LG "Smart" TV Says Wifi's Turned Off

Bought a LG 60 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 60UH8500 3D UHD TV a year and a half ago, and it's worked just fine 'til just a few weeks ago, when it started to lose the wifi connection, and when I'd go to turn it on again, there'd be a message saying that the wifi is turned off, and to turn it on. Occasionally it would come back on its own, and once in a while I'd see the screen where it's searching for available networks... and searching... and searching... This all seemed to happen after a recent update to the TV (though I'm not sure that'd be the reason). I've tried resetting my country and setting it back again, turning off "Quick Start," unplugging everything and plugging it all back in, and even had Spectrum come and give me a shiny new modem. Still nothing works. All other devices in my home find the network just fine. Any suggestions would be awesome. LG's support was really no help, as their suggestions were all things I'd already tried.

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Reporting: LG "Smart" TV Says Wifi's Turned Off
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Clarification Request
Wifi problem

I am not able to connect the wifi

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Same problem

Exactly same problem I have done same like you all things but not yet solved hope somebody will guide us

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Sounds like a hardware failure to me.

Look into using Ethernet. If too far to router go look at Powerline Network units.

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I'll look into it...

Thanks - that's actually something I'd never heard of before. It just plug into the wall and you plug it into the TV? Does it need to plug into the router or does it just pick up the wifi signal?
Today, out of nowhere, it is showing me the list of all available networks (after days of it saying it wasn't turned on), but it's not taking my password.

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Password issues?

I find I have to keep it short and simple for Smart TVs. They're not that smart.

As to powerline networking I like this next unit. It's currently #4 at Amazon. I'll link it and how to use it with a picture.

There are non-WiFi models but this one is my favorite since it can really cure a lot of WiFi complaints plus it has the Ethernet port for the TV.

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Unconnected Device...

What's interesting to me is that when I log into my wifi settings I can see it in there as an unconnected device. Yet the TV says the wifi is not turned on.

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I should say, when I used my computer to log in to my router's settings - I clicked on unconnected devices option and could see it there. I tried to set up a guest network, but since the TV thinks wifi is turned off, it won't even give me the list of Networks (when the list does pop up, it shows all my neighbors as well as mine).

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Not finding available networks...

This leaves me with the concern that no matter how close a router might be placed, the TV won't pick it up.

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Thanks for the brief explanation.Hope so this will help to resolve the problem.

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Got in... but only for a minute...

After posting the above, the TV finally took my wifi password, and I was in Netflix for a minute - then it dropped and once again the TV says the wifi's turned off.

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So how much is it

For the TV to be repaired? Might be cheaper to go with powerline networking or if you are close enough the usual Ethernet cable.

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Same Problem Just Started

Everyone worked fine this morning. Now I am getting the same message. This smells like an upgrade that went wrong at LG. I see the suggestions here and tried a couple. None have worked. I know not to try LG on a weekend. I will call tomorrow. Have had other issues. Love the pic on the TV but will never buy another LG product. Too many technical difficulties and not enough support.

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Be aware that this issue

Has been complained about on almost every make. Like Toshiba, Sony, Samsung and others.

WiFi is, from my brother and others that setup home theaters to be avoided. It's nice when it works but it seems there is always a call for support.

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Same here. I've done all the above. Please help

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Did you try the other usual fix?

Go get either the Roku or Amazon Fire stick and use that instead?

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Wi-Fi is an advertised feature of this TV and it is supposed to work regardless of what we do with ethernet. I rather not have to run an ethernet cable across three rooms just because somebody at LG got cheap with the Wi-Fi card.

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My point exactly!

I’m still in the middle of fighting LG on this! I have another LG smart tv in my house, which I put literally right next to the one I am having problems with, and that one is connecting to the internet perfectly! So them telling me it’s a problem with my wifi and that I need to run an Ethernet cable is driving me crazy!! We specifically purchased the ‘smart’ tv for its wireless internet capabilities! If the stupid thing doesn’t wirelessly connect to the tv, then it’s not fit for purpose!

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Switch off "Quick Start"

I also had same issue for last few days and nothing seemed to work (switching off TV or Modem and restarting).

I checked the LG website and it asked to try switching off the "Quick Start" option for the TV. I did that and wifi is now working. Not sure if the issue will recur again, as its only one hour since I tried this.

So you may try the same.

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(NT) This worked for me!
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Turn QuickStart Off!!

Thank you! This worked for me as well.

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Same problem as OP. Resolved the problem. Thank you!!!!

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Worked for me!!!

Thank you.

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Wow !!! It helped ...

Thank you so much it worked Happy

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This did not work

My TV already had quick start off but I still have this problem.

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WIFI 'TURNED-OFF'/Unable to use AmazonPrimeVideo, Netflix

Happened to my tonight for the first time, and it was incredibly frustrating, as everything else requiring my WIFI in the house was working --and the LG message is so friggin AMBIGUOUS/VAGUE, and despite the VAGUE/ASININE message advising me to TURN ON WIFI, there was NO instruction as to how, or what that meant, or where to go. Finally, SUCCESS:
1. on your 'SMART' LG TV, Go to SETTINGS;
2. Go to GENERAL:
3. Scroll down to QUICK START;
4. Make sure QUICK START is turned OFF;
5. **Before you go back into your NETWORK SETTINGS, turn OFF your LG TV.
6. Turn tv back ON, and instead of immediately checking your NETWORK SETTINGS, choose an app which requires your WIFI, such as AmazonPrime, Netflix, etc. By selecting one of these, it will automatically retry your NETWORK, and your WIFI should/will be working again.

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Just had this happen

How frustrating but glad to have found the above information. Just had this happen to me so thank you for sharing

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This trick not working too...

I have the same problem with my LG lj554t smart TV.. I recently took the Netflix and was ecstatic that I could stream the shows on my smart TV. However, when I go into 'wifi connection' it says 'wifi is turned off. Turn it on to see the list of available networks that you can connect to and additional related menu items'. Then, I explored all the options in TV where I could toggle the WiFi On / Off, but it seems there is no option for it. Tired of it, I explored about the issue on Google and found that there are many who have the same problem with LG models. I tried many tricks suggested by other users on YouTube, forums, etc. but all in vain..even this trick stated by you has not worked... Im really fed up of this...the LG customer care also has no solution and is trying to loot money from me in the name of servicing... customer care says they will charge me Rs 1180/- for service but I doubt they will find the solution. Pls send me the solution if anyone is able to find the same.

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Doesn't a new Roku stick cost less?

Seems to be the cheap fix.

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Why should I have to buy an extra piece of Hardware when this is supposed to work without one?

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Because a Roku or other stick is cheaper than OOW (out of warranty) repair. Also most folk tell me it's an upgrade to their smart TV.

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