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Layers vrs Tables - URGENT HELP PLEASE

Ok New Problem! Please see other discussion of Web Looping in mac...

I have received a email from a web designer teacher, who has been teaching for over 20 years - Web Design...and he says because I've used layers (Div tags) I need to recreate the whole site into tables.

Because I've used Dreamweaver and layers rather than tables, he believes that is the problem...not validation of the site - although that would help! Although I'm kind of new at the web design stuff, I have taken over 2 years of web courses and do know what I''m doing .....

The reason he believes is because the layers are overlapping and everything gets out of wack when viewed in Mozilla or Macintosh computers..

So looks like I have to recreate the whole site again (over 150 pages) and convert everything into tables.

is there a separate program to convert from layers into tables? I know Dreamweaver does it but because I've used Nested layers - it tells me sorry won't work...

Anyone with help now? Please take a look at my site, a large commercial web site and advise URGENT SUGGESTIONS. How would you Guys solve this one...

Again, all I'm trying to do is have my site, which works perfectly in IE 6, and Windows work perfect in Mozilla and Macintosh computers too....

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Reporting: Layers vrs Tables - URGENT HELP PLEASE
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start over

you need to start over, this site should be managed with a content managment system. Drupal, Xoops, Mambo are all good places to start.

Find a simple layout and design that is cross browser compatible, and stop using Dreamweaver as a wsywig editor and learn how to hand code properly and use CSS.

There are hacks for IE in Macs that will help, but if you site doesn't work in Mozilla on a PC, then there are fundamental problems with the code.

If you are using templates in dreamweaver, a quick solution would be to fix the problem areas with tables.

Alex Hosking
Sangria Studios

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Keep it simple, it'll be OK

Having looked at your site, yes there are problems with the way text displays under Mac OSX using Internet Explorer.

However, it's not a total disaster and I personally believe that you can sort this out using the tools you already have.

Dreamweaver is a good tool for developing web sites in my experience but it is important to check the results on as many browser/platform combinations as you can before uploading the results.

Unfortunately, layers seldom seem to come out as intended, so tables would be a more reliable option.

Although I have been developing web site for 10 years, I'm not a 'web guru'. My belief though is that you have a relatively simple site and should be able to sort it out fairly quickly using simple cut-and-paste changes. I can't agree that you need to buy into any kind of content-management solution for what you are aiming to achieve.

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Java / Flash / Tables

Thanks Simoncroft. That is my exact thinking as well!

Question for you, Does Java work with Mozilla and on MAC OS? Or would it be best to create the movie into a Flash movie without the image effects.

I do want to keep the current layout, and think that all I need to do is create a table layout and simply cut and paste...I have downloaded Mozilla and Netscape Navigator - but still cannot test on a Mac computers.....Some people have told me that the Java Applet movie ( will not work within tables? What do you think? IS this so? Or is there a way to get around this? What about Flash - is that viewable in older browsers/Mac?

Many thanks - please email me directly for futhur

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Some practical answers

Sorry for the delay in replying but the UK is 8 hours ahead of BC. I'll try to stick here to the practical issues of whether things *do* work, rather than the theoretical question of if they *should* work.

I've downloaded a browser from and your movie works under Mac OS10.3, so you can probably scrub that one off the list. For more technical and comprehensive descriptions of what Mozilla does and does not support, please go to

I am not sure if a Java Applet can be placed in a table but I believe that it can. This is an issue you could test for yourslef fairly easily, I think.

You could use Flash instead but unless you have experience in developing Flash - or know someone who can help - this would seem to be a major task on what is already a long *to do* list.

Flash is basically compatible with any browser that has a Flash plug-in, providing the plug-in is the version number or greater than the movie you have authored. But you'd need to buy the Flash authoring tool, start to get to grips with it...

On a purely practical level, it's also worth remembering how many people you might disadvantage by greating some level of platform/browser incompatibility. If you go to, you'll see that the Mac/Mozilla community is not exactly huge. Apart from anything else, Macs ship with Apple's Safari and Microsoft's IE, so there's not a lot of incentive to download a third browser.

Hope this helps.

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Not exactly huge is correct but there is a growing move towards FireFox on the Windows side. Bear in mind that M$ is no longer producing IE for the Mac, and is not supporting or developing IE for Windows either.

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