LCD TV Video loss freezes on frame as image decays, random;

Panasonic TC32Lx50 LCD. Video freezes on frame as image decays {Audio + BkLite on.} Occurs at random; most often {but not limited to} when unit is powered on. Occasionally; a firm tap on the back will revive video.

Failed attempts:
1. Checked for loose connections {complete tear-down of all internal boards.} Physical inspection and reconnection of all contacts and/or wires. 2. Visual inspection of circuit boards, {no obvious signs of burned circuitry.}

A loose wire or failing component seems the likely answer and parts are available, I just don't know what part. Works most of the time so likely not a capacitor and/or power board issue as this issue is not intermittent like mine {TV should stay off until capacitor/s are replaced and not come back like mine does.} I can diagnose a computer in minutes but my level of expertise with LCD's is novice to intermediate at best.

Your insight is greatly appreciated, please to not tell me to unplug the power cord and wait, I will track you down.. jk. I am a tinkerer and am determined to make this work so please stop me from doing something crazy: I have considered getting a new model and hot-swapping components but I assume circuitry and/or connectors have changed in newer sets so, unless I could find a way to adapt the contacts to my old set, this would probably not work. Knowing my self, I would probably make the attempt anyways if you do not give me a better solution. 09/2012

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Reporting: LCD TV Video loss freezes on frame as image decays, random;
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That firm tap

Is a sign of some bad connection. It could be a cable, or a chip that isn't soldered down. Continued abuse of the set usually makes it worse.

I don't know if you do your own electronics repair but this should be enough detail for those that do that.

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LCD TV Video freezes

Thank you for your reply, I know the tap is not good for the set, just don't know what else to do. I am comfortable 'under the hood' and really wish I knew where to look. A repair shop would probably charge more than a new set is worth for this type of issue. My hope is that someone out there has seen this issue before and could perhaps point me in the right direction as I will perform the repair myself. I have scoured the web and found no common issues for this model, so I posted on the off chance that there could be some unreported inherent manufacturer issue.

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There is the usual.

The usual is connections and any tech usually just dives in and unplugs and plugs it back in to scrub the contacts. As most designs are now 5 year designs, this is not an uncommon or unreported issue.

I think you are asking for issues that a tech in a service company would see. But we'll have to wait and see if any such person shows up. I'm just a design engineer that goes around fixing almost anything and overseas to see what went wrong in small scale production and software.

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Respectable Manufacturers

Not the answer I wanted but probably what I needed to hear, Thank you Bob. I my self am an enthusiast, I just like to fix things and have issues letting go. The set was free so it mostly curiosity that drives me.

I suppose I should know better than to expect inherent flaws from Matsushita Electric aka Panasonic, among the only few remaining respectable manufacturers {Rant in 3.2....} As a society we tend to cast our blame over seas yet we forget that products have multiple components which are often made my several Mfr, and it is the duty of the brand to quality check the pile of gears, wires, and circuitry that they pedal {an attempt to avoid the term, product.} A 'product' is an offering built with pride and should be offered only with the utmost respect its clients; a term that sadly, most Mfr's have little right to claim on the junk that they the nerve to call a product.

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The main problem in the U.S. is people shop by price

Big box retailers such as Wal-Mart are only part of the blame for the quality drop. The consumers here want low prices and quality is an afterthought unfortunately. Much of the rest of the world isn't like this for many of the products they purchase for the household that aren't intended to be consumables. People won't grouse about paying $100 more for a product that will likely last longer and provide better post-sales support.

I feel your pain about letting go of a product though. But don't forget one person's 'trash' is another person's treasure. Just ebay it for parts. At least you can feel a little better knowing somebody else feels the same way you do about repairing a product themselves.

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It's most likely...

...a board that's failing if the problem is intermittent. Pretend for a second that you obtained two or three boards yourself so you get the right one. That would likely be at least a third to one half the price of a new one which includes a warranty. Even if you have the will power to tear your LCD apart correctly and diagnose, the economics seem to lean towards putting it up on ebay for parts and moving on. They simply do not make things to last anymore unfortunately. FWIW, at home of late, the only things I will put parts into are washers/dryers/refrigerators/ranges since it's less complex than an HDTV. Swapping parts around certainly a heck of a lot more fun with PCs Wink.

Hint: In the future I recommend buying a new HDTV with an American Express card to get an extra year warranty coverate for no additional cost. Sometimes places like Costco have better warranties on their electronics purchases as well. Also, look into EPP (employee purchasing programs) for future purchases of Panasonic (and a few others). Sites like and would help you navigate the particulars of EPP discounts, etc.

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