According to sites i've read about ICS on the optimus series... LG is completely remodelling their Sense launcher for ICS...all features in take alot of time to program as lg just wants to add more bloatware you don't need on a "phone"

- a new lock screen(with shortcuts and new gesture, plus a look underneath, and face unlock). < who uses this in their pocket?

- quick memo (write on your screen wherever you want ). << screen way too small for this to be usefull

- new app called "home media" < bloatware

- new game called "Archer Craft" Made by LG for Optimus 3d (3d version) 2x and lucid sol, < bloatware

- new exclusive ringtone composed by Ennio Morricone. < bloatware

- movie editor v1.7 version for Optimus Lte / nitro HD / vu, vu Optimus create a new app just use the stylus for photo editing). < bloatware

if i count the bloatware and other stuff it means the update takes away 1.2 GB of space just for stuff you don't need

hope i informed you what the update will bring

it will come out around 2013/2014 when all other Manufacterers have released the next generation of phones with android 6.0