Laptop trojan help

Apr 7, 2019 11:41AM PDT

Hi to anyone reading this, I am having some compter troubles. So on Friday I used my laptop before I went home it didn't feel too slow or anything, it felt fine. I got home about and hour later after I used it and I used it again except this time it felt really slow, I got a bad internet connection, audio was extremely delayed and would often just not come out at all and then just a bunch of audio would come out in a short period, it was also freezing up. So I restarted it, at this point I could still use it fairly easily, it took a while to boot up and after about 5-10 minutes I got on, but nothing improved so I managed to get my advast anti virus open and I ran a scan, the scan took about 15 minutes, it said there was no virus problem but it said the was a performance issue, which was quite obvious, I saw this but couldn't do anything about it because, once again, my screen froze, I let it sit for about 10 minutes after which I gave up hope and restarted it again, I never managed to get back to the login in screen, after many failed boot ups I got to the trouble shooting page and selected to reset my laptop, not factory reset but it was a reset where I would lose my personal files, it was taking a while so I just turned the laptop around and went to sleep, when I woke up however, it had not resetted itself, but it was on the login page. I logged in and at this point the laptop was extremely slow, I couldn't open any anti virus, it said they were both turned off and I couldn't turn them on again. I managed to get msconfig open and booted it into safe mode, here it ran fine, so I went back to msconfig and set it to boot up into diagnostics mode, it booted up fine, it was a bit slow but it was good enough, I tried to run a scan on my c: drive with windows defender and it said it would take 35 hrs so I left it and later that night I checked on it before going to bed, it was doing alright, I checked the threat hsitory and a trojan was in isolation, so I selected to remove it and all went well, it aaid the trojan was downloaded 3 days before and it went under the file name rename_me.exe, also I forgot to mention previously I couldn't see any text in file explorer but in safe mode and diagnostics mode I could. So before going to bed the computer was working alright and I was letting it run it's scan I tried to dim the brightness and when I did this it froze up. It brought me to a blue screen from windows that said something like, "We encountered an error, we are just collecting some information and then we will restart your computer for you." So I left the laptop for 10 minutes and nothing happened so I retstarted it myself and I got past the Acer screen but from there the screen just went black, it was on but it was just black, so I restarted it again and went to the troubleshooters page and selected factory reset, it went to the next page but my computer just froze on a blue page. So I left it for 30 minutes and nothing happened at this point I just powered off the laptop and went to sleep. Today all I have been able to do is try restart it multiple times, I've tried windows repair discs for windows 10, 7 and 10 on a usb none of these worked though, I tried removing the battery but unfortunately it is quite difficult to get to. Whenever I restart it now I either get an acer loading screen followed by a black screen that sometimes has a cursor on it and sometimes no cursor or I see an acer loading sign with a message that says either, "Prepairing automatic repair", "Diagnosing your computer", or something about scanning or doing something with my c: drive, but no matter what the loading screen says it is always followed by a black screen. I also forgot to mention that when I was in the diagnostics mode I tried to use my nvidia gpu and I couldn't becuase it said you do not have any displays connect to the gpu, something along those lines. Below are my oc specs and the trojan name:
i7 7th gen quad core
8gb ddr4 ram
1tb hhd
Geforced 940mx
Acer aspire e15

Please if anyone can help it would really make my weekend.

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Reporting: Laptop trojan help
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Clarification Request
That's one large block of text.
Apr 7, 2019 11:52AM PDT

Why it matters is it's hard to read without a paragraph break. I could miss something.

To me this sounds like the current OS is now blown. The next step would be to reload the OS, drivers, apps and your data to get back to a working condition.

If you never backed up, then maybe install a new SSD boot drive, install the OS and such there and put the old HDD into some USB case to ply through and recover your files.

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Sorry this might be dumb but...
Apr 7, 2019 12:16PM PDT

Thanks for the response but I'm not too sure how to do all of that, I'm not really great with computers.

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That's not unusual.
Apr 7, 2019 12:22PM PDT

Not everyone wants to reload the OS, install drives, do data recovery.

From what I read above you don't have backups of your files, the OS is now dead so find a shop that can do the work and be sure you are clear you want the old HDD in some USB case so you can look through it for your files.

Figure a minimum of 200 to a max of 500 for such work today.

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