LG 55LM6700 picture settings


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LG 47LM6700

Calibration report using these settings:

Below you'll find the settings I found best for viewing the LG 55LM6700 in a dim room via the HDMI input. Your settings may vary depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Calibration notes: Prior to calibration the most accurate setting was Cinema, but it was quite dark at less than 20 Fl, crushed details in shadows and looked very plus-red/minus-blue. I took advantage of the Expert settings for my calibration, boosting light output to my standard 40Fl. Among the three local dimming settings I settled on High because it improved black levels significantly compared to the others. The trade-off in gamma is worth it in my opinion.

LG's color management system is different from last year and while I was able to get it fairly close, it didn't seem as accurate as I remember (despite using the proper Luminance, Tint and Saturation commands--an LG first). The grayscale controls were flat-out poor, however, behaving much worse than on past LG's I've reviewed. Adjusting just the two-point system, the high and low settings interacted to such a degree that they basically just behaved like one control. The twenty-point system was broken as well; I had to crank the controls way up or way down to achieve a measurable change, some controls at some levels seemed simply ineffective and again there was too much interaction from one level to the next. I also saw significant variation from measurement to measurement and over time.

Given these issues I ended up not adjusting the 20-point system at all--a shame, since if it worked properly, as its predecessor did on the LW5600, I could likely have fixed the gamma issues of High local dimming--and only adjusting the High portion of the two-point system. Perhaps another calibrator with more time and/or skill could better my results, but after giving it my best shot I found the LM6700 controls disappointing, which hampered its color and gamma performance.

Picture menu:
Energy Saving: Off
Picture Mode: Expert [1 or 2]
Backlight: 89
Contrast: 81
Brightness: 50
H Sharpness: 0
V Sharpness: 0
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Aspect Ratio: Just Scan

--Expert control menu--
Dynamic contrast: Off

Super Resolution: Off
Black level: Low
Real Cinema: On
Color Gamut: BT709
Edge Enhancer: Off
Color Filter: Off
Expert Pattern: Off [grayed out]
Gamma: 2.2

--White Balance submenu--
Color Temperature: Warm
Method: 2-points [did not adjust 20-point IRE; see Notes above]
Pattern: Outer
Points: [High]
Red: 24
Green: 35
Blue: 40
Points: [Low]
Red: 0
Green: 0
Blue: 0

--Color management System submenu--
Red: [Saturation 3. Tint 20, Luminance 0]
Green: [Saturation -10. Tint 0, Luminance 13]
Blue: [Saturation 1. Tint 0, Luminance 20]
Cyan: [Saturation 0. Tint 0, Luminance 0]
Magenta: [Saturation -5. Tint 0, Luminance 10]
Red: [Saturation -10. Tint 0, Luminance 0]

--Picture Option menu--
Noise reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Black Level: Off
Real Cinema: On
Eye Care: Off [grayed out]
LED Local Dimming: High

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Reporting: LG 55LM6700 picture settings
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Could you explain why on page "how we test" you say you calibrated the TV for a light output of 40 ftL and tables lm6700 appears calibrated to a light output of 134 ftL?
Could you explain why you hide luminance for 0 and 10 IRE? Why do not you calm while the program set to display 0 to 10 IRE?
Thanks in advance

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Calman limitations and my numbers

Sure: the LM6700's 134 number, which you get from the chart, is in cm/m2, not ftL. It equates to 40 ftL.

I wish I could use Fl in all cases, but the way the Calman PDF reports are designed, it's not possible.

The Calman reports also hide 0 and 10. I assume that's because pro calibrators don't want those often ugly results mucking up otherwise pretty charts (another argument is that color/grayscale errors in dark areas are less perceptible, and thus less important).

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I have been looking for some on calibrating my tv but I have had no luck. I was reading the calibration for the 55LM6700, which is a step up from mine, but it doesn't help me much. Could you make a review or even post some calibrating tips for the 55LM5800?


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I also would like calibration settings. I have the 5850 but I think it's the same tv just a "costco bundled" version.

Have you found any actual professional reviews laflour? no luck here.

Also do you know where to turn the trumotion on or off in the menu? If there is such a way?

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47LM6700 settings

Would the same calibration settings apply to the 47" model?

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It's worth a try
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42lm6700 Settings

My TV has some light bleed on the four corners of the panel. Can these settings reduce it? Or is there any special seeting that I have to modify to reduce this light bleed? I've heard that turning off local dimming can improve this, but I see in your settings that you have it at "high". Didn't you suffer from this light bleed?


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Uniformity and settings

What you're seeing is a uniformity issue:


If you read my review linked at the top of the post, you'll see that the sample I reviewed did indeed suffer this issue.

There isn't much that can be done in settings to reduce it, and neither I nor any calibrator I know makes adjustments to try to reduce it. Feel free to try various settings, including adjusting local dimming, to try to reduce it, if you'd like.

Since local dimming can make black levels deeper, and deep blacks can make some kinds of uniformity errors more visible, then lightening black levels could conceivably make your uniformity errors less visible (of course, lighter blacks make the entire picture look washed-out, so pick your poison). Rather than monkey with local dimming, the easiest way to lighten black levels is to simply crank the brightness control. Other controls to try are backlight and contrast.

Good luck.

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How do I use these settings on the Hard dsk media player

I was able to calibrate my 55lm6600 per the settings you gave above but I am not able to do the same for the hard disk player. When I open picture settings, I only see the options Standard, Cinema, Vivid and some others. There is no ISF Expert 1 or 2 and even the sub menu is different to the main picture settings.


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Color management System submenu--

In the Color management System submenu, is the last Red after Magenta meant to be Yellow instead of Red, because there is only one Red. I am on about this line "Red: [Saturation -10. Tint 0, Luminance 0]" Because on my TV it goes Magenta then Yellow then back to the top which is red, i think the person writing these setting have made a mistake. I would be grateful if someone could clarify this?

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(NT) is yellow
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LG 55LM6400

Do you have a calibration guide for the LG 55LM6400?

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Try the 6700 settings

I used the 6700 settings. I also have the 6400. They look pretty good. I then brightened it up a bit because our room is brighter.

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brighten it more than 89? isn't 89 to high?

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Thanks for the settings ! I personally love this TV. Instead of using the expert mode, I decided to use cinema mode and then enter your suggested settings. The result was phenomenal! However I did up the backlight to 94 because I live in AZ and always sunny.... My question is. Do you think that is too high? I really like the picture and the settings work for day and night. But I do not want any negative effects because of high backlight setting. Thanks!

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