( I think maybe the phone could also work) try it

This worked for me!

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LG tv WiFi

This is definitely a hardware problem... sent mine back to LG and the replaced WiFi card (and the screen for some reason?)... Worked ok for 2 months, now got same problem again?

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To Rarty32.

The cheapest fix I know of is to use a Roku or Amazon stick or box. Smart TVs are just dumb.

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Same TV same problem.

My second TV having same problem.

Pathetic mistake buying LG TV again.

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Just you wait.

You'll have this issue on about every Smart TV made to date. I think this lesson is one folk may have to learn over and over.

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