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LCD TV making clicking/cracking sounds

When I turn my TV on and off, I hear clicking/cracking sounds. Sometimes they are pretty loud, and other times they are not. It usually occurs within the first minute or two when I turn the set on. I have a Samsung LNS4096D. I used to have an Olevia 37 inch TV, and the same problem occured with that. Does anyone know why this happens? I have a warranty, but the people at Samsung don't know what to do because they say they never encountered this problem before.

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Reporting: LCD TV making clicking/cracking sounds
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Your on and off button is hooked up to a relay which supplies voltage to your t.v. set which makes that sound . You will also notice this sound on your Amplifier it also uses a relay. The power button will not take the current necessary to drive the power that is why they use a relay steweeeee

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Home theatre power centers

Thanks for the reply stewart. I was wondering if those 'power bar's' which are supposed to supply a clean current(or filter pollution from the AC power line) to your electrical equipment would stop these clicking/cracking sounds. Or is it just a normal thing and I should forget about trying to stop the sound?

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NO. And as far as click clack goes my DENON 3805 has 2 relays so yes most t.v.s and amps make normal click click sounds As far as power conditioners etc. goes You are just wasting your money unless you have a super hi-end home theater system Also Harv please post back and tell me about your system and how its hooked up mabey we can give you more ideas on how to make it better happy holidays steweeeeee

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Samsung LNS4096D

hey stewart, my television is just hooked up to a cable antenna that provides a stardard definition signal. Any advice on hooking it up would be good. Also now that I listen to the noise more carefully, it doesn't really sound like a click, its more like a cracking/popping sound. It manily happens when I turn it on. Would you describe your clicking sound the same way?

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Samsung LNS4696D

We have the LNS4696D and we have gone through 2 TV's in less than a month, The cracking noises occur when we turn on our stereo via the cable box when the TV is on. But if we turned the TV on and waited for a min then turned on the cable box then stereo it never happened. (Well at least for a few times) does this happen to you?

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Samsung LNS4096D-clicking/cracking sound

I have my telvision hooked up just to an antenna which gives a standrd def signal. The TV makes the clicking/cracking sound usually when I first turn it on, within the first minute. Sometimes they are loud, other times they are not. Now people are telling me the sound is from the relay, but sometimes its unusually loud and it doesn't sound normal. I'm thinking about exchanging the set to see if another makes the same sound.

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Samsung LNS4096D and LNS4696D - clicking/cracking sound

Thats what we did, exchanged our one did the same thing. Then one night it started to do it during a program, then the tuner went...we only had it less than two weeks. We're getting the third one tomorrow. I don't know if exchanging it would help you, but it didn't for us. Three Samsung LNS4696D TV's in less than 30 days.

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Samsung LNS-4096D models

Hey, could you reply and tell us how your thrid samsung works out? I hope you finally don't have to deal with that problem anymore. Also if your tv still makes the sound, but works fine, are you still gonna keep it? Thats the question I'm wondering about in my case.

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Samsung Models - clicking

I have a few ideas about the clicking, the TV Guide feature on the TV, that's supposed to be disabled on ours. We might try running some fibre optic cable to our stereo etc. I'll keep you posted on what we find or try. Looks like they screwed up on our delivery of the TV so it will be a few days later - never trust Future

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Clicking Sounds - We think we figured it out!

OK, We're in the process of testing at the moment...seems that the most logical reason we can come up with for the clicking noises the Samsung LNS TV's make has to do with the amperage the TV is getting. We're testing ours, running an extension cord from our TV into a plug that has it's OWN breaker switch. Seems so far it's NOT clicking. If the TV is plugged into an outlet that is on a breaker that is connected to several other outlets that are in use, it seems that the TV is not getting the ample amperage from the breaker, as the amperage has to be split between several different plugs. Make sense? It's an electrician thing.

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Clicking sounds-electrical?

Yea, the technition told us to do the same thing. We ran an extension cord from our TV to an outlet that had a direct line to the power. But, the sound still came from our TV, it might work for you guys though. Tell me how it works out.

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I have a 4695D hooked up to a power conditioner and I haven't had a problem.

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lcd tv bad capacitors
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heres what i did

this happened to me a while ago. after the clicking and popping, the tv stopped working and just went to a black screen. it turned out the be the capacitors. found a helpful vdeo on youtube that helped me out. here the link:

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Five years later if you follow the Samsung forum, much has

Much has changed in the past FIVE YEARS. The issue of BAD CAPS (find with google) is often a free repair even out of warranty IF you call it in.

If you are denied there is a way to escalate it and that's over in the CNET Samsung Forum.

This old thread could lead folk to try a self repair which I do applaud but getting the free fix is best in my mind since it helps others in the same boat.

At least it's a case of where you find no maker escaping the BAD CAPS plague.

PS. This 2006 thread is now closed.

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