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Laptop vs Desktop.

now im just seeing how other feel on this subject.

for me I had 2 Desktops and 1 Laptop(where im at right now.)

and i would say Desktops are the better buy. for the reason is i have had those desktops for more then 5 years and still ran great. wile i have had this laptop for a total of 1 year now and a lot of things on it are wearing out. including had to replace the power supply cord. yay its portable but i end up damaging it more if i try to take it anywhere.

whats your take on this subject?

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At the office, all laptops.

And they don't wear out that quick except for one user. These are mostly Dell units and at home we've gone all laptop with any issues.

For you, the desktop may be the better deal. Gamers and heavy keyboarding are better on the desktop. Those that lose power units may need a little guidance on the care and transport. However failure in this case does not show up in all users. For example the office has some 100+ laptops and not one power supply death in years.

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same laptop, same problem, different user

on this the laptop i got, my mom got at the same time. now there will be difference's on how we take care if it. like i had to take mine to school and i had to use it more often.
wile my mom used it lightly and dint move it around much. but around the same time the power cord adapter broke on both systems.

Logic says there is something wrong there.

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I wanna take a wild guess

These laptops are HP's? I had that problem with power cords over heating and melting the cord.

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Hint. DV6000, DV9000 series.

Conclusion? "Disaster Zone."

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Not HP, but there is another one on the big list

no it was Acer.. its just a stupid technology because it overheats.

thats why desktops are better because you can cool down the whole system better.

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We have a few Acers. No problems here.

Any word on the model numbers?

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its a Aspire 5515

also the trackpad is broken.
and i know a friend who has a Acer and its trackpad broke too.

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Hmm. Ours is an all too similar 5470.

But Acer's model run the gamut from cheap to fine. The good news is at the office these hold up fine. I can't explain why in the field (the rest of the world) you see high failure rates.

There is one issue and this is a good one. Folk are expecting zero repairs in 2 or more years. Sadly I'm not seeing this "out there." At the office we see minor issues with OS failures but nothing disastrous.

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list of problems

well for mine personalty i have:
-a replaced power cord adapter
-a broken track pad
-a broken spacebar
-a crack on the back of the screen

all in one year

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I've seen that.

But it was a teenage gamer. Gamers and laptops are a poor mix.

I'm not saying this is you but these failures are not the usual.

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I am a gamer, but im mostly a messenger and a artist. and right now im waiting for things to happen in my life so im on this thing a LOT.

but still a computer should not break down as much as it has.

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We can help that. Here's how.

When we find a gamer on a laptop we install an external keyboard and mouse to take the wear off the laptop keyboard and pad.

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then why?

why have a laptop then if you have to use up the only 2 USB ports for something that should work better.

+ with all that, your not going to be really portable so then it loses the reason for even having the laptop in the first place.

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Answer to then why?

If you follow me in the forums you know that gamers and laptops don't mix well. I find the laptops fail must faster. As to my suggestion I wonder if some need to wear out a few laptops before the advice sinks in?

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well i know

i know that laptops ware out faster, witch is why i think Desktop are better, they can withstand a lot longer, and parts can be easily replaced.

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he laptop is a great option if you:

* Live in a small space that simply cannot house you and a desktop PC at the same time
* Have an aversion to wires
* Want to take your PC anywhere including in and around your house or on adventures beyond four walls without having to bring a hand truck
* Love your PC so much that you cannot bear to part with it. Ever.
* You're a super secret agent, where smaller and mobile is indeed better

The desktop PC is a great option if you:

* Want to pay a little less and get a little more
* Don't plan to take it anywhere, or if you do (you gamers especially), you don't mind the hassle of packing it up every time
* Like the idea of upgrading the heck out of it
* Are a super demanding computer user and multimedia junkie

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now you make it sound like a bad thing

to peterrossy,

you make the desktop look bad in the case. one major fact witch we are talking about in here is the thing you left out of your little list.

-Laptops break much faster then a desktop
-Desktops parts can be replaces easier then a laptops

and the only way to keep a laptop safe and working longer is if you attach extra keyboad and mouse to the side of it and leave it in once place... if i have to do that then just go with a desktop.

also now i have to unplug my computer at night to save the power cord from frying out... why should i need to do this. i should be able to shut down my computer and thats it. but my last power cord adapter fried out so i got to keep this one safe.

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For portability, how can one not use a laptop; but at home..

I wouldn't use anything but desktop. I just can never get use to that keyboard and mouse on the laptop.

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forget the portability, give me power

i would rather have a powerful desktop over a portable laptop.

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