LG 65EF9500 picture settings


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Calibration report using these settings:
[see below]

TV software/firmware version tested: 04.20.07

Below you'll find the settings I found best for viewing the LG 65EF9600 in a dim room via the HDMI input. Your settings may vary depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Calibration notes: Prior to calibration the LG's Cinema and two ISF modes delivered the most-accurate picture, and they were nearly identical. As with the 65EG9600 I reviewed earlier, the grayscale and color accuracy of those modes on the 65EF9500 were superb even before I touched any of the controls. In fact they were even better; the dip in gamma I saw on the EG9600 wasn't there on the EF9500.

Grayscale calibration using the 20-point system was a lengthy process and I ended up with many of the controls near their mid-points in an attempt to further smooth gamma. The result was excellent, both according to the charts and to my eye. I didn't see the kind of shadow detail crush I saw after calibration on the EG9600, for example.

The CMS was better as well, and I was able to reduce the relatively minor errors I saw even further. Either LG has been working to make its OLED TVs more friendly to calibrators since I reviewed the EG9600, or the EF9500 is simply better.

Picture settings:

Picture menu
Picture Mode: Expert1
Picture adjust menu: [see below]
Aspect Ratio: Just Scan
Energy Saving: Off
[no other adjustments]

--- Picture Adjust menu
Contrast: 80
Brightness: 52
H Sharpness: 0
V Sharpness: 0
Color: 50
Tint: 0

Expert control menu
Dynamic contrast: Off
Super Resolution: Off
Color Gamut: Standard
Edge enhancer: Off
Color Filter: Off
Expert Pattern: Off (greyed out)
Gamma: BT.1886

--White Balance sub-menu
Color Temperature: Warm2
Method: 2 Points
Point Low: Red 0, Green -1, Blue 0
Point High: Red 0, Green 0, Blue -13

Method: 20 Points
IRE 5: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0
IRE 10: Red -8, Green -8, Blue -5
IRE 15: Red -8, Green -9, Blue -14
IRE 20: Red -12, Green -11, Blue -17
IRE 25: Red -15, Green -16, Blue -17
IRE 30: Red -14, Green -14, Blue -17
IRE 35: Red -19, Green -16, Blue -11
IRE 40: Red -14, Green -12, Blue -3
IRE 45: Red -14, Green -19, Blue -11
IRE 50: Red -15, Green -11, Blue -13
IRE 55: Red -11, Green -11, Blue -15
IRE 60: Red -15, Green -13, Blue -22
IRE 65: Red -13, Green -8, Blue -20
IRE 70: Red -14, Green -10, Blue -19
IRE 75: Red -8, Green -8, Blue -14
IRE 80: Red -5, Green -5, Blue -5
IRE 85: Red -6, Green -3, Blue -1
IRE 90: Red -6, Green 0, Blue 6
IRE 95: Red -2, Green 0, Blue 13
IRE 100: Red -1, Green 0, Blue 23

--Color Management System sub-menu
Red: Saturation -1, Tint -3, Luminance 10
Green: Saturation -3, Tint 5, Luminance 2
Blue: Saturation 0, Tint 0, Luminance 13
Cyan: Saturation 0, Tint 6, Luminance 0
Magenta: Saturation 3, Tint -6, Luminance 0
Yellow: Saturation 0, Tint 0, Luminance -3

--Picture option Menu
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Black Level: Low
Real Cinema: On (greyed out)
Motion Eye Care: Off (greyed out)
TruMotion: User (De-Judder 2, De-Blur 10)

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Link to calibration report
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Method 20 IRE 100 Gamma Setting

I absolutely love the settings. It has made a huge difference in the picture quality. Have you made any other tweaks to the TV since implementing these calibration figures? Also there is one setting I am not sure about. Under the Method: 20 Points IRE 100: Red -1, Green 0, Blue 23 there is a gamma correction setting as well. What level did you set the gamma to as it ranges from 120 on down? The 20 Method IRE 100 is the only place the gamma correction appears and was wondering what value you found to be the best.

Thank you!
Dr. House

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Luminance Setting

I meant for the Luminance setting. It has a large range from over 100 to below. Do you have a recommendation for that setting.

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Any response re Luminance setting?

And, have you made and adjustments? I use these settings as well.

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Luminance Setting Update Please

I love the settings as well. Still hoping we can get an update on the luminance. So far this LG OLED is spectacular. My old Elite Kuros still has some deeper blacks but this baby is legit.

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Just one more question

I agree this tv is great. Best image I've seen so far! However, there is one issue I'd like to know if you're experiencing as well. Bluray and 4K material looks outstanding, however, on some channels on regular HD tv, such as Showtime/HBO, etc.., there appears some "splotches" or dark pixellation on the sides during dark scenes. It only happens when I'm watching 1080i. Never when I'm watching 1080p. Does this happen to you? If it did, what do you do to minimize that issue? Thanks.

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My solution

I use a Dish Hopper3 and AFAIK, Dish is still sending out HD Lite. I watched the latest GoT and the dark scene where Ramsey gets eaten by (black) dogs (yea!) was a mushy, brown mess. So I got to working on the pix and the best solution I found was to back off on the "Brightness". At about 47 the brown mash went away at the expense of some shadow detail, but WAY preferable to the digital mess that was showing up.

I will use Expert 1 setting for Dish Satellite viewing and Expert 2 (higher "Brightness") for my 4K Amazon Fire TV box and my Blu Ray player.

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3D settings

Do you have recommended manual settings for 3D at 5-8ft?

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If you are watching this TV at 5 ft it's way to close.

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Soap Opera Effect

With the settings you have here will there be no more SOE like in cinema mode when playing 1080p/24?

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EF950V / EF9500 - Streaming Calib

Thank you @Katzmier for the effort in calibrating this set.

I know you've stated this is for HDMI/BD, as I don't have one yet, as I think there is only on the market that does true 4k, which is quite expensive, the rest up-scale HD to 4K. So I'm waiting till it's available at lower price and the discs I really want and entered your settings, there for the future.

In the mean time Im enjoying streamed 4K content via Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, also some HD content on those channels upscaled to HD e.g. Sons of Anarchy.

Are there any adjustments that you would suggest for streaming? At the moment it does look blurry with Sons of Anarchy (Netflix HD>4K), it's better with some of Quang Ngyen's 4K demos on Youtube, but there are still slight artefacts. In either case the default Cinema preset was great - but that has very different settings from your's.

So it's got me stumped what alterations I should try for streaming. I totally appreciate that HD BlueRay has a far higher bitrate and is far superior compared to streamed content, to show of what the TV can really do. Though for the mean time I think many in my position will be using Amazon, Netflix etc for their 4K content - so I would very much appreciate your assistance on this.

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