the lg enV is one of the nicest phones i have had. ok so a few people made fun of me for the size but when i flipped it open to revel the nice spaciest qwerty keyboard they all shut up. it is a little big but i never had a problem carrying it around. i also liked it because unlike the samsung the lg has two hinges instead of the one on the samsung. i was afraid i would break it. i have also had the chocolate back before i got my env. it was a very nice phone but for the 3 weeks that i had it..the screen got scratched up and i decided i couldn't go without my qwerty keyboard. so from my past experience i would go out and buy the env. although depending on how much money you are willing to spend lg and verizon are getting ready to come out with a new phone just like the env style but it will have a touch screen and it will have the verizon tv and full web browser. but it will be some wear around 300 to 400 dollars. hope this helped you.