Thanks for purchasing a Samsung.

The DVI/HDMI converter, which is what I think you're using based on what you typed, will not pass sound. While both DVI and HDMI will pass an uncompressed digital signal, the DVI doesn't have the ability to pass audio, while HDMI does. So if you're not supplying an extra audio option, then you wouldn't be getting sound.

Here's an illustration of your DVI-to-HDMI input, as there is an audio in port assigned for HDMI-1 for just this reason:


Connect your computer to HDMI-1, and then feed the audio in separately through the soundcard using a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm (male on both ends) cable.

Now for the DVD player, you have to figure out if it's set to send through component (Red, Blue, Green, plus Red and White audio) or composite (Yellow video, red and white audio).

Depending on the setup, check this diagram of the bottom of the set:

You should be able to get the audio just fine, so if you could explain the process of how you set up the DVD player, that would be great.

It just occurred to me that the DVD player could be IN the PC, but let me know if this helps.