How big do you want?????... you can get a 80" plasma If you have the money & the room.

1) sorta yes/no
2) yes, because the problems with LCD become more apparent as you get bigger.
3) yes you can Not get 'small' plasma's
4) Plasma have 180 deg viewing angle, LCD's tend to be 90 deg
5) burn-in is mostly a thing of the past, LCD can not do 24fps, LCD's have dead pixels or sometime fixed pixels
6) LCD's now have 120hz, next year it is 200hz tv's (or it is 220hz), this helps with them not being able to do 24fps... some people do not like how it makes the image look on LCD's.
7) NO... if you have to replace the backlight on a LCD you need a new tv & would probably cost less too then repair bill. LCD's & Plasma's Both have life spands of 100,000 hours, that is about 20 years.
Cool (are we done yet)... That depends on the TV model
9) Yes an LCD can burn your eye's there soo bright Wink
10) Yes plasma's are the best
11)Yes but LED LCD's are close behind but cost a lot of $$$$
12)Yes plasma's are cheaper per inch.. next year there will be LOTS of LED LCD tv & most will still be vary costly but then next year we will see 1"-2" Energy Star Plasma's.. those will be costly too. CES 2009 is about 2 weeks away soo we should find out the prices tags then.

Don't over think, you will never get a new tv...

If you want the very best PQ & don't game (a 'little' gaming is fine) & don't plan on using it as a PC monitor get a plamsa.. There is still RP.. LED DLP with a lamp life of 15,000-20,000 hours & Laser RP with life spand of 100,000, but it is VERY new tec & very COSTLY. Both come in 71" sizes

If you want "super big", look at Front projectors.