Laptop too hot and low performance.

So i download SpeedFan when my FPS's started to drop realy hard when i play games on Steam, and the temperatures when i am with skype and steam open are:
Core 0: 67C
Core 1: 67C
Core 2: 67C
Core 3: 68C
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz

I have the laptop for almost 2 years, and this never happened.
The fan is not making any noise at all when i start a game, i think before it used to do...

When i start to play csgo, the temps go to 90C, all of them..
The pc has 2 graphic cards i think:
Intel HD Graphics 4000
NVIDIA Geforce GT 640M 2GB
When im playing csgo SpeedFan Shows:
GPU: 78C
HD0: 46C
Core 0: 85
Core 1: 88
Core 2: 86
Core 3: 84
Help? :c

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Reporting: Laptop too hot and low performance.
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You know where and what the problem is, so fix it. Blow canned air to clear the fan and heatsink. Check then to see if the fan is still working at any time the temp climbs. If not, time to replace the HSF or just the fan.

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Yesteday, i've oppened the laptop and fully cleaned it 2 times, how can i know if its the fan problem? :$
And what does HSF mean, english not my native :$

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Heat Sink Fan

My kid had the 640M in a laptop and it's not up to snuff for say that Witcher 3 game. Nothing will fix that.

That said, canned air monthly is key to avoiding issues like this and gamers get cooling pads.

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Any cooling pads brand that you would recommend? Happy

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Never have.

But I'm using a cooler master at home.

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So guys a little update here, i went ahead and oppened the pc and cleaned it all, i removed fan and everything i even replaced the thermal paste, and it happened the same thing, so i was curious to see my CPU performance and oppened the task manager, and my CPU max speed is 2.40 GHZ as it said there but in the current speed it keeps displaying values between 2.40/3.00 GHZ, i never tried overclock so i dont know why this is happening, maybe this is what's causing the CPU to overheat and lower its performance to 1.15 GHZ when it reaches 95C, cause thats what happens when i start a game..

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Sounds about right.

The CPU above autoclocks up and down for many reasons. There are too many prior discussions about SPEEDSTEP but as the heat hits 95C it throttles to keep from melting down.

It's possible the fan has slowed with age. You cleaned, put on fresh compound so maybe the fan is now too slow for the load. REMEMBER I AM TAKING YOUR WORD IT WORKED FINE BEFORE.

Most will get a laptop cooler if they game.

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Yeah, i kinda noticed that the fan doesnt do any kind of noise, like before it used to do a little bit noise, but now i can only hear the fan if i stick my ear on the keyboard, on the Advanced System Care monitor it says that the fan speed is 2500 rpm when im on google chrome, but if i open a game the fan goes to 2900 rpm, dont know if thats normal or not...

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