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Lefty thugs beat up Jindal staffer and her boyfriend...

New Orleans Police CONFIRM Jindal Staffer Attack Political

Credible people continue to step forward to give voice to the charge that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's top campaign fundraising staffer and her boyfriend were brutally beaten for their political beliefs.

This time it's the New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young who termed the beating as "of a political nature."

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Reporting: Lefty thugs beat up Jindal staffer and her boyfriend...
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Yes, being able to tell

........ which is the dominant hand in beating s (in this case lefty) will certainly be a boon to forensics.

Another item of newsworthiness.... that sternest from the New orleans police are now considered reliable.


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But you know what I mean. People on the political left beating up people because of their political beliefs. If the victims were liberals the headlines would be screaming.

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You know as well as I do that there are ignoramuses and thugs on both sides, and even among those who could care less abut politics.

I see the "lefty" comment as adding to painting everybody else as KGB operatives, further widening the gap between our countrymen.


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Did you read it?

Apparently NOT!

I see the "lefty" comment as adding to painting everybody else as KGB operatives...

Blah blah blah! What nonsense.

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I contend that the character described in the report is not

a hippy. In the late 60`s and early 70`s a hippie may have looked dirty with long hair and second hand clothes. By 1980 it was Birkenstocks and quasi Indian shirts. By the 1990`s it was people on Volvo`s and those heel-less shoes and possibly.

And by 2010 my son was referred to in a newspaper articale as `an outrageously skinny unber-hipster`, in print. Except for the extra 2 and a half inches (6 feet 2 2 and a half) I was skinny but I never achieved the great height.


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you mean screaming cause of the left wing press conspiracy

Conclusive evidence for me was the description of the perp...

"Police are looking for a pepetrator[sic] that was described as in his twenties, dirty, with an auburn-colored ponytail and a beard."

Long haired, with a beard, and dirty makes the perp a lefty for sure.

Blogs like these do themselves no favor in the way they report these things... but then again, the point isn't to report anything, but to get people riled up.

Here is a "main stream" media report from the local news which includes a statement from Jindal's office...

"Governor Bobby Jindal's press office released the following statement today:

Friday night, the Governor?s campaign fundraiser, Allee Bautsch, and her boyfriend were involved in an altercation in the French Quarter with a group of people.

While there were protestors around at that time, we are not aware of any evidence that the individuals involved in the altercation were protestors.

Allee?s leg was badly broken in the incident, she has had surgery, and she is facing a recovery time of two to three months. Her boyfriend had a concussion, and also a fractured nose and jaw. They are both expected to fully recover.

NOPD is investigating the incident and we are refraining from further comment to allow them to fully investigate and ensure justice is done. Our prayers are with Allee. She is a strong person and we are sure she will make a speedy recovery"

One wonders why Jindal's office does not display more outrage ?!? Shouldn't he be more concerned about the political advantages here and less about the staffer ?

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More nonsense.

Did I say a thing about a conspiracy? Go away.

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Where is Jindal's outrage ?

Doesn't the man care about his citizens, or even just his staffers ?

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He issued a statement..

maybe you could go look for it instead of posting foolish nonsense.

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If you bothered to read before responding...

I already posted his statement.

It just wasn't outraged enough...

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I read that...

and I also read:

Shouldn't he be more concerned about the political advantages here and less about the staffer?

Then I read:

Doesn't the man care about his citizens, or even just his staffers?

So which is it? Very inconsistent. Anything to stir the pot I guess.

Enough of you and your silliness.

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It's not on Huffington Post
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I miss the days when our local post office...

... would stay open till midnight on tax day to accommodate last minute filing. About 8 years ago, the new post master for our area changed the hours to "regular" business hours in order to save money. Anyway, I used to walk downtown on April 15th, just to see all the people out front of the post office passing out fliers and making speeches while the citizens walked into and out of the post office.

I always felt the parade of people standing out front, having their say, was an example of what made living in this country worthwhile.

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I used to be one....

...of those last minute filers till I discovered I had 3 years to file for a refund. Thereafter I just made sure it would be a refund with a quick computation before itemized deductions and paid enough during the year to insure that.

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beating up people because of their political beliefs.

some use their fist...others use words?

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lefty thugs....

You don't have a shout out for the Anarchists in the hood?

Earlier on Friday night there was a protest of leftists and anarchists outside of Brennan?s Restaurant.

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Earlier that day, they had a march to protest the SRLC. They went to the Hilton Hotel and hung a banner. Then, they marched to Brennan's Restaurant, where a SRLC dinner was in progress, and tried to enter. The police arrived and forced them back outside. SRLC delegates had to walk a gauntlet of protesters chanting "they say cut backs, we say fight back!" as they left the restaurant.

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More puffery?

some people are eager to excuse anything.

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You can't handle Protest?....Some here think "that" is a right...I forget his name.

I shouldn't use a question mark with never answer.

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What's almost as shameful....

Is those who make light of a brutal beating or think it falls under the aegis of free speech.

Brown suffered a broken jaw and nose with a brain concussion. Allee suffered a broken leg that required surgery over the weekend.

No biggie.

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That Jack A. Neal that took the photo

I think she knew he was a photographer...She looks like she's posing.

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It took almost 6 hours after your original post...

... for you to express concern for the people's physical well being.

Please forgive us, for assuming that your motivation for the original post was just political chiding...

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you mean YOU are the one making a foolish assumption.

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New Orleans Police CONFIRM Jindal Staffer Attack Political


Be careful what you ask for?

Police report: Jindal aide attackers shouted obscenities, but no political statements

The three to five men who attacked Gov. Bobby Jindal's campaign finance director and her boyfriend after a Louisiana Republican Party fund-raiser in the French Quarter last Friday shouted obscenities at the couple and made reference to the fact they were nicely dressed, but made no political comments or other statements, according to a report released today by the New Orleans Police Department.

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....... seem to have chosen words, rather than sticks and stones.


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Who is "THEY"?

the ones who bet up the two people? Who are you talking about?

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NOW you're going to get upset

about EVERYONE that gets beatup?

At least it's a change from Global Warming.

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Seen another headline


Must have happened after the photo op.

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So they dressed nicely and shouted obscenities??

Sounds like it could be a political speech to me. Wink

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The ones who were nicely dressed...

were the ones the attackers shouted obscenities atg.

There are conflicting stories coming from the police, but bystanders also claimed the attackers were making politicakreferneces. Unlike those who shamefully try to disparage the victims, you have to read all theh statements, not just excerpts.

I downloaded that photo and zoomed in. The girl is definitely NOT smiling or posing. That's just a lie picked up from leftists commentomg on the various blogs. Some of the comments are truly disgusting. I don't see how anyone can be so depraved and stupid as to defend the thugs who did this.

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