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Lets Plan for the holidays. 360, PS3 or WII

As the gaming war goes on and it intensifies; it becomes more difficult for us consumers to make the very best decision when buying a Gaming Console. As opposed to just stepping in a store based on my judgment I decided to learn from your experiences to identify the best console out there. I have surely read the news and know about how the wii is sweeping the competition and how the ps3 has been lately staking up its force "not so much about the 360 besides halo".
It becomes apparent to me that the PS3 is on the works to catch out some of its missing presence by cutting the price and bringing up a whole new stack of games for this holidays.
I have been thinking for the longest about it and I thought that the best step forward was to get a ps3. The reasons are:
More space

Bluetooth Controlers(7)
Backwards with Ps2 ps1 games
Psp branchable
Well technically is the most capable Gaming device out there.
I had not bought it yet because it did not have any games that I really needed to play in it and since I didnt' have a hd capable tv it seem not worth it. But now with my hd tv and a choice to make for the future it seems to me that the ps3 is the best choice out there. They are bringing it some new games like msg4 that are about to change the meaning of the gaming for ever and I really think is going to be the best game ever.
I just want to know what you people think about the ps3 and specially some of you that already have it to inform me about what Im going to get it to. Fell free to comment

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what games?

Yes the price cut is nice and the hardware in the PS3 is impressive but this holiday season the PS3 still has the worst offering of games out of the 3 consoles.

MGS4 and GTA:IV won't come out till 2008 so right there Sony loses two of its flagship games for the holiday season. I just looked at the PS3 upcoming releases up until Xmas and they have no blockbuster games that are exclusives coming out.

Basically all the good PS3 games coming out this Xmas will also be available on the 360. And the 360 wins the holiday season because it has all those same games plus Halo 3.

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PS3 is the better machine but the software selection is poor. In the long-run the PS3 MAY be a cheaper selection ... you don't have to buy a wireless device nor do you have to pay for internet service and you can use any bluetooth device for online smack-talk.

But software wise, the X360 has a much better selection and based on the user base of the X360, the PS3 will have very few exclusive games. The best of them being MGS4...which may only be a temporary exclusive.

If I were you, buy a X360 at the end of the month ... apparently it will have two free games. If you have money to spare get a Wii. For the price of the PS3 you can get two gaming devices that are very different from each other.

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Down sides

Hi get the xbox 360 elite.It has a better online,better games and way more exclusives Mass effect,Halo 3,Gears of War,PGR4 and way more.Everybody keeps saying the PS3's graphics are better but if look closely they are the same.Don't get the Wii I had it and was very dissapointed with it.Barely any games fot it.VERDICT:XBOX 360 ELITE

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Possible 360 Arcade for Xmas

I have a Wii and love it. Wife played through Paper Mario and will soon be playing Mario Galaxy. I've spent a lot of time with Zelda, RE4, and the new Metroid Prime as well as Wii Sports being the best party game ever.

I have been holding out on getting a PS3 or Xbox because I don't have an HDTV and am not going to get one until my 14 year old 32" Toshiba dies- still has a great picture and functions perfectly well.

At least my plan was to hold off on getting either of the big two systems until I got an HDTV and I was leaning heavily towards the PS3 because of it's compatibility with my PSP and the Blueray player. But with the Xbox 360 Arcade hitting stores soon for only $279, I'm strongly considering getting one. Can't beat that price and I can always add a hard drive later. (360 Arcade is the updated core system- doesn't have a hard drive, but comes with a 256MB memory unit, a wireless controller, and an HDMI port.)

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Arcade edition

I have a Core that I basically had to buy in the first month of launch for the 360 if I wanted to get my hands on one and I was wondering if you can confirm that the new Arcade edition will come with HDMI support? I was hoping it would so the next time I send my 360 in for repairs I have a good shot at getting one with a HDMI port back. Also, anyone know if they plan on making the CD tray chrome for the Arcade 360 instead of the white?

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360 Arcade HDMI

Can't confirm it personally, but the stories and pics of it that are making the rounds on the tech sites do show that it has HDMI support. Out of the box it supposedly comes with a component instead of an HDMI cable, but the HDMI port is there (assuming the stories and pics are legit).

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I had the Wii as well.I thought was the best thing ever created.But you will get tired with it.I did and I loved it to bits.Ye it may have a great controller but it doesn't have online gaming,good games or good graphics to back this new style.I got bored with it after 7 months.You don't need a HDtv.If Xbox and the PS3 have great graphics it will show on a normal tv.

PS:If you are getting one of the xboxs get the ELITE!!!

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I was bored of my X360 after three months ... it's always the same with any system after its first year.

It's when the second year kicks in that really counts ... that's why most people with a X360 are happy of their purchase now.

Anyways, I would still get the X360 and if you have money left a Wii. This second year the Wii and PS3 will have a bunch of new games that will make the purchase worth it.

It's just how the gaming cycle works. First year always suck ... no matter what system we're talking about. Even the PS2 had a boring first year.

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I bought a Wii too and I after I beat Zelda:TP I got bored with it as well. First off the novelty wore off with the Wii-mote for me and 90% of the games for the Wii are aimed at little kids.

Nintendo made a mistake making the online offerings so terrible on the Wii. I think the friend code method of adding people online is one of the worst decisions they could have ever made.

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Consider this.

Think about it, it has only been the ps3's first year. As many of you had noticed most of the consoles with the sole exception of the wii had poor first years. As the gaming developers come closer with the ps3 and start exploiting its capabilities, it should be a better machine. Price to me is not a factor I consider the ps3 to be worth its price, maybe not as a gaming machine but again it isn't just that.
Think about how game developers are already felling in the little space provided by the regular dvd's that feed in the Xbox-360. Consider the limitation that it implicates. Unreal tournament for example is going to be for the first time in both, the ps3 and the xbox-360. The game developers already cried out to Microsoft that it would required more space for them to make the 360 version equal to that of the ps3. I just think is a matter of time for the ps3 to take over, and I want to be prepared. its like a multimedia hub that future-proofs your gaming experience until 2012. The 360 does have better games for now, it has been out for 2 years already but why risk it. why buy a console now that you will later discard?
I just think that it would be a waste of money to buy a 360 and eventually end up buying a ps3 anyways. It would be just like buying an iphone when it came out, a waste of money and time.
I will stick to the ps3, and only Christmas would decide who wins. We should ask santaclaus to see which console he has more of in his bags.

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disk space

Have you ever thought that developers could just put their games on multiple DVDs instead of one? Gasp, I know it is a crazy idea but seriously...

Buying a 360 is far from a waste of money. I don't see anyone "discarding" their 360 in a few years as you said. Anyways, by the time the PS3 has developers actually using the cell processor correctly Microsoft will be coming out with a new console with better hardware than the PS3.

The facts are this: 360 has better games currently; PS3 is losing exclusives to the 360 like GTA:IV, Devil May Cry: 4; and MGS4 will undoubtedly be released for the 360 a little after the PS3 release because Konami can't turn a profit with just selling to PS3 owners.

Basically gaming companies are migrating to the 360 over the PS3. All the fancy hardware in the PS3 doesn't mean jack if Sony keeps losing exclusives like this.

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You are very optimistic

I cant tell, how would you even propose an idea like that. Having games in multiple cds is not the answer. The technology is out there to get them in just one. They are so cheap they could not even give built in support for their own format, the HD-DVD.
In your wish that by the time they master the ps3 microsoft will unveil something better than the ps3, lets just hope on that.
Their campaign has been a very good one given the fact of its lead over the ps3 of one year and still they are the third best selling console in comparison to the PS3 and the Wii. I could tell you the market is devided in two levels. Hard-Core gamers that buy the 360 and the PS3 and gamers that buy the Wii.
In that case the 360 is already loosing and it will. They could use all they cd's they want but the quality wont be the same. Go to google and try to find the aspects of each console and come back. the highest resolution on the 360 compared to the highest resolution on the ps3 and then come back, its not the same ok.
An true, the ps3 has lost some of their exclusive tittles yeah but is just a matter of time. True developers wont lose profit just to stick to sony but when enough ps3 come out there we'll see.
For now enjoy your last gen console 360 and have fun with it.

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