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LCD picture is washed out with inverted colors

My TV is only 18 months old (out of manufacturer warranty) and the other day I turned it on and watched TV for 30 minutes and left the room. Before leaving the room, the picture was fine. I came back into the room an hour later to find that the picture was nearly all white and the colors where very faint and inverted. I turned it off, unplugged it, made sure the HDMI connection was secure and turned it back on. The issue was not resolved. There is no gaming system attached to this TV.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Model: LN32A450C1DXZA

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Reporting: LCD picture is washed out with inverted colors
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LCD picture is washed out with inverted colors


The television may require service, but first, let's try updating the TV. You can find the download for your model here: (U.S. Model only!)

If the firmware update doesn't fix the television, then let's try to reset the unit.

Turn off the TV.
Unplug all of the HDMI conenctions.
Power on the TV, and hold down the EXIT button on the remote until a "RESET?" message appears. Choose YES and click ENTER.
Go through the setup again.
Power down the TV.
Reattach the HDMI cables except for the gaming system.
Power up and see if that fixes the other inputs.
If it does, power the TV down again and attach the Game Console.
Power on the Console, and the TV.
Check the input, and let me know if that clears it up.


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LCD picture is washed out with inverted colors - reply

I downloaded the firmware update for the TV and followed the procedure to install it but it appeared to be an older version (the firmware number was lower than the one originally installed). So, I did not install it.

I then tried the reset option. It did not fix the problem.

Any other suggestions?

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LCD picture is washed out with inverted colors - reply


You were wise to not downgrade your firmware.

The only recommendation I have left is to have your unit inspected. Unfortunately, this symptom isn't something that is traditionally fixed with a firmware update, but it would indicate that service is necessary.


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Where to get the unit inspected

Where is the best place to get the unit inspected - should I go through the manufacturer or seek an independent repair shop?

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Where to get the unit inspected


In the U.S., you can call 800-SAMSUNG and they'll usually be able to find a technician in your area. For other regions, the Support page on the website should give you a number to call.


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Mine just recently did the exact same thing! May I ask what you did about it? Did you get it fixed? And if so, what was the problem? I paid a lot of money for a television that only lasts 18 months and it's not even the main television in the house! (My 15yr old Panasonic is) Please and thank you.

Very sad and nauseous.

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Feel your pain

I have been dragging my feet because I do not want to have to pay for it to be inspected/serviced. However, I probably should at least contact the manufacturer and/or a repair shop.

This is also a secondary TV in our house which is why we have been able to get by, nonetheless, we still are feeling similar sadness and nausea.

This shouldn't have happened to a TV this new so I wonder if we whine enough to the company we can get reimbursement for the inspection and potential repair.

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I did call Samsung and they basically said, "Sorry". They offered to set up a repair person to come out and service the tv, but I REFUSE to pay somebody to come find me in rural MN. If it was free- SURE! Follow the corn rows and you will find me. I also went to, explained the situation, and asked them why they won't help me. No response yet. I've also posted complaints and reviews about the tv in various places, so I am hoping SOMEBODY will take notice. I guess I'm doing my share of whining, and it feels weird because I'm NOT a whiner- BUT this is so shocking and outrageous to me! I've never spent this kind of money on such a temporary product.

Let's keep in touch and keep updated, because I will continue my pursuit for justice. Happy

Thanks for writing back!!

God Bless!!

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It has been a while... but I am in the process of trying to get a refund through the buyer protection offered by my credit card company. After multiple discussions with Samsung, they basically said "Sorry you are out of luck". They were not even willing to help offset the repair diagnosis fee.

Have you attempted to get your TV repaired? I may need a repair estimate in order to get the refund so was wondering if you were able to determine if your TV was repairable and, if so, how much it might cost. The only thing I found out from the recommended repair facility near me is that it will cost $100 just for them to look at it.

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