Lenovo Y580 charging problems

I have huge problem which is driving me nuts. My laptop (Lenovo Y580) isn't charging well. It randomly disconnects AC adaptor. I'll try to discribe this situation in detail:
First time it was about 6 months ago. I was using my laptop without battery (i think i was playing Skyrim or something) and my laptop just turn off (immediately, just black screen and completly off at that point). I thought it was no big deal, so i powered up laptop again and enjoyed my gameplay. After few days it happened again. And it was happening often and often. Until my laptop started doing this even when i was using word or surfing the web or even wasn't doing anything. Then i plugged my battery in. What i realized, that my laptop just disconnect AC and at the front/bottom where the indication lights are, the solid white battery light (2nd from left) turns into blinking red/orange. So i plug off AC and stick it right back and laptop is charging again. But i can't do this everytime it happens, it is really frustrating and messes with laptop's performance.
Basically i can't use my laptop normaly. Somethimes it stays powered half of day without any faults (ofcourse i'm not talking about gaming, i forgot it long time ago), sometimes it disconnect charging 2-3 times per minute.
Here is what i tried to do:
-Clean everything inside my laptop (dust, dirt)
-Reinstall Windows
-Reapply thermal compound
-Power drain (when battery and AC isn't plugged and laptop is turned off, you hold power buttom for about 30 sec)
-Voltage check on AC adaptor
-Voltage check from AC jack to connection to motherboard
I can't find anything. So maybe someone encountered this problem or have a solution for this? I really need help Happy Thank You Happy

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Reporting: Lenovo Y580 charging problems
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Clarification Request
Odd to run a laptop without a battery.

It's there for many reasons. I did run into someone that thought it would extend the battery life span and well, their PC woes never seemed to end. Your story seems to be on track with theirs.

It sounds like the machine needs repair. Hope it's in warranty.

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Put the battery back in and leave it in...

...before you do some damage in a power drop, like head crashing your HDD for example. If the battery is in, the machine will hibernate if the charger has dropped out and the battery drops to a critical level.

You've checked the AC adaptor voltage but for how long? Is it holding up continuously or dropping out periodically? Possible adaptor fault?

You've checked the continuity from the laptop socket to the motherboard - again is it continuous or if you shake the socket gently, does it break? Possible loose or cracked wire?

Have you checked the adaptor plug is tight in the socket? I had a laptop with a round connector with a central pin and the adaptor plug became loose and flicked on and off, depending how the cord was draped. New plug fixed it.

Otherwise, seems like your best bet is to get a repair shop to inspect it. If it's still under warranty, invoke that.

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Charging Problems

Just a comment about not having the battery connected at all times. I have an Acer laptop and they tell you to remove the battery if the laptop is being used as a desktop most of the time. I have had other laptops and kept their batteries in at all times and the battery died very quickly, in under a year mostly.
As for this issue, I would suspect the power supply, so replacing that would be the way I would go, as I have had issues with the connector and the wires going to it.

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Sure they would.

That battery also acts as a UPS so during updates you don't have the chance to lose power and corrupt the installed OS.

Since they charge to help you fix this, why would they care if it's bad advice (it is bad advice.)

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Most Vulnerable Point

The little round power socket on the Y580 where you plug in the AC adapter/charger cord is very possibly damaged. Over the years i've seen many laptops with broken or intermittent power due to repeated or forceful plugging into or unplugging from that socket. Unless you're an expert it isn't something you can fix.
The second most likely problem is, as others have said, the AC adapter/charger, and that's something you can replace.
The least likely cause is a bad battery connection sensor. If this is faulty, and it's rare, the laptop might think the battery is connected even when it isn't, and it would then shutdown immediately because the battery isn't really there to supply power.
One other consideration is the age of the battery. It may be time to replace the old battery, but only after you determine the real cause of the unwanted shutdowns.

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Discovered new thing!

First of all, thank all of You guys for replays and help. I really appreciate that Happy But i discovered that every time i connect power cord (ac adapter) to my laptop - it lights up for a few micro seconds (all of the keyboard and power button), after that i'm not able to turn on pc, keyboard just blink for a micro second and that's it, and every time i press power button - laptop keeps blinking and nothing else happens. The only possible way to turn on laptop is to disconnect all of the connections (sometimes it works without this, but battery and ac is unplugged), do a power drain and try to turn on again. Does this have something in common with my recent problem? BTW, i tried to search and buy new AC adapter, but i wasn't able to find it with same voltage and amperage. are these problems are connected in some way or totally separate? I still really need help Happy Thanks Wink

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That's sad to read.

It sounds like our old friend, dead motherboard. I've seen this happen to folk that pull and insert the battery while the charger is attached so there's that. There are a lot of dead laptops out there in need of a new mainboard.

Anyhow, one last chance. Replace the CMOS battery, and hope.

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Never done this

Well i never done this, never touched battery while plugging in or out ac adapter.

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But you did operate without a battery.

While it may/should work, it's non-typical use and you might get into trouble.

Here's hope to a new CMOS battery to help out.

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i always used to use my laptop without battery (all of my previous laptops) and i never had any problems. I don't think that CMOS will solve this problem

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I'm encountering folk that

Will not try the 25 cent battery (we buy in bulk) and can't guess why. It's a long shot but what's next is a new mainboard. Since it's cheap and even at a long shot we do try this. About once a year it fixes the machine and we say hurrah and move on.

As to your use without battery, sure. But here you are with a bad machine. Hope the fix is cheap.

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ok, thanks Wink i'll try it

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