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LG Plasma Flat Panel 42PC3D - No picture just sound

Heard a sound while watching TV. The picture just died. Now the screen is black as if it is turned off but the sound remains.

We've had it 2 years and 3 months....warrenty lasted 2 years...go figure.

I found another website where TONS of people are saying the same things has happened to them...but no real solutions that I can find.

Any idea if this is fixable?

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Reporting: LG Plasma Flat Panel 42PC3D - No picture just sound
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Everything is fixable, for a price . . .

Have you contacted LG?

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LG Plasma Flat Panel 42PC3D - No picture just sound

I had a similar problem happen to me last week. I contacted LG and since the TV was just out of warranty period they asked me to take it to the local recommended service company. Repair company said that Y main board & buffer need to be replaced and that it will run be ~$550 (all inclusive). Has anyone tried to get LG to cover for parts?


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LG Plasma 42PC3D- No picture just sound

I had the same problem happen to me the other day. I was watching my tv and heard a loud "pop" sound and had no picture just sound. I called LG and told them what happened, my tv is 5 months out of warranty, they basically told me to bad so sad and gave a number to local service company. I then went online and seen where several people were having the same issue with this tv. I called LG again 5 days after and told them that I had researched my problem with my tv online and found that several people had this problem and maybe they should consider a recall on this tv. I was on hold for 5 minutes and the gentleman at LG came back to say that even though my tv is months out of warranty they will cover the cost of my repair. I had to fax my original receipt to them with a confirmation number they gave me and within 24-48 hrs service was set up. Thank you LG!

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42 LG Plasma

I just took my tv to the authorized dealer, he said all three circuit boards were blown, 700.00 to rplace them. He also has seen alot of this model with the same problem. My tv is 2 1/2 years old!! I am going to call customer service ans insist they correct this problem on their dime.

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Repair Tip

The part that cause the common failure of LG 42PC3D No picture just sound are the Y-sus & Z-sus circuit boards.The part in the Y & Z sus boards are call IPM.The reason is heat generated by impedance and age.I found a method to prevent this problem is by making the IPM work cooler by adding more heat sink area on to the existing heat sink.Without additional heat sink the IPM temperture measures 75 degrees C.What I learn about semiconductors failure,heat is one of them.Also mosfets inside the IPM will short and burn up.The LG P/N. for the IPM is 4921QP1043B.

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I woner if

I wonder if the same problem exists in 60" set?

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I just had this happen to my LG 60 plasma (60PZ950) which is 2 years and one week since purchase.

Submitted a service request via LG's website, haven't heard back yet. They don't have their own service teams in my area so it'll be some local shop. $85 call out to evaluate the problem according to the website. The set is too heavy for me to take it to them.

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IPM replace

Hi there, was it easy to replace the IPM in each of the Y & Z sustain boards?
Did you only replace this part or both the Y & Z Sustain boards?

Thanks very much for any intel you can share.

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Mine just did the same thing

My LG plasma did the same thing as yours. It's not even 3 years old. I paid Best Buy $1100.00 dollars for it and they told me it's out of their hands. They said I should contact the manufacturer about it. I too checked online and there are a bunch of people across the country with the same problem. I'm gonna collect all the info on this and turn it over to the Atorney Generals office. Best Buy and LG can deal with them.

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LG flat screen TV goes black

I purchased a 52" LG flat screen TV 20 months ago. Apparently, the warranty is only for a year. I spent $1600. About a month ago, after watching for 10 min, the upper L hand corner of the screen would get dark, and then after 30 minutes the entire screen would go black. After waiting about 30 min, we'd turn the TV back on and the whole cycle would start again. An LG liscenced repair man came out (for $99 just to walk in) and we were able to demonstrate the problem. He told us we needed an entire new panel and that it would cost $1800. After reading several accounts of similar problems, we called LG. They act as if they never hear any of these complaints and basically told us we were s.o.l. So now what? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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42PC3D-UD LG plasma

Im going through the same thing. We purchased a 42" LG plasma from Best Buy 3 years ago. Our screen started off with little green and red pits in the screen then it just went black and the sound was still there. I called Best Buy they said they couldn't do anything and to call LG. I did that and they also said that the warranty has passed and to call a local repair shop. This is very frustrating to see/ hear that so many others are having the same problem.It seems that the problem may be the X&Y SUSTAIN BOARDS. Has anyone else replaced these parts on their TV?

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plasma tv 42 in

my 42p j350 3yrs old have no sound and picture turns on but turns back off

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other websites with these problems

Can anybody direct me to other consumer websites with LG Plasma TV problems so I can copy them to send to the Atorney Generals office?

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LG 42" black screen

I'm having the same problem. Just watching the news tonight and all of a sudden, a black screen. Powered it off/on, nothig. changed the imput, nothing. At least my unit is a few years old (maybe seven). Looks like I'm headed down to Best Buy this evening. And, won't be purchasing a LG.

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Black Screen Problemo solution

You have to Replace both the Y and Z sustain boards and the control board. I found a repair kit at Only cost $200. Not Easy to replace but I Hope this helps. I have 4 of these TVs hangin in my bar and saved a bunch of money by fixing this myself.

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Part number

Thank you for the tip about the boards. Could you please provide the part number(s) that your ordered?

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Hello , I have a LG 50pq

my plasma sounds like the same problem you had, except it is bigger.I looked up the kit you used and It looks the same for my tv. I have never done this before,(my first rodeo and all that)I'm a mechanic . do you think a green horn like me can do it? Thanks for any info, Tom

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no picture audio works fine 42pc3d

I have the same tv and the same problem. I think the tv is about 3-4 years old. same tv 42pc3d. no picture at all. the tv turns on and the audio works but no picture. have you had any luck fixing yours? I was told to look at the back light or the circuit boards.

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50 inch LG Plasma

The picture blacks out after a few minutes of viewing. Powering it on and off will get the picture back briefly. Paid a tech 50 bucks to take the back off and says he can't find anything wrong. Only two years old. Never buy another LG ANYTHING!!!!

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LG TV class action.

LG got sued in New Jersey recently for their TV defects. Google LG TV class action for details.

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same problem have lg pk950

Please let me know if you find the problem. My TV turns on have sound but no picture.

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42 inch lg plasma


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LG 42 PC1D

I have just read thru the string of failed units - and now I am in the fraternity! I have had mine for six years, so I guess I should be thankful that it lasted that long. Similar happening - just watching TV then a strong POP and now no picture just audio. From what I have read it sounds like I might as well start looking for a replacement.

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Possible class action lawsuit

A Tv in today's advanced should not be manufactured to last only during its warranty period or shortly after the warranty is over. This is defective product.
If 1-3 consumers brings a suit against LG, the lawsuit will be supported by (as you have stated, "Tons of people having the same problem"

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The reality is, class action lawsuits are typically...

rarely effective. What they *do* accomplish is make a law firm or two rich, and ultimely fail to keep the manufacturer from repeating the same thing with other products that they mass produce from cheap parts sourced in China (etc.). The consumer gets a check for $20, or some sort of tiny discount on the next LG product (LOL).

What should happen is, the consumer should be voting in every election to keep the lobbyists away from our congressional representatives & government officials who are supposed to be looking out for our best interests. The companies who repeat such activities should not be allowed to do business in the US. Such despicable activities by other industries (oil/gas/airlines/auto) should be banned as well.

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my TV just did this and it a 60 inch and 5 years old

It is less to buy a new one than to fix it and I thought that we are trying to save your land fill

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Same same

I'll never buy LG again. 60", plasma, junk. ScreenTurns off, can turn it back on, every 5 minutes or so. They should be sued but I'll settle for never buying another lg product. Vote with your dollar, that's the only way anything will change, stop giving them your money. Aloha!

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60" LG plasma

The screen just went black on my 60" LG plasma. Any ideas what the problem might be. I have sound and I can change the inputs but I can see anything on the screen. I've tried cable and different HDMI ports and still black. This t.v. is 3yo and not used very much so there should be no reason for it to be have any problems. Please help. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Keep in mind this forum rarely gets into TV repair. No TV techs here that reply all the time. Try a TV repair forum but I don't know of one today. What is helping are YouTubes about common failures, but your failure is usually one for the tech to put it on their bench and repair.

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